This is pretty much a page for explaining about the creatures and characters and lore

Because I like lore, lore is awesome.

Most of all, this series, while of every form fantasy, I have borrowed elements of medieval time, but not totally medieval time, and there is nothing I love more than allowing the chracters write the story with me guiding the actions


I don't plan, don't judge me if there's grammar mistakes, I catch them eventually while doing run throughs of my story, because as long as it's comprehensible, what matters is the content of the story, I am a confusing person, so if you have stayed this long reading this and continued through my annoying excitement, I appreciate it.

So let's begin!

For people that are just now reading this series, hello! I'm the author of this series!

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I'm gald you're taking the time to read this, because I started this story when I was naught but 16, and it's came a long way since then.

Don't worry, my grammar has improved greatly.

So yes, there are spoilers here, so I'd stay to where you're currently at in the series. But idk, I'm the type of person that likes to spoil myself. Hue Hue

So, onto the actual purpose of this.


I believe that characterization is one of the most important tools a writer could have, and currently my only weapon, because since I don't plan at all, I really have no complex plot, as I've said, I let the story write itself, I just guide it. But a general idea is all I really need in my case, planning was never my strong suit, so I turned to something that was.

This section will explain the basic details/description and personalities of the characters, but the really complex stuff concerning the description is really up to the readers imagination in the end.

Set 1 Characters (Main)

Lillian - 

Markus -

Lucan -

Erik -

Aris -

Set 2 Characters (Main)


Kingdom of Grealach (Set 1)

Well, simply put, this kingdom is full of adaptable people, as said by a character in set 1, and as such, everything in Grealach has adapted to the changes that it faced, from fires, to much more then what the living/unliving can comprehend. It's well known for it's dedicious forests that span much of it's territory, it borders Ishari and Nixsan, and is East of the Mountain of Fates (That itself will be explained later) But more onto what this kingdom is really about.

It's current rulers are King Midus II and Queen (enternamehere) they're both fairly just people, even if King Midus has a temper, just like his father before him, who was less than just.

Grealach was founded by nomadic people, of course, it's lush forests and plentiful game that seemed to occur all seasons gave the nomads a reason to stay. Of course, even though not as harsh of seasons as Nixsan, it also had it's dangers. But the adaptablity came to play, and the large nomadic group split, creating small towns and the like, and the castle was built when King Kale assumed leadership after a couple of violent disputes between them, and calmed the tensions, creating what is now Grealach. In terms of the void between the spirit worlds, it isn't as obvious here in the other kingdoms.

Of course, there's a reason for that, adaptabliity means constant changing of the ways of doing things, the void is there, it's just not constantly open. People of Grealach tend to have stubborn and steadfast, almost meticulous personalities, but dangerously loyal when it comes down to it, willing to achieve their ends to make things work for them. This has helped in plentiful wars they have faced, most notably the Great War and the battle of Orskola.

The Great War was between the now abandoned Kingdom of Yapry, and the Kingdom of Grealach, fought on what would become Nixsan, but was known as the White Wall at the time, because of the mountain line seperating the two. It was a war over complex knowledge and differences, Yapry residents were not a forgiving people, meticulous and cruel, they hunted for knowledge, and from that, made a dangerous weapon, which I'll get into later.

Grealach had won the war, quickly learning that things needed to change, the borders were constantly watched, they helped rebuild the White Wall, which was named Nixsan (Also get into the naming process later). The Kingdom was well known for their adaptable nature and sense of justice. More forgiving than Yapry, Yapry destroyed itself from the inside, but in a sense, is still alive, still haunting the memories of those that were there when this war happened.

Lillian, Markus, and Anima all have one thing in common that is most notable in the people of Grealach, a sense of loyalty, what is different from them is of course their way of thinking, seeing as they are very different people, that's to be expected, if everyone was the same that'd be boring.

Lillian, being raised in a castle, didn't particulary have a place where she was from besides a sheltered area, but Markus was from Skrealand, which was one of the first towns founded when the Kingdom was getting it's footing, as it resided by numourous lakes, it was well known for it's fishing, and also for it's silk and wheat fields, it was quite a popular place.

Grealach, by the time the story starts, is getting over a time of tension, and is slowly breaking from the inside. Lillian leaving did not help matters.

The battle of Orskola, a small little town in between the two kingdoms that wanted control over it. This resulted in a loss of many lives, including one such person that was another reason for Lillian to run away. After the battle, the two Kingdoms settled into uneasy peace, the town was completely destroyed, and both kingdoms knew that they were both to blame.

Grealach isn't mentioned much as the story goes on, but it's obvious that tensions are high when they make the trek back.

The tunnels that span much of Grealach are reported to be cursed with a shadow, that's true and not true, it is mostly of the imagination. Many people of Grealach have gone down there, and never came back out. But those that did, were never the same, and yes, that goes for our main characters too.

Here are the notable places, or mentioned.

Jouris, which resides near the castle, isn't a well known village, but it's known for it's weaving and blacksmiths. Lillian, who is from the castle, has their flowing, calming dialect, as noted by Markus.

Skrealand (obviously, it also plays a crucial role in one of the specials) Markus is from here, they are known solely for their fishing, silk, and wheat, nestled between two lakes and a small river where one can go canoe or white water rafting (in our terms).

