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Many magicians were said to be masters of illusion. They could make their wands float in mid-air, make coins disappear, read minds and do a variety of amazing card tricks that left their audiences guessing.

But there was one magician who was much different than other magicians, and she could do something that was quite unusual.

This magician was no ordinary stage magician. She had real magical powers.

Her name was Luna, and she was known as the Star Magician, and with her magic wand, she could make everyone's dreams and wishes come true. Luna was born in a magical world, so she was a very talented magician, as she knew how to use real magic instead of the phony magic that most magicians used.

When someone made a wish or dreamt of something that they wanted to come true, Luna's magic would make that dream or wish become real. During her magic shows, she would often dazzle her audience by creating illusions that no other magician was able to do.

Everyone adored Luna, and they wondered how she could grant people's wishes so easily. But she never told anyone that her magic was real, because she knew that all magicians never reveal their secrets.

One day, one of the Luna's assistants came into her house with an envelope.

"Ma'am," said the assistant. "This came in the mail today. I believe it must be a message from the public."

"Really?" asked Luna. "Please open the envelope and read what it says to me."

The assistant tore open the envelope and read the message. "It says here that they have asked you to perform at the state fair this week."

"Can I see?" asked Luna as the assistant handed it to her.

She carefully read the message, she became very delighted.

"How wonderful!" exclaimed Luna. "I just love performing at social gatherings, because I'm able to make many people's wishes come true with my magic!"

"Are you sure?" asked another assistant.

"Oh, of course," said Luna. "Many magicians aren't like me. Lots of people call the magic of other magicians fake, but my magic is actually real. I use real magic to make people's wishes and dreams come true. As you know, I was born in a magical world, studied magic at school, and now that I'm a magician, I'll be able to stun my audiences by showing them that magic is real."

"But, what if other magicians hear about your talent?" asked the assistant. "They might become jealous that you can do things that they can't do."

"Jealous? Oh, please," scoffed Luna. "Those magicians are total fakers. Their magic isn't anything like mine. Anything they can do, I can do better. I don't mean to boast or anything."

Luna thought that she could do better than any other magician, but her assistants weren't so sure.

It was bright and sunny on the day of the state fair. Luna was backstage, practicing her magic.

"Hurry up, Luna!" warned her assistant. "The fair ends in five hours, and your show starts in three minutes."

"Don't worry," said Luna. "I'm just going to practice just one more time. I'm sure that there will be many people in the audience waiting to have their wishes granted."

Pretty soon, as Luna finished her pre-performance rehearsal, it was showtime.

"Come one, come all! See the amazing Star Magician!" called out the announcer.

There were many people who wanted to witness Luna's magic show, as they had a lot of wishes to give her. Each person paid five dollars and went to the show.

Luna peeked through the curtain and saw how many people were in the audience. "Wow!" she thought. "There's lots of people wanting to see my show. Perfect! I'll dazzle them with my illusion-like magic, and then, I'll start granting some wishes."

The audience was clamoring as they took their seats. They talked to each other about how amazing the Star Magician's tricks were, and they all looked so realistic.

"Allright, Luna," said her assistant. "It's time. Better get going out there!"

"On my way!" said Luna. "Wish me luck."

Luna raised her wand into the air and disappeared, and then reappeared on stage in front of the audience.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! I am the Star Magician!" she announced. "I would be honored to entertain you all with my outstanding magic. So, without further ado, let the show begin!"

Luna entertained the audience by doing unusual magic tricks, from creating ribbons of light to making things levitate to shooting flames in the air that exploded into fireworks.

"Allright," she said as the first part of her act ended. "For my next act, I'm going to grant some wishes from the audience. Who would like to volunteer?"

A few people raised their hands.

Luna looked carefully at the audience, trying to decide who to choose to bring up onto the stage and grant their wish.

Finally, she found her first volunteer. "Okay," she said, pointing to a teenage girl with blonde hair in a ponytail. "You there! Come right up!"

The girl got up from her seat and walked up onto the stage.

