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Civil War

Date December 17, 2015
Location Braden's apartment in the Admin Tower
Time 8:30 P.M.

Braden was watching the duel between Seto Kaiba and Yugi Moto.

"Are they seriously showing this on TV?", Makoto asked.

"It's pretty good.", Braden said. "In fact, it's almost as good as the Watching Paint Dry Channel."

At that moment, the duel cut to a news broadcast. Christian Mendoza, the replacement of Jacob Fox, was on.

"This just in, there is a new message from the World Government.", Mendoza said. "It reads: "Ever since the incident in Seoul, the World Government has been debating a response. We have come up with this: The entire American Anime Association will be placed under strict surveillance so that something like the Seoul incident doesn't happen again. From now on, WE will ascertain when to call the AAA in. We will deal with our enemies ourselves." -Sengoku Until more news develops, this is Christian Mendoza, signing off.",

The duel resumed. Everyone inside, even the two duelists, looked shocked.

Date December 20, 2015
Location Bailey's apartment in the Admin Tower
Time 10:30 P.M.

Bailey was reading the new chapter of Bleach when suddenly he heard Yuno scream in the shower, along with the subsequent destruction of whatever made Yuno scream.

Yuno, wearing a towel, dragged out what appeared to be a destroyed security camera.

"This was in the shower!", she shouted.

Yuno turned the camera over onto its side, making the symbol on the side visible.

"And look at that symbol!", Yuno shouted. "It's the World Government!"

"So the World Government must be watching us to make sure we don't find a way around the restriction.", Bailey said. "Damn it. There's no way around this; it's an invasion of privacy."

"Like Facebook!", Brandon shouted from afar.

"We have to alert the rest of the admins.", Bailey said.


Date December 20, 2015
Location The lobby of the Admin Tower
Time 10:35 P.M.

Bailey threw the security camera on the ground in front of Braden, Makoto, Shinji Nobuyuki, Gerardo, Manuel, Adriel, Grimmjow, Brandon, Sean, Lala, Harribel, Kanu, and Asagi. All of them were shocked.

"This camera was in the shower.", Bailey said. "And look at that symbol. It's the World Government."

"The World Government?", Sean asked. "Why would they do something like this?"

"They're getting ideas from a certain social network named Facebook!", Brandon shouted.

"Brandon, shut up.", Braden said. "I'll go over to the World Government HQ and see what the situation is."


Date December 20, 2015
Location The underground tunnel beneath the World Government
Time 10:40 P.M.

Braden flew through the tunnel that served as the only way to get into the World Government building.

"The place doesn't seem to have changed much in five years.", Braden said to himself.

Braden flew into World Government HQ. He saw Captains Shu and Sharinguru.

"Sorry, guys.", Braden said.

Two tasers launched themselves from the gauntlets in Braden's suit, attaching to the two Captains and stunning them long enough for Braden to fly by.

Braden flew up the long and winding staircase that led to the Fleet Admiral's office, located in the dome of the building. However, he encountered Aokiji on the staircase.

"Braden, what the hell are you doing here?!", he asked.

Braden barely had time to slow himself down and stop himself from hitting Aokiji.

"Mind explaining why there was a security camera in Bailey's shower?", Braden asked. "That's an invasion of privacy! What the hell are you, Facebook?!"

"Oh, you mean the Sengoku Act.", Aokiji said. "Yeah, the Fleet Admiral ain't exactly trusting of you guys after the Naraku incident in Seoul."

"That doesn't exactly dictate watching Bailey's girlfriend shower!", Braden shouted.

"Wait, what?", Aokiji asked.

"I'm gonna walk into the Fleet Admiral's office...", Braden said, trying to shove Aokiji out of the way, "...and I'm gonna--!"

"You will not!", Aokiji shouted.

Aokiji placed his hand on Braden's shoulder. Ice started to form on Braden's suit, which completely froze him solid within seconds. Aokiji walked down the staircase with the Braden-icicle, and placed him in a small cart on a track that led directly to the Admin Tower. Aokiji placed a quarter into the slot, and the cart took off.


Date December 20, 2015
Location The lobby of the Admin Tower
Time 10:47 P.M.

A beep was heard. Makoto looked at the Admin Locator to see that Braden was underneath the Admin Tower. She ran down there, only to see his suit was completely frozen.

"Oh, my God!", she shouted.

Makoto promptly transformed into Sailor Jupiter and unthawed Braden.

"What the hell happened?!", Bailey asked, running into the room.

"Aokiji is what happened.", Braden said as the others ran into the room. "I tried to talk to the Fleet Admiral, but Aokiji froze my suit; he has ice powers, by the way. I don't know what the World Government is up to, but if it involves the AAA being dissolved it's not good."

"I don't really care.", Grimmjow said. "Being an admin is dull anyway."

"Really, Grimmjow?!", Bailey asked. "You're taking THEIR side? After they were watching my girlfriend shower?!"

"After your idiot rampage at Marine HQ?!", Harribel asked.

"I go my own way.", Gerardo said. "I was never a team player anyway. If things go south, expect me on the winning side: MY side. I'll call it... Gerardo's Awesomely Awesome Awesome Team!"

"Ooh, Mr. Big Boy wants a war?", Manuel asked.

"So what if I do, Rageaholic?", Gerardo asked. "Not like any of you can stop me. Either I get a war, or Braden uses his "contingencies" against us."

The room fell silent.

"Hold on...", Adriel said.

"That bastard...", Grimmjow said.

"Gerry!", Brandon cheered. "Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!"

"What the HELL are you on about?!", Braden asked.

"Yeah, that's right.", Gerardo said. "I saw all those armors you've developed against us when you blew me up. Willing to let us join the AAA, yet you don't fully trust us. I've seen the armory. Everyone, not just your "friends", but also every hero you can think of."

"Braden has every right to be worried about all of this!", Makoto shouted, hugging him around the neck. "You know that!"

"You and your friends -- the Sailor Scouts -- aren't safe from his "bureaucracy" either.", Gerardo said. "Or has he told you yet?"

Makoto gasped.

"Didn't think so.", Gerardo said. "Like I said, I joined because I wanted to be a hero, make a difference... and if this is what it takes, then I want out. I've made my statement. You can all go die, for all I care. I'm gonna go out there and save the world. You're welcome to help, but get in my way, and I'll kill you."

"I swear, Gerardo...", Braden shouted, "...the next time I see YOU, I'll make sure you never see the light of day!"

"That a promise, or a threat?", Gerardo asked.

Gerardo walked out, flipping off Braden in the process.

"You know...", Manuel said, "...no matter how hard this bites me in the ass later, he's right."

Manuel began to walk out.

"Anyone else who wants to live...", Manuel said, "...better leave now."

"Manuel, wait.", Grimmjow said. "I'm going too."

"Good choice.", Manuel said. "I'm gonna suggest a new team name to Gerardo. I don't want to stroke his ego every time I tell our team name to someone... goddamn it, it's already biting me in the ass."

"Grimmjow...", Harribel said.

"You coming, too?", Grimmjow asked.

"No.", Harribel said. "I just wanted to tell you that you're a dumbass."

"Figured.", Grimmjow said.

"First you go on a killing spree at Marine HQ...", Harribel said, "...and now you're conspiring against the AAA. How COULD you?!"

"Hooray for character consistency!", Brandon said.

Manuel and Grimmjow both walked out.

"Is this true, Braden?", Sean asked. "What Gerardo said?"

Braden sighed deeply.

"Yes.", he said.

"I can't believe you, you son of a bitch!", Sean shouted. "After you saved my ass at Annapolis! After you helped me kill Trebol! Why would you do something like that?!"

"It's not like I was gonna use it the moment you lost it!", Braden said.

"But you have them on standby!", Sean shouted. "I used to believe you were just a bit stingy with this job. Now you go and pull this shit?! I TRUSTED YOU! WE ALL TRUSTED YOU!!! You are a rat bastard! I understand the whole "Makoto" thing, but after that, I might as well buy the tape off someone, just to spite you. You can burn in Hell, Braden! I'M OUT!!!"

"Sean, wait!", Asagi shouted.

"Are you really gonna let him get away with this bullshit?!", Sean shouted. "If you ever want to join, you know where to find me. I love you."

Sean kissed Asagi, then walked out.

"This is horrible!", Asagi shouted. "I don't want to be against Sean, but I don't want Braden to hunt him down! I don't know what to do!"

Asagi began to cry. Harribel hugged her.

"Don't worry.", Harribel said. "Braden will make this all better again. WON'T YOU, BRADEN?!"

"I'll try, but it won't be easy to convince them.", Braden said. "Perhaps we'll HAVE to use force, but I'll only do it if necessary."

"Why?!", Asagi asked. "He's your friend!"

"He was.", Braden said. "They've made themselves public enemies of the AAA. Like it or not, as of right now, those four are no longer admins."

"You have to do something!", Asagi shouted.

"As of right now, the best thing we can do is forget them.", Braden said. "Just pretend they don't exist for tonight, and we'll do something about it tomorrow. We should just go to bed, it's getting pretty late."

Makoto helped Braden up, and the two walked out together as everyone else looked at them.


Date December 20, 2015
Location Secret hideout of GAAAT (I can't tell you, it's a secret!)
Time 11:34 P.M.

"And just HOW are we gonna take down Braden?", Sean asked. "He'll make sure the public is against us."

"Don't worry about it.", Gerardo said. "I got a friend who owes me a favor. She'll take care of our publicity."

"Is she THAT credible?", Manuel asked.

"You kidding?", Gerardo asked. "Nancy Lee practically eats stories like this for breakfast. She's the one who exposed Laomoto Khan as the leader of the Soukai Syndicate."

