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Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete

A Poem By IRmjii

Inspired by Simon Armitage's poem CV

Coffee Breaks
High Stakes
Out of date cakes
And full of snakes.

Itchy Ties
Glares from eyes
Lots of cries
And no pay rise.

Nine till five
Barely alive
Haven't got the jive
Can't be bothered to drive.

Loads of work
Going berserk
So much jerks
Who love to lurk.

Getting tired
Soon to be fired
Can't be inspired.
Unless I'm retired.

I'm so stressed
Got pains in my chest
It's not my best
I find it hard to digest

Out of time
Not earning a dime
Sort of a crime
Working in slime.

I want to leave
To go and achieve
For new years eve.
So I can believe.

I want a holiday
In June and May
Or just a place to stay
And a job with pay.

Unlike this one
Which I cant get done
It's no fun.
Working in the sun.

You do what I do
Making stew
And using glue
Everyday just for some goo.

This is what we call work.