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This is the sequel to Lost Purposea story about Kaylee Barom, 16 years old, and she has black magic. However, the color itself is not black, it's orange-yellow. She tries to tell a fire-user violence is not the way to go. 

Chapter One

Kaylee took the list she had made in Lost Purpose. She was checking on the Johners family. Here's the list for reminder.


Status of Johners family from house crash

  1. Goerge, 38- fatally wounded
  2. Silvia, 35- dead
  3. Phillip, 14- dead
  4. Hannah, 13- hovering
  5. Gaby, 12- hovering
  6. Flinn, 8- dead
  7. Ashley, 6- barely conscious
  8. Ethan, 4- totally fine


She had to update it. Since she was using a pen, she had to cross 'em out.


New Status of Johners family from house crash wounds

  1. Goerge, 38- fatally wounded awake
  2. Silvia, 35- dead
  3. Phillip, 14- dead
  4. Hannah, 13- hovering dead
  5. Gaby, 12- hovering- barely conscious
  6. Flinn, 8- dead
  7. Ashley, 6- barely conscious awake
  8. Ethan, 4- totally fine


Hannah had tragically lost her life on the second day of treatment, and Goerge got to play with his son. Big difference. Unfortunately, Ethan had watched his sister die, to his sadness. That's why Goerge was playing Monopoly with him. Ethan is a clever 4-year-old.

Anyways, Imma cut this chapter short.

Chapter Two

Kaylee was headed home when she heard someone scream! She rushed to the source of the scream, and a female car's husband was lying dead on the ground with her tied up! A evil flame-powered car around Kaylee's age was threatening an frightened 15-year-old car. She pleaded, "Don't kill me! Please!" Kaylee yelled, "What the **** are you doing!?" The car turned around and said, "Oh, you're the assassin that worked for Mill." Kaylee muttered, "Stalker." The mother of the frightened car said in fear, "You're an... assassin?" Kaylee said, "Former one, yes." The 15-year-old gulped. Kaylee realized her mistake. "I'm good now, though." Flamestorm, the evil car, said, "I dare you to kill them." The younger car's innocent brown eyes were wide with fear, and she scooted closer to her mother. Kaylee looked at the mother and frightened teenager and knew she couldn't kill them. Kaylee said firmly, "No. I cannot hurt them." Flamestorm growled, "Then I'll kill them." Kaylee mouthed, "No!" Kaylee watched in horror as he scorched the spot above them! The teenager pleaded, "Don't kill me and my mother. Please!" Kaylee couldn't let the little family die. Especially the 15-year-old. She picked up him with black magic and threw him out of the house as soon as he was gonna harm them. Kaylee said, "Umm, you guys okay?" They had watched him fly out of the building, and said shakily, "Yeah." The teenager asked, "Where'd he go?" Kaylee looked back and said, "I've no idea, he could be dead, or alive, who knows?"

Chapter Three

That night, poor Kaylee had a violent dream. It went like this:

A cop was chasing an innocent version of Kaylee. She looked different, with a orange-yellow coat of paint and paler blue eyes. Her forcefield was weaker, as a bullet could penetrate it. The cop had a murderous goal in mind; to kill all magic-users. Kaylee used the lifting bubble to lift him up in the air, and closed her pale-blue eyes as she threw him, showing she was sympathetic and did not want to hurt people, even if they were trying to kill her. The cop came by and shot at her, and laughed cruelly as he watched her shiver violently in her forcefield. Then, Kaylee drove away in fear as the cop yelled, "No magic-user will live to 20!" Kaylee said, "You're just gonna... kill them? Even if they're innocent?" The cop tased the already weak teenager after a tense fight, which the cop won because he weakened her dramatically, which was illegal for a cop to do unless someone was trying to kill him/her, which never happened in Trucktown. Every time Kaylee was waking up, the cop would tase her again. She was sadly starting to die by the second time, to the cop's sick happiness! He tased her one more time, and the next time she tried to wake up, she sadly died a very slow and painful death, to another cop's horror. The dirty cop said, "Yes! My victim is finally dead!" The chief said, "Wait, what!?" He came over to Kaylee's (auto) body and realized the 45-year-old cop had murdered a innocent teenager in her youth. He fired the officer, to his anger. The dirty cop would take revenge on all young magic-users, because a magic-user supposedly caused him to get fired, though we all know whose fault it is.

Chapter Four

Kaylee woke up in horror. She yelled, "Mom! Dad!" They asked tiredly, "What is it, Kaylee?" She said, "I had a nightmare where a cop killed me! I was innocent, too!" She envisioned her parents' eyes narrowing as they growled, "How?" Kaylee answered, "He tased my dream-self to death after a unfair fight." Again, in her imagination, her parents' expression changed to that of a shocked look. "Must have been a painful death, then." Kaylee said sadly, "Yes, for my dream-self. Anyways, I got the vibe that it isn't the end of this storyline my mind's created." She wrote in a notebook:


"Dream 1. Cop kills me with a taser."