"Shit, that's good.", Manuel and Sean both said.


Date December 21, 2015
Location Braden's apartment in the Admin Tower
Time 9:15 A.M.

Braden and Makoto were asleep. Suddenly, Brandon barged in, waking the two up. Braden fired a repulsor in Brandon's face, knocking him over.


"I didn't mean to disturb you...", Brandon said, "...but there's something you need to see."

Braden and Makoto followed Brandon into his apartment, where he was watching a news broadcast. Christian Mendoza was on the screen, and the caption beneath him read DISTRUST IN AAA? CONTINGENCY PLAN LEAKED.

"Oh, shit!", Braden shouted.

"This just in...", Christian Mendoza said, "...frightening news from the heart of the American Anime Association. Our very own Nancy Lee has more."

The scene shifted to a blonde motorcyclist holding a microphone. Gerardo was standing next to her.

"Thanks, Christian.", Nancy said. "A group calling themselves Gerardo's Awesomely Awesome Awesome Team -- what was that? Oh, I'm sorry -- the Rebellion have insider info about a huge scandal which tore the American Anime Association apart. I'm talking to the leader of the Rebellion, Gerardo Otero, who tells us about a contingency plan which he says he hopes leads to a war. Now Gerardo, how did you come across this shocking information?"

"I was walking through the armory of the head admin, Braden Woods, while drunk on Johnny Walker Second Harvest Blue Label -- it's FANTASTIC, by the way -- and I made a horrific sight.", Gerardo said. "There were hundreds of suits, all specifically designed to fight one person. I attempted to fly away in one of the suits that was designed to fight me, but then Mister Braden Woods attempted to kill me by self-destructing the suit. I barely escaped with my life. I finally confronted Braden about it last night, and he threatened to kill me, but luckily me and three others managed to escape. Now, Mister Braden Woods and his followers are planning to start a civil war -- at least, I hope -- and kill the rest of us."

"Frightening stuff.", Nancy said. "And now, back to you, Christian."

The scene switched back to Christian Mendoza.

"Thanks, Nancy.", Christian said.

"That little bastard!", Braden shouted. "I'll kill him if it's the last thing I ever do!"

Suddenly, they heard glass shattering in Braden's apartment. Braden quickly ran in to see a grenade on the floor.

"Grenade!", Braden shouted, tackling Makoto, who had run up behind him.

The grenade exploded. The explosion made it difficult for Braden and Makoto to hear.

When they finally regained their hearing, they heard what sounded like footsteps. There were too many for one person; at least three people were inside.

"Where did they go?", one of them, who had an extremely high-pitched voice, asked. "I smell gunpowder, but I don't smell a fresh corpse!"

"Even with my enhanced eyesight...", another voice said, "...I can't see any bodies!"

"Quiet down, you two!", a third voice, which was female, whispered. "I can't hear anything!"

"How did they get in there?!", Makoto whispered.

"Sssh!", Braden whispered. "They'll hear us!"

"Dr. Stylish, I just heard voices!", the female voice shouted over a walkie-talkie. "We've been discovered!"

"What are you idiots waiting for?!", a fourth voice, which sounded like the stereotypical homosexual, asked over the other end of the walkie-talkie. "Kill them!"

Suddenly, Braden and Makoto heard an explosion beneath them. Someone was sneaking in through the front door of the Admin Tower.

"This isn't just an ambush!", Braden said. "This is a VERY well-planned attack!"

Braden got off Makoto right as Bailey and Yuno ran out from Bailey's apartment.

"Braden, what's going on?", Bailey asked.

"Someone's attacking the Admin Tower!", Braden said. "You and Yuno deal with the intruders on the ground floor!"

"On it!", Bailey said, drawing his sword. "Come on, Yuno!"

"Coming, Bailey-poo!", Yuno said.

As the two ran down the spiral staircase, Braden and Makoto ran into their apartment to see who had attacked it. Three people were standing in the apartment.

The first, Hana, wore a mask with a very large nose. The second, Me, had very large eyes. The third, Mimi, had very large ears, making her look like a fennec fox. Mimi was also the one holding the walkie-talkie.

"Sir, they've found us!", Mimi shouted over the walkie-talkie.

Hana and Me leapt toward Braden and Makoto. Braden punched Me in the face, then fired a repulsor at Hana, destroying half of the nose on his mask.

"I can't smell!", Hana shouted.

Makoto grabbed him by the hand and slammed him into a window. The glass cracked, but Hana did not fall. Braden fired a repulsor at Hana, hitting him in the chest and sending him falling to his death.

"Hana!", Me shouted.

Braden activated a taser within his gauntlet, electrocuting Me. Me was then thrown out of Braden's apartment in the same window that Hana fell out of.

Braden turned to see Mimi, ducking in a corner.

"Who sent you?", Braden asked.

"It was...", Mimi said, crying, "...Dr. Stylish!"

"Who the hell is Dr. Stylish?!", Braden asked. "Why is he attacking us?!"

"Not the admins.", Mimi said. "Just you."

"I take it you're working with the Rebellion?", Braden asked.

Mimi nodded her head yes.

"Damn it.", Braden said. "Where's Dr. Stylish now?"


Date December 21, 2015
Location A bush outside the Admin Tower
Time 9:21 P.M.

Having seen Hana and Me fall to their deaths, Dr. Stylish was getting worried. He checked on his lackeys to see how they were doing.

Not good. They were all being slaughtered by Bailey and Yuno.

"This isn't good!", Stylish said. "I'll have to use my last resort!"

Dr. Stylish grabbed a remote with a big red button on it. He pressed the red button. The stomachs of his lackeys, both alive and deceased, swelled up and quickly exploded.

Stylish had a laugh at this.

"I'd like to see them get up from that!", Stylish said.

"Air drop!", Brandon shouted.

Brandon had leapt from his apartment to the ground, landing on Stylish's head.

"Where the hell did you come from?!", Stylish asked.

"Followed your scent, asshole.", Brandon said. "For some reason, you smell like women's perfume. Actually..."

Brandon sniffed twice.

"Chanel No. 5?", Brandon asked. "I never took you for a henchman with class."

"And I never took YOU for a connoisseur of fragrances!", Stylish said.

"Why?", Brandon asked. "It's the same kind that Helen Cho wears-- I mean, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Who's Helen Cho?", a confused Stylish asked.

"Why are you here, dumbass?", Brandon asked.

"You guys were the ones that killed Kurome!", Stylish shouted. "I'm here to avenge her!"

"So I take it you've sided with the Rebellion?", Brandon asked.

"That's correct!", Stylish said.

"And you DO know that Kurome was after the one with a 30 million Berry bounty?", Brandon asked. "AKA Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez? Who is a part of the Rebellion? You didn't think this through, did you?"

"But why would she be after someone with a bounty on their heads?!", Stylish asked. "She never seemed like one who liked money!"

Brandon quickly pulled out his swords and sliced off Stylish's head like his swords were scissors.

"GodDAMN, I love this job.", Brandon said. "But you know what I DON'T like? 4Kids. Those guys are pricks. And so is that guy El Chapo in prison."


Date December 21, 2015
Location Super secret Rebellion hideout
Time 10:15 A.M.

"So Gerardo...", Manuel asked, "...what should we do now that we've leaked Braden's contingency plan on the news?"

"I'm getting back to the art of letter writing.", Gerardo said. "I'll start by sending some taunting letters to that guy El Chapo in prison. That guy's never getting out. I'll be like, "Dear El Chapo, you're a real piece of crap. Hope you like prison, 'cause you'll for sure be there forever. I'm including my home address in case you want to write back.""

"Don't give him your home address!", Grimmjow said.

"He'll kill you!", Manuel said.

"True, true...", Gerardo said, "...but I can Fist him!"


Date December 21, 2015
Location The lobby of the Admin Tower
Time 10:16 A.M.

Bailey and Yuno barely survived Dr. Stylish exploding his men. The smoke cleared just in time for the two to see Braden and Makoto running down the spiral staircase.

"Are you two OK?", Braden asked.

"Yeah, we're fine.", Bailey said. "Just scared the hell out of us."

"Any idea where Brandon went?", Braden asked.

"I'm right here.", Brandon said, walking in with Dr. Stylish's head in his arms.

"Who... the hell is that?", Bailey asked.

"The guy that sent these assholes.", Brandon said. "And get this: He was sent here by the Rebellion!"

"He said that?", Braden asked. "I don't believe you; the Rebellion wouldn't stoop THAT low. Did you thoroughly interrogate him?"

"Well...", Brandon said.

"Say no more.", Braden said.

Suddenly, a hologram of Braden's mother, Kūkaku Shiba, appeared on the inside of Braden's mask.

"Hold on.", Braden said. "My mom's calling me."

The green text that read "Incoming" was now read text that read "Answering".

"What do you want, Mom?", Braden asked.

"Was that stuff on the news true?!", she angrily asked.

Braden sighed deeply.

"Yes.", he said.

"You listen here!", Kūkaku's brother Ganju Shiba shouted. "Your mother and I are VERY angry with you!"

"Let ME talk to him, damn it!", Kūkaku shouted, hitting her brother on the head. "Listen, Braden... I just want you to know that I don't blame you for worrying about your friends. I know you still remember what happened with Tenshinhan... Ganju and I are with you all the way."

"Thanks, Mom.", Braden said.

Suddenly, something exploded outside.

"Jesus!", Bailey shouted.

"What the hell?!", Braden asked. "Sorry, Mom, I'll have to call you back!"

Braden abruptly hung up on Kūkaku, then he and the others ran outside to see a smoldering car.

"You don't think...?", Bailey asked.

