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This story is about a car named Gabby whose feeling are visible. I'll keep it short.


One day, 15-year-old Gabby Arron was driving to school when Boredom, a humanoid version of the feeling, appeared. Boredom was white with a bluish tint. He had a white shirt and classic blue jeans. Gabby sighed boredly, "I don't want to go to school."

Chapter One- Embarrassed

Gabby spotted her crush, and Love, a appeared. Then, Embarrassment immediately appeared. Embarrassment was a green humanoid with a blushing boy on the front of the shirt with blush-pink pants. Gabby sighed, and awkwardly said, "Hi, Michael..." Michael looked at the humanoid figures following Gabby. He gestured at the figures and mouthed, "Um... Gabby..." Michael left, feeling awkward.

30 minutes later

Gabby, who was really tired, ended up falling asleep, to her teachers' annoyance. By now, Love and Embarrassment had left, and were replaced with a dark blue humanoid with a modest nightgown, a nightcap, and bunny slippers. As you can probably guess, her name was Tiredness. Michael drove over to Gabby's desk, and gently woke her up as to not get her grouchy. Gabby woke up, kinda dazed. Michael said, "Good morning." Gabby lifted up her tire to say hi.

Chapter Two- Asked Out

A few minutes later, the bell rang. Gabby drove out of the classroom. She sighed, and said, "Why did I go to bed at 12?" Michael said, "Yeah, why?" Gabby sighed and left. Michael thought, It's always the same reaction. He yelled, "Gabby! Wait!" She turned around, that oh-popular-kid-calling-me-over! look playing on her front. Michael said, "Yo, I heard Mason talkin' about you. I caught the words 'love' and 'date'. Just wanted to know if you're interested." Gabby couldn't contain her feelings, so a million humanoids popped up from behind her. Here's the emotions she was feeling:

  • Amazement- Yellow-skinned "person" with midnight blue knee-high dress with female star-eyed person with brown hair on torso-part, yellow belt with midnight stars, yellow stars on skirt.
  • Awkwardness- Female counterpart of Embarrassment, green and pink dress (green on torso with blushing white girl with long brown hair on it, and blush pink shin-length skirt).
  • Embarrassment- Sick-green male with a regular green shirt (blushing male whitie with brown hair on front) and blush-pink pants
  • Love- hot pink-skinned with red heart shirt and pink knee-high skirt

Gabby thought, What? The bully likes me?? Mason came over to her and said, "Yo, why you have humans following you?" Gabby sighed and said, "They're walking feelings. I, unfortunately, have to cope with 'em." Mason frowned. "Let's go." They went to the restruant after school, and Michael felt kind of... jealous.

Chapter Three- The Date

Mason said, "Are those robots going to 'disappear'?" Gabby said, "Unfortunately not." By now, Embarrassment had left.