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Author: Bird

Genre:  High Fantasy, mostly (A little bit of everything technically, herpaderp)


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Other Stuff

Stuff about Wolf Heart


So here is la formula for the bookies.

Set 1 has 1-5 books 

Set 2 will most likely have 6 because I'm not linear, also a whole lot more content and story lore to it because set 2 actually goes back not forwards in time because awesome.

The specials are about certain characters at certain times, like back stories (or in case of Afer Shock forward stories) and why they're where they are at right now, or personality wise, or again, what has changed in them due to circumstances.

Lots and lots of time wibbles, because I suck at keeping time but most of the time this series is pretty linear, sweartogogImmahavetomakeatimelinewon'tI.

So, enjoy you nerds, I'mma make some edits to all of the stories to hopefully make it more linear then it actually is. Also grammar because that always needs fixing.

Set 1

Spirits Beyond - Lillian hates her life in a boring old castle, with it's boring and closed stone walls. What she wishes to see is the outside, to be free of the chains of royalty. However, seeing the outside, and being free, has it's own consequences, when she meets new friends, she soon realises that the outside is not all it's cracked up to be, and she ends up in a race against time to reach the Mountain of Fates, before her time runs out.

The White Kingdom -

Stormy Skies -

The Plains of Unrest -

Lunar Eclipse -

Set 2

The Price for Freedom -

Hidden Shadows -


Intertwined Destinies -

Cursed Snow -

After Shock

Never Coming Back -