"Could it be the Rebellion?", Braden asked.

Suddenly, Adriel and Lala ran out the front doors of the Admin Tower.

"What did I miss?", he asked.

"WHEN I SAID I WANTED A WAR...", a voice shouted, "...I GOT A GODDAMN WAR!"

The four admins turned to see Gerardo, Manuel, Sean, and Grimmjow -- all of which were being surrounded by an army of enraged anime characters -- running towards the Admin Tower.

"NOW, MY PEOPLE...", Gerardo shouted, "...FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM!!!"

"For freedom!", all of the Rebellion's followers shouted.

One of them, Run, flew into the air.

"Thousand Mile Flight: Mastema!", Run shouted.

Several feathers appeared out of midair, flying through the head of a fleeing Motoki Furuhata, killing him instantly.

"Why would you do that?!", Braden asked.

"NO!", Brandon shouted. "I was so invested in his story for all of the five seconds he was onscreen!"

"You bastard!", Bailey shouted, drawing his sword.

Bailey attempted to fly up to Run, but was stopped by three bluish swords. Desgarrón.

"Trying to stop us?", Grimmjow asked as he floated up towards Bailey.

"Tell Gerardo he has to stop this!", Bailey shouted. "Or else!"

"Or else what?", Grimmjow asked. "Your stale threats don't move me."

"Then you leave me no choice.", Bailey said, raising his sword. "Getsuga..."


Date December 21, 2015
Location The base of the Revolutionary Army
Time 10:50 A.M.

"I don't like this.", a man sitting in a black leather chair said. "This... contingency plan of his."

"What's NOT to like?", a woman with an eyepatch asked. "If someone goes rogue, Braden can keep them contained."

"It's not THAT I'm worried about.", the man said. "It's this Civil War that's sprung up. One wishes to protect those under him; one sees it as a threat to security. Meanwhile, the World Government's just sitting on their ass, hoping this will solve itself."

"But the Sengoku Act--!", the woman began.

"The Sengoku Act won't matter if there's not an AAA for it to apply to.", the man interrupted. "Send Night Raid to deal with the situation; they are a bunch of snot-nosed kids fighting over a trivial issue. Put them in the corner, and if they fight back... deal with them... Najenda..."

"Will do, Dragon.", Najenda said.

Najenda turned to face the group bowing behind her.

"You heard what Dragon said.", she said. "Do not disappoint me!"


Date December 21, 2015
Location An urban part of the city
Time 11:15 A.M.

Tōma Kamijō and Mikoto Misaka were running through the city, where the fighting had grown more intense and bloody.

"Over there!", Tōma shouted. "By that car!"

Tōma and Mikoto ran towards the car.

"What's going on here?!", Mikoto asked.

"You really think I'd know?", Tōma asked.

Suddenly, Koza began to run towards them. However, he was stabbed in the stomach by a knife on a floating hand.

"What the--?", Tōma asked.

Suddenly, the knife stabbed Tōma in the neck. Tōma fell against the car as the hand rejoined its owner: Buggy.

"Why would you?!", a crying Mikoto asked.

Buggy started to laugh.

"Railgun!", Mikoto shouted.

A penny on the ground flew into Mikoto's hand. Mikoto flipped the coin so hard that it sent Buggy screaming into a skyscraper. Buggy landed in the 31st floor, where a large explosion occurred once the Railgun and Buggy made contact with it.

Mikoto ran over to Koza.

"Are you OK?", she asked.

"I got stabbed in the stomach.", Koza said sarcastically. "I'm perfectly fine."


Date December 21, 2015
Location The Admin Tower
Time 12:19 P.M.

Bailey and Grimmjow were still fighting. Unfortunately, the only result was a deadly stalemate that was killing people in the crossfire.

"Getsuga...", Bailey shouted, "...Tenshō!"

Blue energy appeared out of Bailey's blade.

"How many times have you used that technique?!", Grimmjow asked. "Fine then! If you want to use that technique again, I'll use THIS one again! Desgarrón!"

The Desgarrón and the Getsuga Tenshō met in midair, making another large explosion. Grimmjow simply laughed before he saw another figure jump off Bailey's back.

"Cero!", a female voice shouted.

A yellow blast cut through the smoke, sending Grimmjow plummeting into the nearby library. The people inside ran around screaming as Grimmjow landed on a polished wood table, though he was significantly slowed down by the roof and thus didn't break the table.

"Ow, damn.", Grimmjow said as he slowly got off the table.

Bailey abruptly landed right in front of Grimmjow, cracking the floor. Bailey grabbed Grimmjow by the neck and lifted him so that the two were eye-to-eye.

"Now go over there...", Bailey said, "...explain to Gerardo why you look like shit, then ask him to stop!"

Grimmjow laughed.

"Desgarrón.", he simply said.

Grimmjow stabbed Bailey in the stomach with his three claws, then immediately retracted them. As Bailey was holding his stomach with blood trickling out of his mouth, Grimmjow began to laugh.

"Who looks like shit NOW?!", Grimmjow asked.

Without warning, Grimmjow was tackled from the air by Franceska Mila Rose. A shocked Bailey looked up to see Emilou Apacci and Cyan Sung-Sun skydiving from three empty Iron Man suits, which flew off.

"The Tres Bestias!", Bailey said, smiling.

Apacci and Sung-Sun landed on the ground. Mila Rose picked up Grimmjow, who now had a bleeding nose and several missing teeth.

Suddenly, Grimmjow growled. He grabbed his sword and swung it in Apacci's direction. Apacci ducked, but the sword still cut off her horn.

"Damn you!", Apacci shouted. "I oughta kill you!"

"Apacci, stop.", Sung-Sun said. "We were given strict orders not to kill him."

"I have an idea.", Mila Rose said.

She began to squeeze Grimmjow's neck harder. She did so until his face was purple, then threw him into a nearby bookshelf.

"Good enough for you, Apacci?", Mila Rose asked.

"Go die.", Apacci said.

Harribel landed inside the library.

"Bailey, are you okay?!", she asked, running to him.

"I got stabbed in the stomach.", Bailey said. "I'm doing wonderful."

Right after this retort, Bailey coughed up blood.

"We have to get you to the hospital!", Harribel said. "You three, help me pick him up!"

The three girls helped pick up Bailey, running out of the library with him.


Date December 21, 2015
Location Braden's apartment in the Admin Tower
Time 11:13 P.M.

Braden had gathered Adriel, Lala, Harribel, Asagi, Mila Rose, Apacci, Sung-Sun, Makoto, Shinji Nobuyuki, Brandon, and Kanu into his apartment. Adriel had called Bailey in the hospital (which is where Yuno was) and put him on speakerphone so that Bailey could join in.

"I don't like this.", Braden said. "Gerardo's putting us in a corner."

"Don't worry.", Brandon said. "This is just part of the plot. I'm sure everything will be resolved by the climax of this story."

"But now both sides are down one major player.", Braden said. "I'm afraid this will be a long war."

"And don't forget that Gerardo has it easier than you do.", Bailey said on the other end of Adriel's phone. "All he has to do is wait until you tire out. You, on the other hand, have to beat Gerardo AND persuade him back into the AAA."

Sung-Sun nudged Apacci on the shoulder.

"That's why we shouldn't kill them.", she said sternly.

"Go die in a hole.", Apacci said.

"Calm down, Apacci.", Mila Rose said. "Else I'll murder you."

"What Bailey said.", Braden said. "In addition, we can't expect the World Government to help. Whenever something like this happens, those bastards cover it up. Although, with the Sengoku Act, we might have to prove our worth."

"And technically the Rebellion isn't part of the AAA...", Bailey said, "...so the Sengoku Act doesn't apply to them."

"Damn, good point.", Braden said. "I never thought of that, but, knowing Gerardo, he probably hasn't either. Gerardo isn't fit to lead, and I'll show him that."


Date December 24, 2015
Location The secret hideout of the Rebellion
Time 12:35 P.M.

"Since Grimmjow got himself beaten...", Gerardo said, "...we need an alternative way to try and beat the AAA."

"I zink I can help.", a voice said outside the room.

Gerardo, puzzled yet intrigued, ran to the door.

"Who are you, how did you get in here, and did you bring my pizza?", Gerardo asked.

"I haf vhat you need to defeat ze AAA, you left ze door unlocked, und I'm not ze pizza delivery guy.", the voice said.

Gerardo paused, pondering about his pizza. However, he quickly realized that a mysterious person was standing in the shadows of the hallway.

"Well, enough with the dramatic entrance.", Gerardo said. "Please, step into the light."

An obese blond man of short stature wearing glasses over his golden eyes walked into the room. He had a wicked grin on his face, and wore an all-white suit with white gloves and white shoes.

Manuel started to laugh really hard.

"He's like a Nazi Louis C.K.!", Manuel shouted.

"Laugh vhile you can.", the man said. "But once I've gathered mein army, you -- and ze AAA -- vill be TREMBLING IN FEAR!!!"

Last I checked..., Gerardo thought to himself, ...my friends and I took care of your army back in Brazil. Thought you could create another monster, another Pillar Man, to bolster your ranks, and yet you didn't count on the fact that Stroheim had dealt with them before and was feeding us intel on your little "god-making" project.

"You're speaking as if we're willing to comply with what I assume to be war criminals.", Gerardo said out loud. "We're currently dealing with other, so-called "freedom fighters". What makes you think we'll listen to whatever you've got? You must have something better than a hidden attack from the shadows."

"Var criminals?", the man asked. "You offend me."

"The wardrobe, the accent, the mysterious entrance.", Sean said. "Not helping your case, Mr. Stay Puft."

The man simply laughed this insult off.

