I Love Writing Wiki

So, since the highschool diary thing didn't work out since I got distracted, I have a new idea for this. 

No I'm not telling you the boring life of college.

I'm taking this class called Literature, which is actually pretty handy. Now I know all of us can write pretty sweetly, but hey, reference guides. Also who needs sleep ahahhahah.

As you can see, I've gone slightly crazy due to lack off sleep.

Anyways, here's how this is going to go down, obviously, you all don't need to read this, I'm using this as a reference guide on writing and the basics of writing. I always forget my basics of writing. So this is pretty much for people who also are curious about these 'basics' or other interesting stuff, or people who are interesting on how I write (probably not I'm boring) I never plan either.

Sooo, I'mma just put some stuff about writing on here, don't read this, read this, I don't care, reference guides plz.

3; so unloved.

Anywaysss, let's beginnn.


First some definitions, I'm expecting all of you to know most of these, if you don't... Hmm, ok .3.


Ahhh, one of the main things to a story! We all use this, and if you deny it, no cookies for you.

Also it wouldn't be technically possible to write a story without this valuble tool of Point of View. It's one of the many things that tells the story through the eyes of a character (or not through the eyes of a character, totally depends on what POV you're using)

What POV? Hmmm

There are four types I've heard of, if there is more feel free to tell me. But I'll tell y'all the four types that I've seen mainly used, so, the most common ones used within a story.

First, is well, First Person; this is where you use those words like 'I' and 'My' and all those personal verbs. Where the story is told through the very very specific characters eyes, they'll tell the story like a narrator, ah those narrators, but that's a different thing to talk about.

Second person, not the really well known one from what I've seen, this is a weird experience for readers, as such, you won't catch me using it unless I want to trip you guys up, this is where pronouns are mostly 'you'. See where this POV can get pretty weird and confusing in of itself. No, I won't use it.

Third Person, the one I've seen used most, but there are two subtypes to third person: Third Person Limited and Third Person Ominiscent.

Third Person Limited, it is in a certain characters perspective, but you're using pronouns like 'he', 'she' and 'it' and all those special ones, and personally their thoughts seem out loud, but they're not so I write them like this to show a thought of a character when it's out of place, to seperate it from the actual conversation that is (or isn't) going on.

Third Person Ominiscent, this one is kind of chaotic, at least to me personally. This is where you can hear every characters thoughts, not just one or two characters, so you can see where this would get pretty confusing... Then again I was told my stories were confusing anyways so why not! I've used this once, I just don't remember what story and when. Oh well, if you use this, teachhhh meee your waysss :3:

Unreliable Narrators

Ahahaha, these guys are fun, I've used this once or twice, virtual cake to anyone who can catch them. These guys are like your broken telephones. They'll tell you one story, but it's in a biased persepective, as such, more or less you'll be getting their opinion on the world around them, and not an unbiased sight on what is going on in the story. I don't know about you guys, but I've seen these cuties used a lot in certain stories. Sometimes for comedy purposes, sometimes for feel purposes. (Remember, this is all opinion) Basically: These Narrators have biased views.

Feels though.

The Feel narrators, these guys have so much going on in their perspective, you're like 'da f is going on' because it's such a cluster muck that you start (hopefully if the writing is good) you'll feel their feels, and probably see their biased view on things, or at least understand why they think like that towards a certain thing, I've used this one the most, because feels.

However in some stories I have seen these guys used for comedic purposes (And if you think about it, in a comedy play, where the guy is joking about one thing or another, it's most likely biased on his views. If that makes sense.

Anyways, nothing wrong with comedic Narrators, breaks up the anatomy that way, but meh, I've never been good at being funny, so rarely will I ever be funny personally. So, if you can be funny, go ahead, use comedy for unreliable narrators

Virtual cake to anyone who can make me laugh :>



This is what seperates most writers (personally at least, and apart from audience targeting, most of us write YA as I've noticed), the type of genre they write, there are so many different genres that a lot of writers mix them up for more interest and audience of readers, like so many, so I'll cover all that I can!