She knew that it would continue in a series of violent dreams. And they probably would get more violent. Kaylee left the house at 8 a'clock to go to school. Her dream kept bothering her, imagining how much scenarios could end up killing most magic-users and herself. Kaylee was torn down by the daymares. Her ELA teacher noticed that her student was rather sad. She called Kaylee after class, and asked her what was tearing her down. Kaylee said, "My dream and its 'friends', the following daymares." The teacher said, "What was the dream?" Kaylee recited her tragic dream.

Chapter Five

The teacher was like, "Gosh, that is a nightmare. I mean, what cop kills an innocent teenager!?" Kaylee said, "That one." Her next class, Gym, forced her to not stand idle, as the Gym teacher didn't allow that. However, her energy was low, as she was very melancholy. The teacher had a tendency to mistreat her, so he yelled, "Kaylee B., get workin' now!" Kaylee Azon said, "Why are you yelling at her?" The strict teacher pushed her rather aggresively, causing Kaylee (Barom) to fall and smash into the wall. She lost consciousness. Mr. Scott's eyes raised a little in mild surprise for a few seconds and he drove away, shrugging. Kaylee A. went over to the unconscious magic-user and said, "She needs the nurse." Aaron Gerin asked for a pass and left. He asked the nurse, Nurse Carin, to come to the gym and told her why. Her eyes rose in concerned shock. A young ambulance by the name of Rose Teris checked on Kaylee B. and said tearfully, "Why'd you hurt her?" to Mr. Scott. He replied, "'Cause she wouldn't go faster!" Rose said, "She was sad, that's why! And you probably broke her heart further!" The nurse said, "She'll wake up soon, don't worry, children." Kaylee woke up feebly 20 minutes later, and the Gym teacher had been fired and arrested for the abuse of a student, and her parents contacted. A kid's safety always came first, no matter what.

Chapter Six

After school was done, her parents said softly, "You okay, honey?" Kaylee said, "I guess..." They said, "You'll get a week off of school because you were injured by your Gym teacher." That night, she had a awful dream.

Two days later, a family of five with black (purple) magic found themselves being attacked. A young teenager was shot and killed before he could protect himself, to his family's horror. His younger sister, 12 years old, was tased for no reason on a high level, leaving her to die of her wounds. The father attempted to lift the evil former cop and throw him, but was shot before he could save his family. He died three minutes later. the 12-year-old died an hour after the attack. Luckily, the two other members escaped the attempt on their lives.

Kaylee woke up, gasping. She added to her dream list, "Dream 2. Cop killed 3/5 of a family." The list now looked like this:


Dream 1. Cop kills me with a taser.

Dream 2. Cop killed 3/5 of a family.


She told her parents the dream. Her mother said, "Why an innocent family!?" Kaylee said tearfully, "It's always the families..." The father had a solemn look on his front with the kind of dreams the young car was having. Kaylee left at 8 a'clock AM and wandered around. Then, she saw the cop from her dream interrogating a 7-year-old car! He was shivering violently with fear, with a small purple mist coming out of his left tire. The child meekly whispered, "I don't know Kaylee even is!" Kaylee's eyes widened in fear. She yelled, "Hey, officer! Stop scaring that child!" With a twist of his tire, the cop smiled evilly as a fully-black sword materialized in his tire! Kaylee's eyes widened as she looked over the sword. "You have the darkest magic! STOP!!" She gripped the 7-year-old's tire and he hid behind her. Kaylee growled, "You are the killer of magic-users in my dreams, and you have the Weapon Recreation ability!? You can't kill your own type!" The 7-year-old began to cry in fear. "Mommy," the child whimpered. Kaylee comforted him, and said softly, "Don't worry, I'll take you to Mommy." The 7-year-old put his full trust in her. Kaylee thought sadly, I would've killed this child a month ago if he made me mad.

Chapter Seven

To the cop, she said, "Why. Were. You. Questioning. HIm!?" The cop said, "Don't magic-users have the ability to read people's pasts and other mind-things?" Kaylee sighed, "Only when they want to." Then she said, "Wouldn't you know?? You're a magic-user!" The cop said, "I only found out that I had the ability two days ago when I twisted my tire 'cause I was bored! Then I used it to kill a truck robbing a bank." Kaylee said in a tone that sounded like she was raising an eyebrow Dwayne Johnson-style, "Aren't you supposed to give 'em a chance at life?" The cop said, "Yes... but I was mad and wanted to kill someone." Again Kaylee did that same eyebrow-tone and said, "Should I be worried about your mental health?" The child hiding behind Kaylee whispered, "What does 'mental' mean?" She said, "'Mental' means 'Having something to do with the mind'." The cop added matter-of-factly, "It could also be an insult." Kaylee tossed him a glare. The 7-year-old looked to the right as he said, "You're mental!" The cop scowled. Kaylee said, "Your fault." She asked, "Where do you live, lil' buddy?" The cop muttered, "Hell (noun)." Kaylee said, "Funny, mister." The child eagerly said, "731!" She took the little car to his house, tire in tire.