"Just state your business.", Gerardo said.

The man smiled wickedly.


Date December 24, 2015
Location Phantomhive Manor
Time 7:36 P.M.

The Christmas party at the Phantomhive household was remarkably extravagant. Red and green decorations lined the entirety of the manor, and the lightbulbs in the chandeliers were colored red and green so that the room glowed red and green.

Many guests at the party were as extravagant as the party itself. One guest in particular was Integra Hellsing, commander of the nigh-invincible vampire Alucard, whom Integra left at Hellsing Manor. However, Integra brought with her another vampire, one who was turned vampire by Alucard himself: Seras Victoria.

Currently, Seras Victoria was being hit on by a complete stranger. With every compliment the man said, Seras felt increasingly uncomfortable. Could it have been the form-fitting black dress?

Suddenly, the man found himself looking down the barrel of a Colt Single Action Army Revolver being held by Pip Bernadotte.

"What the--?!", the man asked, backing away.

"Fous le camps et morte!", Bernadotte shouted. "I won't let you have a woman this fine!"

"Captain Bernadotte...", Seras said, nervously raising her left hand, "...please, it's fine."

"You're just gonna sit there and...?", was all the man heard Pip ask before tuning him out.

The man caught a glimpse of the woman standing next to Seras.

Is that..., the man thought to himself, ...Integra Hellsing?!

Suddenly, the man ripped off his tuxedo vest, revealing the dynamite strapped to his chest.

"Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing!", the man shouted. "Your work against the Rebellion will not go without consequence!"

As the man was shouting, the Phantomhive's butler, Sebastian Michaelis, threw all of the drinks he was carrying on his serving tray in the air. Sebastian positioned the tray vertically, then threw it at the man's head. The tray went partially through the man's head, killing the man instantly, and sending the man's body falling onto the ground. The tray came out of the man's head and slid on the ground until it hit someone's foot and fell horizontally on the ground. Everyone at the party, save for Sebastian, was in shock at the bloody murder that had just happened.

The drinks came back down. Sebastian grabbed the neck of a bottle of champagne, and used it to carefully balance the other two bottles on the bottom of the bottle. Sebastian carefully moved the bottles towards the two Hellsing women.

"Your champagne, Sir Hellsing.", Sebastian said.

"Sacred blue!", Pip said.

"How did you do that?!", Seras asked. "That was, like, five seconds!"

"I'm simply one hell of a butler.", Sebastian said.


Date December 24, 2015
Location The secret hideout of the Rebellion
Time 7:40 P.M.

"Gerardo, we lost contact with Scarlet Tampon.", Manuel said. "Also, I'M choosing the goddamn nicknames next time."

"Damn.", Gerardo said. "But it's still a funny nickname, though."

"Hilarious.", Manuel said sarcastically. "But seriously, most, if not all, of these people of... questionable allegiances... would want to eliminate all of us, not just the admins, on a more personal scale. Why even let them carry out these operations?"

"We held nothing back when we turned the world against the admins.", Gerardo said. "Knowing Braden, I doubt he'll be merciful for that. Besides, people like Millennium and the Jaegers are merely a distraction. They seek their own brand of carnage, something we don't deal with."

"We're keeping our enemies closer.", Sean said. "So, at best, the admins will be spread too thinly to even be able to deal with us directly. We'll be able to overpower them easily."

"It's not about overpowering them.", Gerardo said. "It's about taking away what power they have. Manuel, you're coming with me. We'll be meeting Dr. Stylish's replacement."

"You mean to say you deliberately sent Stylish on a suicide mission?", Manuel asked.

"Exactamon.", Gerardo said, snapping his fingers. "Now let's get going. Our new chief scientist is waiting."

Gerardo and Manuel walked out of the empty Manglobe building (which still had two holes in its roof from when Sean accidentally flew through it) to see a helicopter, its blades spinning furiously, right in front of them. The two walked in, being greeted by Hōka Inumuta.

"...and the Ambiguously Gay Duo finally shows up.", Inumuta said.

"Funny.", Gerardo said. "Why are you here?"

"You said you had something to ask me.", Inumuta said.

"Oh, right.", Gerardo said. "You still have data on Braden's suits, right?"

"I only have data on the suit he used when he killed Ragyō Kiryūin.", Inumuta said. "He calls the suit Seamstress, and it possesses the ability to combat Life Fibers."

"So even THEN, he had a contingency plan...", Gerardo said. "Anyway, I need you to be on the lookout just in case Braden uses that suit during our inevitable final battle. You know how it works, don't you?"

"I would fail myself if I didn't.", Inumuta said.

"Great!", Gerardo said. "Now here's the plan."


Date December 24, 2015
Location The empty Manglobe building (hideout of the Rebellion)
Time 7:42 P.M.

"You know...", Sean said, "...I would be afraid of Gerardo were it not for that little show of theatrics."


Date January 25, 2016
Location Brooklyn Bridge
Time 12:45 P.M.

The Rebellion and the American Anime Association lined up on opposite sides of the bridge. Both armies were about the same in size. The cars on the bridge stopped, and the people inside ran out to avoid being killed in the upcoming fight.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen...", Gerardo said in an announcer voice, "...the moment you have been waiting for! It's the final battle between the American Anime Association and the Rebellion! We're giving you the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!"

Suddenly, Braden flew into Gerardo, hugged him tightly, and flew Gerardo into a skyscraper. Manuel summoned a sword from his Red Lantern ring.

"Kill them!", Manuel shouted, pointing the sword at his adversaries.

At that moment, the two teams began to run towards each other. Brandon drove on the Brandoncycle, while Adriel was forced to run on top of the abandoned cars.

Sean flew into Adriel, sending him falling off the bridge. However, Adriel used his gravity powers to float up towards Sean faster than he could escape and punch him in the face. Sean was sent into a girder, denting it, before flying up and capturing Adriel's head between his legs.

Brandon rode the Brandoncycle right towards Manuel. Manuel, thinking quickly, sliced off the front wheel. Brandon jumped off the Brandoncycle right before the front end stabbed Kuromarimo through the chest, killing him instantly. Brandon pulled out a sword, did some sick spins in midair, and clashed swords with Manuel.

Braden was firing a continuous repulsor at Gerardo. However, Gerardo put his fist in the way, and the repulsor flew in several directions. Everyone on the floor struggled to get to the elevator. Gerardo chuckled.

"Do you really want to put these people in danger?", he asked.

Braden fired a repulsor into Gerardo's face, then picked him up by his ankles and threw him out of the cracked window. Gerardo fell onto a ledge.

"Ow.", he said in pain.

Braden tackled him, breaking the ledge, and flew him straight into the concrete sidewalk. Braden flew up slightly, then readied a repulsor blast. However, suddenly, Braden's arm shot to his right and fired the repulsor at the back of Kamina's head, killing him instantly.

"What the hell--?!", Braden shouted.

Another repulsor shot and killed Kamina's brother Simon before Braden suddenly flew into a steel girder of the Brooklyn Bridge, through the road, and flew through Adriel and Sean, freeing a purple-faced Adriel from Sean's legs.

"Thank you...", Gerardo said, "...Inumuta. Now, if-a ya don't mind, I'm gonna take a nap."

And with that, Gerardo fell asleep.


Date January 25, 2016
Location The lobby of the Admin Tower
Time 12:48 P.M.

Makoto and Shinji Nobuyuki were watching the AAA News Network, hoping for a news broadcast about the fight. Just when they were getting into the new episode of The Young and the Restless, a newsflash appeared. The background was red, and the text had eight rows of "AAA News" before one massive row of "Bulletin" (basically like a CBS News Bulletin).

Christian Mendoza suddenly appeared on the screen.

"This just in...", he said, "...reports coming from New York state that a massive battle is taking place on the Brooklyn Bridge that started not even five minutes ago. Eyewitness reports state that the two armies intend to kill each other, and that some already have. But what boggles eyewitnesses is that it appears the commanders of the two armies are all admins. Could this apparent civil war have stemmed from the Sengoku Act? We're not sure."

Suddenly, Mendoza looked offscreen. Someone was talking to him, though no one watching at home could hear him. Mendoza mouthed, "Oh, okay.", then gave a thumbs-up and turned back to the camera.

"This just in...", Mendoza continued, "...a statement from the World Government says that they are sending a helicopter towards New York to quell the fighting. Until further developments arise, this is Christian Mendoza, signing off."

The AAA News Bulletin title card reappeared, and a voice overlay said, "And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming."

The Young and the Restless resumed.

"Braden could get himself killed!", Makoto said. "I have to do something!"

"But what?", Shinji Nobuyuki asked.

Makoto ran out of the apartment, with Shinji (shouting "Wait!") in tow. The two ran down to Braden's armory, and Makoto furiously slammed the red button that opened the door. As soon as she turned on the lights, she saw armors going down hundreds of feet. Makoto looked for a specific suit, then shouted "Found it!"

"Found what?", Shinji asked.

The two ran down several floors down the large spiral staircase. Finally, Makoto reached a blank space of wall with a note near it. The note read:

Dear Makoto,
This suit is to be used by you and you alone, but ONLY in times of emergency.
Sincerely, Braden

Makoto ripped off the note, revealing a red button. Makoto pressed the button, and the wall spun around to reveal a suit that had a white top half, a green pelvis, and everything else gray. The suit was made of titanium, and had a large shoulder-mounted cannon on its left shoulder.

"Holy...", Makoto said.

"...shit...", Shinji finished.

"War Machine.", an automated voice said as a computer popped up and highlighted specific parts of the suit. "An unbreakable, unstoppable, killing machine. With as much armor and ammo as a tank, nothing that goes up against this will ever get back up again."

