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The Icy Cold Lake

Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete
Series: Don't Rain On My Parade
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

A Poem By IRmjii

It was a silent afternoon
The trees were green and the there was a full moon.
I took her to a boat by the shore
Just like we have done before.

We sat down into the wooden structure
While me an my wife giving us a lecture.

We watched the bright stars in the sky
Looking at them oh so high.

The trees were waving so happily
While everyone joined as one big family

We kept on rowing through the night
The birds were  tweeting giving some a fright
The owl was hooting and the humans were humming
The moon was smiling and the night was coming

For everything was peaceful and ever so calm
Soft as my mothers palm
I wanted to sleep through the night
With the moon shining so bright.

Soon we came to a grinding halt.
As something was in our way and it wasn't our fault.
We had hit something that made us crash.
All with the sounds of screaming and the splash.

The ship was sinking ever so slowly
But not exactly so holy
The ship was plunging to the bottom
Into the Icy Cold Lake in Autumn

The air was quiet but the voices were loud
As we went into the Icy Cold Lake in the dark cloud.

We waited and waited for help
I even let out a yelp
But sadly no one came
And everything felt like the same

We looked up in the night sky
With the stars and clouds oh so high.
We watched the birds go past
As we plunged into the Icy Cold Lake with my wife in last.

That moment someone was walking their dog
And almost tripped up on a log.
He went past the lake
To sit on a bench to take a break

As he watched the Icy Cold Lake

When he sat down
He saw something and let out a frown
His dog went to pick it up
It turned out to be some clothes brought by the clever pup.

Brought in from the Icy Cold Lake 

The guy studied the clothes for a long time
And figured someone must have lost their chime.
Using all he could he studied the water
To see if he had lost his daughter

But no luck was found
And no one was safe and sound

As he studied the Icy Cold Lake

He checked the back and found the owner
And figured the owner was once a loner
He waited in case they returned
But no one was there which made him concerned.

As he watched the Icy Cold Lake

2 hours has past and no one is there
Everything is empty, Everything is bare.
The night goes by slowly
As the guy waits for the man to return with nothing but his body.

As he stares at the Icy Cold Lake.

While he is waiting he sings a tune
A tune that his mother once played with a spoon
His mother has vanished 2 years ago
The one he sings and the one he puts for show.

As the night goes on, As everyone stares into the Icy Cold Lake.