Chapter Eight

His mother was really happy to see her son, but wasn't happy to see Kaylee. She said, "Get away from my child, child-murderer!" The little car glanced up at Kaylee innocently and said, "Do you really kill children?" The mom said, "Yes!" Kaylee said, "Not anymore, my personality's changed." The car said, "A cop was asking me questions, Mommy! He's scary! My friend said he killed magic-users in her dreams." The mom glanced at Kaylee suspiciously. "He did. In my second dream, he murdered three family members in a innocent family of five! Unfortunately, the three victims was a 14-year-old, the father, and the 12-year-old sister of the teen. The survivors were the mom and the young son probably aged seven to eight. The cop was... was going to kill them too." The mother smirked, "Let the mother be murdered." Kaylee gave her a look of shock. The mother continued, "And the child die." Kaylee murmured in angry disgust, "You must really hate magic-users to wish a child dead." The 7-year-old tapped his hateful mother and said, "Mommy, it's wrong to wish someone dead." His childlike innocence made her sigh. "Well, they're bad people." She said in a babyish tone. Kaylee looked down sadly and lost control of her emotions. She began to cry. "Why does everyone hate us?" The 7-year-old patted her in order to comfort the hurt teenager. "I don't hate you." The mother pulled her child inside, pulling out a pistol on Kaylee!

Chapter Nine

"Mommy! No!" The bullet rang out, and Kaylee activated her forcefield before the bullet could hit her. The 7-year-old began to cry as he watched his mother try to kill Kaylee. She yelled, "You're going to die, magic-user!" The child ran out, crying for a cop. A cop came, hearing the distressed child. The 7-year-old slipped his right tire into the cop's left, and pulled him toward the violent scene. Kaylee's forcefield had given out, leaving her vulnerable to cruel murder. The cop yelled, "Stop!" as the child's mother cocked her gun and aimed it at a helpless Kaylee! The mother glared at her little son, who timidly hid behind the cop in fear. The cop said softly, "Your own son is afraid of you. That's not a good sign. And he's clearly a trusting little boy." The mother growled, "Shut up, or the magic-user dies." The cop looked at the young magic-user with worry. The 7-year-old's eyes teared up, as he thought Kaylee was dead. She was on her side, wounded, and not waking up. The cop called the Hospital, and the ambulance said worriedly, "Is she still a sadist?" The cop said, "I don't believe so..." The ambulance said with an overeager tone, "Okay!" He sped off, and the mother swore. The little car said, "What does (bleep) mean?" looking up at the cop. He replied, "Nevermind." He glared at the mother, knowing it wasn't the child's fault.

Chapter Ten

"I'll murder that girl," said a extremely annoyed Flamestorm, he set a random newspaper on fire in anger. He was in his house, musing in anger about how much he hated Kaylee.


Kaylee was having another dream. This time around,

The former cop attacked her family, killing them, including her 11-year-old brother, Daniel. Dream Daniel had a orange-yellow coat of paint and had unique golden eyes with specks of pale blue, whereas in real life, he has a blue coat of paint with brown eyes. The cop sent the house on fire, and it collapsed. He went over to a group of teenage magic-users testing their abilities on a tree and shot three of them before the group of eight noticed the shooting noises. A female turned around, her purple eyes as wide as saucers. The cop shot her, to the remaining four's horror. They activated forcefields and called for help. A good cop came over, looking at horror at the dead teenagers. He noticed the dirty cop aiming the pistol at the survivors and took it from him.

Kaylee woke up, crying. She yelled, "Mom! Dad!" before realizing that she was in the Hospital. She turned on the light and pulled out her now-crumpled list and took a pen and wrote, "Dream 3. Cop kills my family and 4/8 of a friend group." She cried, missing her family. Kaylee wished she could return home, but she had to stay in the Hospital as a result of the heavy beating.

Authors' Notes

Hi, reader! I hope you enjoyed Twisted Minds! I gave it a sad ending with Kaylee crying 'cause I love giving stories in a series sad/shocking endings. As you can probably imagine, the poor car got her pillow wet with tears, looking to the left because that's how humans react to sad things while laying down, and you can probably tell I make inanimate objects so human-like it's kinda scary, especially the murder scenes. They react so realistically it's like you're kinda experiencing the emotions the characters are going through! Doesn't it give you the feels? As I am writing this, after writing Chapter Ten, it's making me sad, especially since there's piano music playing. How ironic! Piano music was playing while I was writing the last gray scene! And now the titles of the songs are sad as well! Was this meant to happen?? Everything happens for a reason, I guess. Danger Here and There- third story

Love, Sisi <3