The computer disappeared, and the suit opened up. Makoto walked inside, and the suit shut. The suit powered up.

"Shinji, you might want to hold on.", Makoto said. "I'm bringing a few friends along."


Date January 25, 2016
Location The house of Hōka Inumuta
Time 12:50 P.M.

Inumuta was typing at his computer. With every key pressed, Braden turned a different direction, flew a different way, fired a repulsor in a random direction.

Inumuta chuckled.

"You are no longer in control of your precious suit.", he said.

Inumuta looked out of the point-of-view (POV) camera and saw none other than Satsuki Kiryūin.

"Lady Satsuki?!", he asked in shock. "You've sided with Braden?"

"Inumuta!", Satsuki shouted. "Cease this foolishness at once!"

"Why should I?", Inumuta asked. "I'm hundreds of miles away, where you'll never find me!"

Suddenly, an arrow flew into Inumuta's laptop. Inumuta nervously looked behind him to see Kagome Higurashi, wearing a blue vest and blue skirt instead of her normal school uniform, pointing a bow and arrow at him from across the street.

"Holy shit!", Inumuta shouted, raising his hands into the air.

Kagome put the bow and arrow down and talked to someone on the other end of her headset. Inumuta heard his back door getting kicked in. Inumuta ran out his front door, but as soon as he did Roy Mustang pointed a gun at him.

"Knew you'd come out this way!", Mustang shouted.

Several soldiers dressed in blue and armed with pistols ran out the open front door.

"Get on your knees!", one of them shouted.

"I knobbed your mother last night!", Inumuta shouted.

One of the soldiers punched Inumuta in the face, knocking him out.


Date January 25, 2016
Location Brooklyn Bridge
Time 12:54 P.M.

Adriel and Sean were trading blows in midair. Suddenly, the two came under fire with a hail of bullets. Adriel looked to see Team Rocket firing upon them. Adriel, using his gravity powers, bent the asphalt beneath Team Rocket into a small ball that could fit into his palm, crushing them all within. Adriel threw the ball into Sean's face, but Sean knocked it away.

"What's wrong?", Adriel asked. "Don't like balls in your face?"

"So what if I don't?", Sean asked. "What will you do, punch me?"

Adriel punched Sean in the face. Sean simply smirked.

"Who do you think you are, One Punch Man?", Sean asked. "Myself, I'm more of a One..."

Sean kicked Adriel in the crotch.

"...Kick to Your Balls.", Sean finished.

Adriel forced a blast of gravity onto Sean's stomach. Sean coughed up blood before Adriel grabbed him by the hand and threw Sean into a girder on the bridge. Sean's head slammed into the girder, dented it, and knocked Sean out.

"There.", Adriel said. "Now go die."


Date January 25, 2016
Location The south end of the Brooklyn Bridge
Time 12:59 P.M.

Medaka Kurokami, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, and Kenna Yatsushiro were running for their lives.


Suddenly, Seryu Ubiquitous appeared, running alongside the organic Imperial Arms Hekatonkheires.

"KORO!", Seryu shouted. "KILL THEM ALL!"

Hekatonkheires reached out and grabbed Zenkichi. Before Zenkichi, Medaka, or Kenna could do anything, Zenkichi was already inside Hekatonkheires' mouth, and in less than two seconds he was swallowed.

"Zenkichi!", Medaka shouted.

Suddenly, a large yellow energy blast went through the chest of the gigantic Imperial Arms. Hekatonkheires and Seryu turned to see Mine wielding the Offensive-type Imperial Arms Roman Artillery: Pumpkin.


Seryu pointed to Mine, and the big dog ran towards her. However, its fist was stopped by a giant stave. The stave's owner, Susanoo, swiped the dog's hand away.

"Mine!", Susanoo shouted. "I will stall him! Use this time to change Pumpkin into its machine gun form!"

"Don't worry, Seryu!", a voice shouted. "I'll protect you!"

Two more members of the Jaegers, Wave and Bols, appeared. Wave pulled out a sword. However, Wave was hit in the face by Susanoo's stave, sending him flying into a skyscraper a long distance away.

"Holy shit!", Bols shouted.

Bols pulled out a flamethrower.

"Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante!", Bols shouted.

Bols fired the flamethrower. It missed everyone it was fired at.

"I'm on it!", Akame shouted.

Akame pulled out her Imperial Arms, Murasame, and ran towards Bols.

"Flamethrower!", Bols shouted.

Bols fired Rubicante at Akame at point-blank range. Akame, however, managed to avoid being burned.

"I can't believe her reflexes!", Bols shouted.

Before Akame could do anything to Bols, Bols was tackled by Tatsumi (wearing Incursio). The two fell into the East River.

"Tatsumi!", Akame shouted.

"Koro!", Seryu shouted. "Phase Seven: Taizan's Cannon of Justice!"

Hekatonkheires bit off Seryu's right arm. Instead of showing any signs of pain, Seryu smiled evilly. When the dog slid off, Seryu's arm was not there, but rather a large anti-tank rifle.

"DIE!!!", Seryu shouted.

Seryu pointed the cannon at Susanoo and fired, raising a lot of dust. When the dust cleared, there was a large hole in Susanoo's chest. However, Susanoo began to regenerate.

"How are you--?!", Seryu asked in shock.

"I am an organic Imperial Arms.", Susanoo said.

"Suus, jump!", Mine shouted.

Susanoo jumped into the air. Mine, with Pumpkin in its machine gun form, was pointing the gun at Seryu. Mine fired, shooting Seryu in the stomach several times.

"Koro!", Seryu shouted as she coughed up blood. "Kill them all!"

Hekatonkheires roared, and began to run towards Mine. However, it tripped on its own feet, and fell on the ground.

"What are you doing, Koro?!", Seryu asked.

Suddenly, Seryu felt something in her mouth. It was long and thin, and began traveling down her esophagus. Suddenly, she felt a pain in her chest. She coughed up a bunch of blood, then fell on her back, dead.

"What happened?!", Mine asked.

Suddenly, a man in a green jacket jumped down.

"Take that, you bitch.", the man, named Lubbock, said.

"Lubbock?!", Mine asked. "How did you--?!"

"I had Cross Tail's strings go down her esophagus and destroy her heart.", Lubbock said. "You know, standard procedure."

"Funny.", Mine said. "But where WERE you?!"

"I was about three blocks away dealing with three Team Rocket members.", Lubbock said. "Then Cross Tail's strings told me that someone passed by the barrier that I set up. So I got here as quick as I could."

Mine looked at him in shock.

"I suppose I have to commend you for impressing me like that.", Mine said, blushing. "Just don't expect it to happen again anytime soon."


Date January 25, 2016
Location Brooklyn Bridge
Time 1:09 P.M.

Manuel slashed Brandon across the face. Brandon pulled out a giant pencil, erased himself with it, and then redrew himself behind Manuel.

"What the--?!", Manuel asked.

"I learned that from watching SpongeBob.", Brandon said. "But be warned..."

Some badass metal music played.

"...I learned how to fight..."

The music played again.

"...by playing video games."

The music played again.

"Damn it, lay off the weed!", Manuel shouted.

Brandon began to run in circles around Manuel like a junkie on crack.

"O M G, You Can'T See Me, I'm blending in just like a pine tree!", Brandon shouted. "I am Unseen, You Can't See Me Cuz I'ma Ninja Ni-Ninja, Ninja Ni-Ninja!"

Manuel kicked Brandon in the face.

"Ain't my ninja.", Manuel said.

Brandon, without warning, jumped up and sprayed Manuel in the face with Raid. Manuel walked backwards, covering his eyes and screaming in pain, before he tripped over a parked car.

Brandon laughed like a little schoolgirl, but then a large shadow appeared over the bridge. Brandon looked behind him to see three zeppelins in the air. The zeppelins each had a swastika on the sides.

"Oh shit, it's Nazis.", Brandon said.

Brandon pointed a pistol at his head and shot himself.


Date January 25, 2016
Location The Deus Ex Machina
Time 1:11 P.M.

Millennium's soldiers were talking in German. Suddenly, they stood at attention.

"Good evening, gentlemen.", the obese man in the white suit said. "I hope your last one is as best as it vill get. Today, ve aid ze Rebellion in zheir heroic conquest over ze American Anime Association. Take it from here, Herr Doktor."

"Thank you, Major.", Dok said, bowing. "Alright everyone, I need you to take out your Vorld Var III pamphlets und turn to page three, under ze bullet point Ze Admin Tower Explodes!! Fearsome Battle Vampires!, as ze first two pages merely contain a foreword from Nicolas Cage."

The members of the Letztes Bataillon all turned in their Admin Tower Invasion Landing Operation Seelöwe 2 handbooks to the aforementioned bullet point. Schrödinger, however, was patting himself down.

"Oh, dear.", Dok said. "Vhatever ist ze problem, Herr Schrödinger?"

"I'm sorry.", Schrödinger said. "I lost my handbook."

"Ugh, fine.", Dok said. "It's too late to change it now. Haf ze Captain show you his."

Schrödinger looked over at the Captain's handbook in amazement.

"Now, everyone.", the Major said. "Ze target is ze Admin Tower und ze overthrow of ze remaining admins. Lieutenant Zorin Blitz!"

A heavily scarred woman, smoking a cigarette and wielding a large scythe, walked over.

"Present und accounted for.", Zorin said.

"You vill be given ze airship Zeppelin II und a detachment of troops.", the Major said. "You vill head over to ze Admin Tower. However, I vant you to keep vatch. Do not engage until I arrive. Are ve perfectly clear?"

"Crystal.", Zorin said, smiling.