Here's Johnny~ 8D

Not going to lie, horror is quite interesting in the fact that personally to me, that the ambiguity is so massive in some stories/movies/tv shows. For all you know, the character is just insane, and all that is happening may actually not be happening, but horror has so many of it's sub genres to it that it's quite massive.

Thriller will also go hand in hand with this, so I'm just going to put the two together, Thriller is a lot more fast paced then regular horror. BUT NOTE: Thriller isn't always horror, and I'm not going to go to indepth with this genre, so, might as well cover it with something that can work with it right.

Want to read some horror? I'd suggest Stephen King, that guys a master, at least, in my personal opinion.

Now, horror is quite broad in a sense, but I'm going to break it down.

Primal fear is exploited in these types of art.

Ah, this one, the one that stems from our human instincts of flight or fight. What consitutes primal fear?

See that suspicious dark shadow over there? Or was it over there? Or is it you? Or is it me? What could be lurking under the shadows, what could be behind you? You looked.

Yes, that fear. Many horror writers often use this with many of the physical elements that can lead to those fears (I won't get into that much detail though, mostly because I'm not that big of a fan of horror, I'm scared enough of the dark as it is.) I hope you all know what I mean by physical.

There's a whole lot of sub genres of horror, but I'll only cover three-four that we've seen at least once or twice (or more) However here is a list of the subgenres I've seen so far that I'm not going to cover.

Splatter Horror (ahah....)

Cosmic Horror (way above)

and a couple other subgenres

Now Thriller in summary isn't always scary, but when it is, expect to be jumping out of your seat, because this stuff is fast paced and will throw a lot of plot devices and cliffhangers and ambiguity your way. 

NOW NOTE: I do not write horror stories, I'm not that pro in this field (we'll get to what I am good at later) so this is all based on personal opinion and what I've read and seen.

Gothic Horror

This one is pretty old, actually one of the oldest, and it loves playing with tension and atmosphere.

Bram Stokers Dracula, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, and the poet Edgar Allen Poe, these guys wrote pretty terrifying things of that time, and no, they didn't have to be gory to be terrifying, they were just pretty damn menacing and creepy.

Often will go hand in hand with supernatural now a days though, but hey, the only gothic horror stuff I know are those three things, and since we read Edgar Allen Poe in Grade 11, yes I was terrified by that heart story, because wow.

(On an unrelated note Dracula Untold was awesome and not part of horror, but hey, it did have spooky parts)

Psychological Horror

Probably my favourite, why?

Because your imagination can sometimes be your worst enemy.

Of course, this subgenre isn't specifically tied to horror, it's job is too unsettle you anywhere. Because our minds are very weird like that. This isn't frontal horror, this horror is subtle, scarily so. Because what's scarier than nothing at all?

I don't know. But this subgenre is very unsettling when written correctly, as the threats aren't always physical, and more often than not come from your own head, kind of like surreal horror, because why not make no sense at all? That's pretty scary.

Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King have a knack for these in certain stories, and also a poem I read in Literature called The Yellow Wallpaper (I forget the author already gg).

No words to that poem, my mind just blanked when I finished it though, I suggest you read it if you haven't read it already, you'll get what I mean.

Survival Horror

Hehehe, not really fun when your characters can't fight back that well, or your characters have to manage with what they've got.

Survival Horror, where the characters often have to survive against a horror unexplainable (zombies can fit into this, not always though) However, just because it has zambies does not always make it Survival Horror.

Puzzles puzzles puzzles. Your characters will have to go through a lot of them if they want to get out alive.

I actually won't get too indepth with this subgenre, it's mostly used in video games and the like, I have yet to see a book of survival horror, but if you know any good ones, feel free to tell me and I'll take a look at them.



Ah. This one.

This one.

Fantasy, there's a surprising number of authors that write this, and I'm pretty good at it from what I've figured, correct me if I wrong.

Fantasy has many subgenres, and they can all mix together to make something great, or should I say epic in proportions.

Fantasy in general though, it's something magical, something that you can make explode in many directions. The mundane is rare in this genre, and usually there'd be other races other than humans but I'm kind of a special case, unless you count Deities of sorts. But idk.