True Wealth

Author: One Of Our Users
Type: Poems
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Authors Note

Rated teen as it might be hard for the younger ones on the wiki to understand the poem. Although that might not be true as I think I'm the youngest one on here. Maybe xD

True Wealth

If I were to wonder what the next day would bring

Which tigers would prowl

Which bluebirds would sing

Then I might perhaps have saw this day coming

Knew what the future held

Heard the death bells drumming

Despite of the thoughts that run through my head

The wondrous ideas

The intellectual thread

I do still find that I am quiet lost

For I know what to do

But what of the cost?

How far is one willing to go

To have it their way?

To prove what they know?

Perhaps I think to much on the score

Always wonder if there could be more

But one must remember what is at stake

For there is always those who seek to take.

If one were to ask me how I shall fall

I would simply reply

I know not all

But I think that I'm lying to them and myself

So I shall make amends and swear this on my health

I will fall when I measure gold as my wealth

My eyes are so frail and shrouded

To weak to see through the gloom

My vision you see is permanently clouded

the future is locked in a tomb

Where are my secrets that I so desire

where did I leave my woes to lay

for despite the kindling of everlasting fire

I am fearful of the bringing of a new day

If birth holds so many smiles

why does death bring so many tears

For at birth a baby has miles

while at death a person has years

When I am asked where true beauty lies

what workings of man really have shined

I say only that it is through family ties

What point am I making

What road am I taking

so many paths and so little time

The thought of forever is no less then a crime