"Wunderbar!", the Major said happily, clapping his hands together once. "Now, gentlemen, are you ready to kill und be killed?"

"Jawohl!", the members of the Letztes Bataillon shouted. "Herr Major!"

"Perfekte!", the Major said. "Now, begin ze assault."


Date January 25, 2016
Location Brooklyn Bridge
Time 1:15 P.M.

The airships began to launch missiles. The missiles all hit nearby buildings, causing several large explosions; that is, except for one. The lone missile began to fly towards the Long John Silver's.

Adriel noticed this, and ran to the Long John Silver's as fast as he could. Once there, he opened the doors.


Superman from the How It Should Have Ended shorts immediately started to rescue the people inside. Within a couple seconds, he had saved everyone except for Batman.

"Oh God, I forgot Batman!", Superman shouted.

Superman flew back in, saving Batman just as the missile hit the Long John Silver's. The missile caused a large explosion, and the Long John Silver's collapsed.

"Oh, balls.", Adriel said.

While flying away, Superman noticed that Batman was still in the position of sitting down, drinking his coffee.

"How are you still doing that?", Superman asked.

"Because I'm...", Batman said as his coffee spilled into his eyes, "...Batmaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

Adriel looked up at the airships. The smoke trails from the missiles had not even dissipated before another airship took off. However, the main airship came under fire. "Shoot to Thrill" by AC/DC began to play. Several Iron Man suits, all of which colored like the respective Sailor Scout that was piloting them, were firing on the Deus Ex Machina.

Inside the airship, Commander Violet ran up to the Major.

"Herr Major!", Violet shouted. "Vat should ve do?"

"Zey are merely tiny insects biting at a much larger beast.", the Major said. "Show zem vhy zey haf short lifespans."

"Jawohl, Herr Major!", Violet shouted. "Ready cannons!"

Several more Letztes Bataillon soldiers readied the cannons facing the Iron Man suits. However, one of the soldiers noticed the suit painted to look like Sailor Venus.

"Vait!", he shouted. "Zat's Sailor V! I von't let you fire on Sailor V!"

Another soldier punched him in the face. As soon as he was on the ground, the other soldiers pulled out machine guns and gunned him down, ignoring his screams.

"Fire cannons!", Violet shouted.

The soldiers began to count down in German.







The cannons fired. The first hit the suit of Sailor Neptune. Sailor Neptune died in the resulting explosion.

"Michiru!", Makoto shouted.

Makoto fired at the second cannonball, and it exploded in midair. However, the smoke that resulted made them unable to block the third cannonball from hitting the suit of Sailor Uranus. Much like Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus was killed in the resulting explosion.

"Makoto!", Rei Hino/Sailor Mars shouted. "They killed Haruka!"

The fourth cannonball was a complete miss. The Letztes Bataillon soldier that fired it was promptly punched in the face and gunned down like his comrade.

"What are they doing?!", Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury asked. "Were Nazis really like this?!"

A fifth cannonball was fired. Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn fired on the cannonball, and the cannonball exploded in midair.

"Hotaru, don't!", Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon shouted.

"We won't be able to see the next one!", Minako Aino/Sailor Venus shouted.

A sixth cannonball was fired. Before any of the Sailor scouts knew it, the suit of Sailor Venus was split in half.

"Minako!", Ami shouted.

Sailor Venus' suit exploded.


Date January 25, 2016
Location Brooklyn Bridge
Time 1:21 P.M.

Brandon sensed a disturbance in the Force. Braden, who was standing nearby, noticed this.

"What is it, Brandon?", Braden asked.

"I just felt a disturbance in the Force.", Brandon said. "As if a million fanboys cried out in terror."

"And were suddenly silenced?", Braden asked.

"No, they're still crying.", Brandon said.


Date January 25, 2016
Location Deus Ex Machina
Time 1:22 P.M.

"That does it!", Makoto shouted.

"Die, you Nazi freaks!", Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto shouted.

The remaining Sailor Scouts fired at the Deus Ex Machina, taking out a seventh gunman before he could fire another cannon.

"Return fire!", Commander Violet shouted.

The Letztes Bataillon soldiers in the Deus Ex Machina pulled out machine guns and fired at the Sailor Scouts. The bullets simply bounced off of the Sailor Scouts' suits.

"Ze suits are bulletproof.", the Major said. "I vouldn't put it above Herr Braden to make ze safest suit for his beloved vife."


Date January 25, 2016
Location Zeppelin II
Time 1:25 P.M.

Zorin Blitz was flying the Zeppelin II towards the Admin Tower. Suddenly, cannon rounds found their way inside, killing all of Zorin's men.

"Vat ze hell ist going on?!", Zorin asked.

Zorin looked down at the ground to see Seras Victoria pointing the Harkonnen II towards the Zeppelin II. Suddenly, three large mecha suits broke into the Zeppelin II.

"Vat ze hell?!", Zorin asked.

The EVA-01 suddenly fired three shots through Zorin's chest. Zorin held her hand to her chest, and the wounds regenerated.

"Shinji, you idiot!", the EVA-02's pilot, Asuka Langley Soryu, shouted. "Watch out!"

Zorin jumped out of the Zeppelin II, landing on a rooftop. She placed her left hand on the roof, and purple numbers and letters began to pour out. They began to form something large in the street.

"What is she doing?", the EVA-00's pilot Rei Ayanami asked.

The purple letters and numbers began to form a larger version of Zorin Blitz.

"What the hell?!", Shinji asked.

The larger Zorin Blitz grabbed her signature scythe, raised it, and split the Zeppelin II in half. Unfortunately, the EVA-01 was taken out with it.

As the Zeppelin II started to collapse, the EVA-00 and EVA-02 jumped out. The EVA-02 turned and shot Zorin through the head in midair.

As soon as the two mecha suits landed, the remains of the Zeppelin II landed on Zorin's body, and a large explosion occurred. Asuka and Rei climbed out of the suits.

Asuka's phone rang. She looked at it.

"It's from Admiral Ikari.", Asuka said as she answered the call. "Hello?"

"Mission report!", Admiral Ikari shouted. "Did you take out the Zeppelin II?!"

"Well, no, that illusion she made did.", Asuka said. "But your son was taken out, too."

"My son?", Admiral Ikari asked. "Shinji... Shinji's dead?!"

"Calm down, Ikari!", Asuka heard Aokiji shout. "Don't let your emotions get to you!"

"Those bastards should have died 70 years ago!", Admiral Ikari shouted. "This time, I'll make sure they STAY dead!"

A button was pressed.

"Ikari, you fool!", Aokiji shouted. "Do you realize what you've done?!"

Suddenly, Admiral Kizaru shot Admiral Ikari through the chest with a beam of light. Kizaru abruptly hung up on Asuka before calling Braden.

"What is it?", Braden asked.

"Admiral Ikari just sent a nuke towards New York!", Kizaru shouted.

"How long?", Braden asked.

"About two minutes.", Kizaru said.

"On it.", Braden said. "Where from?"

"The missile is coming from the helicopter we've sent your way.", Kizaru said. "From where you are, due south."

"I'm already on it.", Braden said, flying south.

Braden flew above the Brooklyn Bridge, where Mugen and Jin were dueling. A missile was flying towards New York City.

"And I know just where to put it.", Braden said.

Braden grabbed the missile. It was hard to maneuver, but eventually Braden managed. He flew over another area of the Brooklyn Bridge, where Satsuki Kiryūin was dueling Ryūko Matoi. Matoi momentarily stopped to look up at Braden, distracting her long enough for Satsuki to deal the finishing blow. A defeated Ryūko fell onto the ground.

"Forgive me, sister...", Satsuki said, "Matoi..."

"Don't you two get cold wearing those Kamui?", someone asked.

Satsuki looked to her left to see Brandon had been recording the fight.

"Because the confused readers will want to know how this fight played out.", Brandon said.

Satsuki punched Brandon far, far away.

Meanwhile, Braden was flying the missile towards the Deus Ex Machina. The Major noticed.

"Zat clever bastard.", the Major said. "Very well zen. Commander Violet, prepare ze Deus Ex Machina for crash landing."

"But Herr Major!", Commander Violet shouted. "Zat is a nuke! Like ze ones ze Americans dropped on Hiroshima und Nagasaki! Ze Deus Ex Machina vould be completely destroyed!"

"Such is var.", the Major said. "Ze strong survive, und ze weak are annihilated."

The Major chuckled at this.

"I like var.", the Major said. "NEIN! I... love... var."

Braden let go of the nuke. The nuke hit the Deus Ex Machina, enveloping it in fire within seconds. The airship fell to the ground on top of a battalion of Letztes Bataillon soldiers.

"Finally...", Braden said, "...this is over."

Suddenly, Braden was punched in the face by something green. The two were sent into a building. Braden looked up to see Gerardo.

"Gerardo?!", Braden asked. "You're still conscious?!"

"Never went unconscious.", Gerardo said. "I just fell asleep, but the Major's attack on the city woke me up in the middle of a great dream! All the admins were dead and everything!"

Gerardo began to take off his shirt. On Gerardo's chest was a dragon tattoo.

"I'm about to live my dreams.", Gerardo said, slamming his fists together.

"Who the hell's the Major?!", Braden asked.

Gerardo punched Braden over the head. Braden fell down five floors. His suit fell apart, and his mask came off his head, revealing his face. Braden coughed up blood.


Date January 25, 2016
Location North end of the Brooklyn Bridge
Time 1:40 P.M.

Donquixote Doflamingo was having trouble fighting a giant version of Zorin Blitz.

"Why won't this damn thing just DIE?!", Doflamingo asked.

