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The Rise Series

Author: Leopard
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

The Rise.png


Clouds and Claws will come... And the Ancient Laws will sleep at peace once more...

Leopardpaw's life changes when she become apprentice to the medicine cat of WindClan and recieves the ominous prophecy that will haunt her through her life. She will find love and hope among the fear and mystery, but can it last? And can she fulfil the prophecy that has stayed with her forever?

Set during the events of The Power of Three arc, but with some minor alterations such as the three being Squirrelflight's kits and Leafpool not running away with Crowfeather.


  1. Amber Eyes in the Dark
  2. The Steps of a Warrior
  3. The Tail of a Friend
  4. Strangers in the Shadows
  5. Allegiance of the Ancients
  6. The Night of the Golden Moon