Orskola (kind of) - During the Solar War, which happened before Lillian was born, this was one of the prime targets for both kingdoms, and even long after the war had ended, one final blow was struck, and both kingdoms were never the same, always cautious, always careful, which led them to an uneasy friendship.

That also comes into play during Set 1.

So, to describe this kingdom, it is a forested (dedicious), quite beautiful in the fall when the leafs change colour and drift to the wind, which is actually a festival in most of the towns. The people are hardy, steadfast, annoyingly stubborn, and loyal to all they love. But very bad enemies to have, their adaptablity has saved them from destruction, but we will have to see how long that lasts. (Or at least people on Set 1 will huehuehue)

The other name for this kingdom, not as much said by humans, but it's often said by other beings. Gray Lock.

Kingdom of Nixsan (Set 1)

This kingdom is kind of one of my personal favourites, don't know about you guys. Technically this could be described as stereotypical Canada, full of snow and cold.

Of course, that's kind of true, I'm going to admit, it can get pretty brutal in the winter, but very beautiful when it starts snowing. So, Nixsan is kind of like the Canada (stereotypically thinking) of the Kingdoms, except a whole lot more dangerous and unforgiving, and of course, you know, other reasons.

Nixsan originally wasn't a Kingdom, but just a habited mountain line between two kingdoms, Yapry and Grealach. When they weren't warring, it was generally a peaceful place, hardy people settled it's near unhatible lands, but they still survived, it was not without it's resources when the cold was not as harsh as it is in Set 1.

The history/legend is kind of explained in Set 1, so watch me attempt to not spoil much while spoiling a lot.

When the two kingdoms started to war, two lovers from the kingdoms met in secret, deep within the mountain ranges many tunnels, where they were safe and secure, free to love eachother without fear of their own homes hatred of each-other. The female was named Nixsi from Yapry, and Sanua, from Grealach.

They loved each-other a lot, but as the war continued, and came closer to their safe haven, Nixsi came up with a plan, out of fear that she and her lover would be caught, originally a gentle, loving person, this fear caused her to turn dark, corrupted, and extremely dangerous. 

She killed her best friend to get the Fates to finally answer her, she thought it was a price that was worth paying to keep her and her love safe, but she made one fatal mistake when the Fates granted her request to protect the caves. Nixsi had forgotten to tell Sanua how to get in and out of the caves without loss of life.

So the next time he went into the caves, he got lost, and was never seen by Nixsi again, she relented against the Fates, which caused her death, but she still roams the mountains as an angered spirit, bent on revenge, and caused the Nixsan you all see in Set 1. Cold, harsh, unforgiving snowy wasteland, of course, when Lillian and her friends are done (and after meeting two certain people) The land is restored to just a winter wonderland, with the land returning to it's natural beauty and northern weather.

This kingdom is situated in the North, in between the Kingdoms of Grealach and Hostrich, and is acting as a barrier with the abandoned Kingdom of Yapry behind it, just like it has acted back in the Great War, except stronger, more aware, and technically, with a defense even Yapry's secret weapon can never hope to breach.

The family that had ruled Nixsan when it had decided to push away both the attackers on both sides. Started with two people, one of them was a Fate but that's a spoiler alert, I won't go deeper into it.

The Fates descendents, even though they have a knack for trouble, they had a defense, they had abilities that had been passed down, the ability to fight, calm, reason, see, sense anything that was out of the ordinary, of course, they couldn't actually get rid of spirits like the Fate can, but they can hold their own, but this defense, was also a downfall in one of the wars they participated in, it caused it's neighbour to be forever traumatized because of it.

But again, another spoiler alert, and even my readers that are caught up don't even know this one, so this one is a surprise.

Their people are generally calm, collected, calculating, but loyal almost to a fault, brutally honest, a good friend to have, but also a dangerous enemy, like the land they live in, they are unforgiving, seemingly cold. The one thing they aren't, that differs from the Kingdom behind it, they are far from cruel, quite often protective of the ones they love and care about.

Not much is known about the current King and Queen (aka I'm drawing a blank) But Lucan is the prince, an heir to the throne. Not that he wants it, much like another family member of his, but again, spoiler alert, stay in your own section you nugs >:V. Hue.

Another well known person besides Lucan, Flynn, who Lucan is related to, the Fate of Death. Although he is a bit different in personality than what Nixsan's inhabitants are now, but still calculating, thoughtful, and calm. However, a bit more gentle than the people of Nixsan, not that he doesn't have his moments of where just screwing with him is a generally bad idea.

Obvious reasons are obvious.

One place holds crucial importance to the second book of Set 1. (You should be on book three if you're reading this come on people I don't like spoiling) The Path of Echoes

This is the path the curse was laid on, causing avalanches and harsh unforgiving snowy wasteland particulary around the mountain path. The echoes host a bunch of spirits, and at it's centre Nixsi, who the kingdom was named after. That is all I'm going to reveal on that matter.

Other names this kingdom has, most commonly to the Wolves of the area, The White Kingdom (Because you know, snow is white lol). 

Kingdom of Hostrich (Set 1)

Kingdom of Ishari (Set 1)