The giant Zorin Blitz raised its scythe, then swung. The scythe hit and killed Dellinger.

"Don't worry, Captain Doflamingo!", Jora shouted. "I'll deal with it!"

Jora tossed a cloud at the giant Zorin Blitz.

"Blow Kung-Fu Art!", Jora shouted, in usual anime fashion to shout out an attack's name before performing it and GODDAMN IT BRANDON I SAID QUIT EDITING THESE PAGES.

The cloud touched the giant Zorin Blitz. As soon as it did, the giant Zorin Blitz started to turn into a Picasso-esque piece of art.

"Now, Dying Art!", Jora shouted.

The giant Picasso painting of Zorin Blitz was sucked into a large painting of the German battleship Bismarck. The soldiers on the battleship in the painting freaked out and began to fire on the giant Zorin Blitz. In retaliation, Zorin sliced the Bismarck in half with her scythe. The Bismarck sank, and the illusion disappeared.

Suddenly, the surviving Doflamingo Family members heard laughing. The illusion in the painting slowly started to disappear into the Denmark Strait, smiling evilly. Once the illusion was completely submerged, the mural was sliced in half. The real Zorin Blitz had just appeared.

"Zat's vat you get for trapping an illusion!", Zorin shouted.

The Captain landed behind Zorin.

"Captain.", Zorin said. "Vhy are you here?"

The Captain pointed his Mauser C96 at Doflamingo and fired. Doflamingo forcefully grabbed Lao G and let him get hit by the bullet, which killed Lao G instantly. Tossing his body aside, Doflamingo raised his fingers to slice The Captain into pieces, but the strings failed to kill him.

"What?!", Doflamingo asked.

Suddenly, The Captain turned into a werewolf. He pushed Jora into a building, then went after Doflamingo. For every attack Doflamingo dodged, The Captain quickly attacked him again.

The Captain bit off one of Doflamingo's hands. Doflamingo had no time to scream in pain before he was knocked into a building. The Captain charged towards Doflamingo, but then he ran right into a mural.

"Dying Art!", Jora shouted.

The Captain ran right into a painting of a battle. The soldiers on both sides freaked out before The Captain attacked and fatally wounded them all. The Captain turned his attention to Jora and tried to attack her, but to no avail. He was trapped in the painting forever.

"Sorry, Captain Doflamingo.", Jora said. "Sorry I couldn't save your hand."

"It's alright, I can live without it.", Doflamingo said. "I can probably make a new one out of strings."

"Ze Captain vas a failure!", Zorin Blitz shouted. "I shall kill ze both of you!"

Zorin suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck. She felt it. There was a needle in the back of her neck. Zorin fell on the ground dead.

Doflamingo and Jora looked. Zorin had just been assassinated by Chelsea.

Chelsea smiled, giggling and turning her head to the side. Suddenly, she had a look of shock on her face, and turned towards the sky.

"The Marines are coming.", Chelsea said.


Date January 25, 2016
Location Brooklyn Bridge
Time 2:35 P.M.

Zechs Merquise (piloting the OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon) was fighting Lelouch vi Britannia (piloting the Gawain) in the middle of the bridge.

A helicopter flew overhead. Riding on said helicopter was the Fleet Admiral.

"Fleet Admiral Sengoku!", Captain Shu shouted. "Their fighting will cause the bridge to collapse!"

"Just take them BOTH out!", Captain Smoker shouted. "Our priority is the safety of the Fleet Admiral!"

"Take out both of the mech suits!", Captain Shu shouted.

Hearing this, Lelouch pointed a large cannon right at Zechs and fired. Zechs' body was destroyed in the blast, and the OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon fell into the East River. With Zechs dead, the Gawain flew away.

"Is the heli safe to land?", Captain Sharinguru asked.

"We are good to go!", Captain Shu said.

"Good.", Captain Sharinguru said. "Now let's land this damn thing!"

The helicopter landed. The doors opened. Shu, Sharinguru, Smoker, Tashigi, T-Bone, Nezumi, Morgan, and Vergo ran out.

"The coast is clear, Fleet Admiral!", Captain Nezumi shouted. "It's safe to depart!"

Two hands came out and placed themselves on the doorway. Almost immediately, Fleet Admiral Sengoku walked out.


Date January 25, 2016
Location The flaming ruins of the Deus Ex Machina
Time 2:55 P.M.

Braden was sent through a wall, knocking off a wanted poster of Akame. The remaining piece of his suit still on his body, a small armor plate that was slightly damaged by Kurome, fell off.

Gerardo walked through the hole in the wall.

"What, did you not have a backup contingency for me?", Gerardo asked, picking up Braden by the bloody scruff of his neck. "No "Lorica", or something?"

Braden smirked.

"How did you know its name?", Braden asked.

"WHAT?!", Gerardo asked.

Gerardo was hit in the back of the head by a golden Iron Man mask. The pieces of a green-and-gold Iron Man suit flew in and attached themselves to Braden.

"You son of a bitch!", Gerardo shouted.

Braden shot Gerardo in the face with a repulsor. Gerardo fell on his back. Braden wrapped his arms tightly around Gerardo, then flew him high into the air. Braden let go of a screaming Gerardo, blasted a repulsor so that Gerardo landed on the roof of a skyscraper, then flew into Gerardo so hard that the two made a hole in each of the skyscraper's 100+ floors.

The sound of metal denting was heard. Braden flew out of the building, hitting a car.

"Ow.", Braden said.

Gerardo walked out of the building. He cracked his knuckles.

"Now, let's see where the night takes us.", Gerardo said.

Suddenly, Gerardo was punched by a giant golden fist larger than his whole body. Gerardo was sent flying into another building.

"That should take care of him.", Captain Shu said. "The last of the Rebellion's leaders have been defeated."

Braden looked. A giant Buddha statue that looked like a stereotypical Asian male with an afro was standing next to Shu.

"What the HELL?!", Braden asked.

The Buddha statue shrank down. It became less golden and more fleshy. The afro disappeared, and was replaced with a cap that had the World Government seal on it.

"Braden...", the man said.

"Fleet Admiral?!", Braden asked. "Sengoku? Is that really you?"

"In the flesh.", Sengoku said. "Now, what started this little kerfuffle?"

"There was an incident six years ago with someone I couldn't kill.", Braden said. "So I started making suits for anyone who could possibly go rogue. I guess it just turned into an obsession."

"I see.", Sengoku said. "And I take it he didn't like that?"

"Leaked it on the news, even.", Braden said.

"I see.", Sengoku said. "We have no choice then. Men, gun him down."

"NO!", Braden shouted.

The various Marines that had showed up pointed their flintlocks at Gerardo and fired.

"STOP!", Braden shouted.

Braden ran into the line of fire. The bullets bounced off of Lorica.

"What are you doing?!", Tashigi asked.

"I won't let you kill anyone in the Rebellion!", Braden shouted. "We're trying to convince them back into the AAA! Killing them would just make us look bad!"

"Well, if we can't kill them...", Sengoku began, "...what do you suggest we do?"


Date January 25, 2016
Location North end of the Brooklyn Bridge
Time 3:01 P.M.

Vergo was in the process of arresting Donquixote Doflamingo.

"This is for Annapolis, pirate scum.", Vergo said. "My brother was one of Obama's aides."

Smoker and Tashigi were forced to dispose of the bodies of Dellinger, Lao G, and Zorin Blitz.

"And you say you saw what appeared to be a teenaged girl kill the one who could create illusions?", Shu asked Jora.

"That's exactly what I saw!", Jora said. "Then there was a puff of smoke, and she was gone!"

"Whatever you say.", Shu said. "Get in the van."

Jora and Doflamingo were both forcefully placed into the back of the van. Riza Hawkeye and Inuyasha (whose clothes were blue instead of red) were sitting inside the van with their weapons out.

"Where to, Captain?", Hawkeye asked.

"Impel Down.", Shu said. "At least Level 3."

Shu closed the doors. He hit the van twice, and the van drove away.


Date January 25, 2016
Location The street with the Deus Ex Machina ruins
Time 3:10 P.M.

"So, let me get this straight...", Gerardo said once he was pulled out of the building, "...the World Government will repeal the Sengoku Act, you'll destroy all your contingency suits, and the World Government will hire one of their lackeys to be an admin?"

"Yes, I literally just got done explaining that to you.", Sengoku said sarcastically.

"Come on.", Brandon's voice was heard saying. "He had to do that in some sort of expositional onslaught so the audience can know what you said, since the author skipped that scene because he failed his deadline twice and is trying to get this damn thing done."

Sengoku looked up to see Brandon hanging onto a ledge on a skyscraper.

"Why are you up there?", Sengoku asked.

"The wrath of a Kiryūin.", Brandon said. "Apparently they don't like being caught on camera. If they are, they spray venom up to 25 feet."

Brandon let go of the ledge. He fell to the ground.

"Look, we still have to have main protagonists so this thing can continue to rip off the Marvel Cinematic Universe.", Brandon said. "We still gotta have our pseudo-Avengers storyline. Just look at the template."

"Was he like this six years ago?", Sengoku asked.

"I'm afraid he was, Fleet Admiral.", Sharinguru said.

"Was he not committed or something?", Sengoku asked.

"I am in a LOVING relationship with my girlfriend!", Brandon said, offended. "As in, I'm LOVING all the sex we have."

"Get that image out of your head, Sharinguru.", Sharinguru said.

"Alright, I get it.", Braden said, getting annoyed. "I'll blow up my suits!"

Braden contacted Makoto.

"What's up?", Makoto asked.

"You and the Sailor Scouts, get down to the south end of the Brooklyn Bridge.", Braden said. "I'm blowing up all of my suits."

"Clean Slate Protocol?", Makoto asked.

"Clean Slate Protocol.", Braden said.

Makoto (holding Shinji Nobuyuki) and the surviving Sailor Scouts eventually landed near Braden, Gerardo, the Fleet Admiral, and the Marines.

"That's it?", Braden asked in shock. "Where's Minako?"

"Minako...", Makoto said.

Braden was silent for a couple seconds.

"Well then.", Braden said. "I guess this is a fitting way to honor her memory."

The Sailor Scouts walked out of their suits. Makoto walked over to Braden and held his hand. Braden eased his way out of Lorica, before walking right into Makoto's arms.

Braden reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a pocketwatch. Once he opened it, a counter of how many intact contingency suits there currently were was seen where a picture was normally seen, and a red button where a time was normally seen.

"Clean Slate Protocol.", Braden said, pressing the red button.

Lorica, War Machine, and all of the other contingency suits flew into the air. Once they were at a safe enough distance, they exploded.

Makoto hugged Braden very tightly. Braden dropped the pocketwatch onto the ground.

"Don't worry.", Makoto said, kissing Braden on the forehead. "Your medical suit will be here soon."

"I like the fireworks show.", Braden said, smiling. "There just isn't that amount of satisfaction unless you put work into it yourself."

"I like the fireworks show, too...", Makoto said.

As Vergo and Shu walked over to the Fleet Admiral's location, they looked up to see the exploding suits.

"So does that mean this is the end for the AAA Civil War?", Vergo asked.

"One can only hope.", Shu said.

The chestplate for Braden's medical suit arrived.

"Here you go.", Makoto said.

She slowly eased Braden away from her body, and the chestplate attached itself to his chest. The suit unfolded, and within seconds Braden was wearing his medical suit.

"How is it?", Makoto asked.

"This feels weird.", Braden said, looking down at his hands. "I guess I've been wearing Seamstress so long that I've forgotten what my medical suit feels like."

Makoto smiled, then hugged Braden.

Braden turned around. Gerardo's wounds were being tended to by Tashigi.

"Gerardo.", Braden said.

Gerardo turned. Tashigi accidentally stabbed him with the needle she was holding.

"OW!", Gerardo shouted. "GodDAMN it, woman!"

"Well, I'm SORRY that my needle got in the way of your abs!", Tashigi shouted.

"What did you want?", Gerardo, now pissed off, asked Braden.

"Truce?", Braden asked.

"Right. Truce.", Gerardo said.


Date January 29, 2016
Location The lobby of the Admin Tower
Time 8:30 P.M.

It had been four days since the massive AAA Civil War on the Brooklyn Bridge. However, after finally negotiating an agreement, Braden had finally gotten all six admins into the same building for the first time since the night of December 17.

"Now, I think we all are still a bit shaken up after that fight.", Braden said.

"Why did you call us here?", Sean asked.

"This had better be good enough to get us back in the AAA.", Grimmjow said.

"I have an episode of Gotham to watch.", Adriel said.

"The Sengoku Act has been officially repealed.", Braden said. "But it didn't exactly come smoothly for us. I had to make a negotiation with Sengoku, and part of that negotiation was that a World Government agent becomes an admin."

Brandon pulled out a Polaroid camera.

"This is exciting!", Brandon said, raising it up to take a picture.

"Where do you even GET these things?", Kanu asked.

"So, ladies and gentlemen...", Braden said, "...please give a round of applause to our seventh admin: Rob Lucci!"

Rob Lucci, along with his bird Hattori on his shoulder, walked out of the shadows. Brandon snapped a picture. Lucci and Hattori angrily closed their eyes to prevent being blinded by the flash.

"We'll have no more of THAT, thank you.", Lucci said.

"I want you ALL to be on your best behavior.", Braden said. "He reports directly to Fleet Admiral Sengoku. So, Brandon, that means no more parties with you strapping a dildo to the belt of your suit with a sex doll that looks like Medaka Kurokami."

Brandon began to throw a big temper tantrum like a little kid.

"Gerardo...", Braden said, "...that means no more Fisting for you."

Gerardo began to throw a big temper tantrum like a little kid.

"I may be a sexual deviant, but even I'm not into literal shit play!", Gerardo shouted.

"I MEANT, don't start fights without a valid reason!", Braden shouted.

"And "they started it" is not a valid reason.", Manuel said.

Gerardo and Manuel began to fight in the typical cartoon cloud of dust.

"Ignore them, Lucci.", Braden said. "Shinji, take Lucci to what used to be the armory. He'll be staying there."

"Hang on a little to the left.", Manuel said. "If the armory was free to stay in, why am I still bunking with Gerardo?!"

"Because you're an honorary admin, and Lucci isn't.", Braden said.

"This is some AAA-grade bullshit.", Manuel said.


Date February 7, 2016
Location Buffalo Wild Wings
Time 5:15 P.M.

As the Nostalgia Critic was having his first "real" meal since his hospitalization, Braden, Brandon, and Gerardo were sitting at the table next to him.

"Why the hell are we at Buffalo Wild Wings like the table says?", Brandon asked. "You promised me Hooters!"

"I only promised you Hooters if you were good.", Braden said. "But rolling down the car window and shooting Martin Shkreli in the dick is not "good"."

"He deserved it!", Brandon said.

"That's not what I'm mad about.", Braden said. "You don't shoot a guy in the dick."

"Oh, why couldn't we go to Hooters?", Brandon asked. "I should have shot that ratface in the head! Then I'd be a national hero AND get to eat at Hooters!"

"I go there for their hot wings.", Gerardo said. "But don't order the habanero, they have NO flavor."

Gerardo then belched fire, and belched it loudly. Everyone in the restaurant (except for the Nostalgia Critic) looked at Gerardo in disgust.

"Ignore that.", Gerardo said awkwardly.

"Goddamn it, Gerardo.", Braden whispered, burying his face in his hands.


Date February 7, 2016
Location Braden's apartment in the Admin Tower
Time 11:13 P.M.

Makoto was tossing and turning endlessly in bed. This had been a problem ever since the AAA Civil War, and every time Braden asked her about it Makoto simply said that she was OK.

Braden woke up. He turned towards Makoto. She was turned towards him, with a look of both sadness and a pout on her face.

"Makoto...", Braden said softly.

Makoto opened her eyes. They appeared green, sticking out better than anything else in the apartment sans the light that flowed in from the windows.

"I said, it's nothing.", Makoto said, turning to face away from Braden.

"We seriously need to talk.", Braden said. "If it's getting in the way of your sleep, then it's a serious problem that needs to be addressed."

Makoto pretended to not hear him.

"It's Minako, isn't it?", Braden asked. "You're still a bit shaken up after her death, aren't you?"

Makoto sighed.

"I am.", she said, turning back towards Braden. "We've already found someone to replace her, but it's just not the same!"

Makoto hugged Braden tightly, crying.

"I love you, Makoto.", Braden said.

Braden kissed Makoto on the forehead, then cuddled up next to her.


"My, my, you ARE a feisty one...", Mayuri Kurotsuchi said. "You survived a nuke, an airship crash, AND still managed to give the 12th Division one hell of a fight."

Mayuri and his daughter Nemu had captured Commander Violet, who was tugging away at the leather armstraps that kept him bound to the cold stainless steel lab table.

"Let's see what kinds of dirty secrets you have.", Mayuri said as he pulled out a scalpel.

Suddenly, Commander Violet erupted into blue flames. Within seconds the fire caused Commander Violet to crumble away, leaving nothing more than smoldering remains.

Mayuri looked at this in shock.

"NO!!!", he shouted, falling to his knees.

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HISHE Superman was enjoying a nice meal at the Buffalo Wild Wings. Sitting behind him were the Marines who helped Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

The bell above the door rang. Once Superman saw who it was, he tried to cover his face in embarrassment.

"Please, no.", he said.

The Marines burst out laughing as HISHE Batman, dressed as Sailor Venus, walked into the Buffalo Wild Wings and sat across from Superman.

"Dude...", Superman said, "...what's with this?"

"What's with what?", Batman asked.

"This whole Sailor Scout thing.", Superman said. "I mean, look at you in that skimpy clothing."

"You're just jealous because I can make this work.", Batman said. "Sailor Venus was everyone's favorite Sailor Scout, and I'm Batman. Two amazing things, put into one. It's almost like Puppy-Monkey-Baby, except with two things instead of three."

A laugh track went off.

"But...", Superman said, "...why?"

"So I can fight crime AND keep my secret identity a secret.", Batman said. "I'm a mighty hero by moonlight, a winning love by daylight..."


Buggy was still unconscious in the building that Mikoto Misaka knocked him into. Suddenly, he was hit by a large blue object flying really fast. Both were knocked into the wall. The wall subsequently collapsed.

Once the dust cleared, Buggy saw that he had been hit by a person.

"You there!", Buggy shouted, pointing at the man and scaring him. "Who the hell are you?! Where did you come from?!"

"What are you doing here?!", the man, confused, asked.

"I was knocked in here.", Buggy said. "And I was having such a good dream, too! All the admins were dead and everything!"

"The admins?", the man asked. "Those bastards killed Kurome and Dr. Stylish! Would you like to help me take them out?"

"No, thank you.", Buggy said. "I'm a pirate; I go my own way. The only thing important to me is money!"

"I heard there's supposedly a weapon that can take out whole armies at once.", the man said.

Buggy hesitated for a couple of seconds. He then turned towards the man.

"Never got your name, by the way.", Buggy said.

"Oh.", the man said. "My name's Wave."

"Buggy, at your service.", Buggy said, shaking Wave's hand. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Tell me more about this weapon..."

The admins will return...