"So, young lady," said Luna. "What is your wish?"

"Well," said the girl. "My wish is that I want to work better and harder."

"Is that your wish?" asked Luna.

"Yes," said the girl.

Luna waved her wand and repeated the words that the girl said. After a few sparks shot out from her wand, Luna told the girl, "Your wish has been granted. My celestial spirits say that your wish will definitely come true, and very soon, too!"

The girl walked offstage and went back to her seat.

"Now," said Luna. "I have three more wishes to grant. Anyone want to volunteer?"

A man in a green jacket got up from his seat and walked up onto the stage.

"Excellent!" said Luna. "Now, sir, tell me your wish."

"My wish is that I want to join a special service," said the man.

Luna waved her wand and repeated the words that the man said. No sparks came out of her wand. "Uh-oh," said Luna. "My celestial spirits say that your wish may not be granted anytime soon. Sorry."

The man walked offstage and went back to his seat.

"As you can see, sometimes I am unable to grant some wishes," Luna told the audience. "Those people who can't have their wishes magically granted will have to make their wish come true themselves. But luckily, I have two more wishes to grant. So, I'll need another volunteer."

As Luna looked around, she found the next person to grant their wish. "Allright, you, miss!" she said, pointing to a woman in a red shirt. "Come right up!"

The woman got up from his seat and walked up onto the stage.

"Okay, ma'am, what is your wish?" said Luna.

"My wish is to go to different places that I haven't been to," said the woman.

Luna waved her wand and repeated the words that the woman said. A few more sparks shot out from Luna's wand. "Bingo! Your wish has been granted and will certainly come true."

The woman walked offstage and went back to her seat.

Luna thought that her show was going well. Her audience was enjoying her act, and they praised her with applause. She decided to entertain them for a while, since there were only a few minutes before her show concluded. She spent the next ten minutes casting spells and granting wishes.

Soon, the show had to end and the people had to leave. Once the audience was gone, Luna packed up everything and started to head out, counting the money she collected from the ticket sales.

"Wow," said Luna. "My magic tricks sure make a lot of money."

Just as she was about to leave, the three volunteers from her audience came up to her.

"Excuse me," said the woman in the red shirt. "We've heard that your magic is actually real. Is it true, or are you just fooling us with phony illusions and only pretended to grant our wishes?"

Luna was shocked. Nobody had ever asked her that before. She knew that magicians never reveal their secrets, but since her volunteers were curious, she had no choice but to tell them her secret.

"Well," she said. "It's true. My magic is real. I was born in a magical world, and I have studied magic spells for quite a few years. I learned how to grant dreams and wishes of others, and I wanted to share my talent with the world that didn't have magic. That's why I became the Star Magician."

The three volunteers looked at her understandably. They were a little bit surprised that Luna was no ordinary magician.

"You mean that your magic isn't fake?" asked the girl.

"It's not," said Luna. "Other stage magicians have their own attempts at creating so-called 'magic', but I know that it's just all fake. My magic is more realistic than other magicians'. If you excuse me, I must go now. I have a huge demonstration scheduled for tomorrow and I need to go over a few last minute details."

Luna and her assistants walked off, leaving the volunteers standing in silence, as they were confused about the curious ways of the Star Magician.

A few days after the fair, Luna's assistants came over to her with some important news to tell her.

"Ma'am," said one of the assistants. "I have something to tell you. Those three volunteers you brought up onstage during your magic show a few days ago actually got their wishes. They were all quite amazed, and they thanked you for that."

"Really?" asked Luna.

"Yes," said the assistant. "They were quite impressed. When they saw that their wishes had come true, they started to believe that you actually have real magic. Nobody ever believed it at first, but some people do now."

"That's great!" said Luna. "I knew that someday, people would realize that my magic was real."

It was true. Luna's magic was indeed real, and now everyone knew about it. Ever since that fateful day at the state fair, many people came to Luna's magic shows and were marveled by her magic spells and most of them gave her some wishes to grant.

She was indeed the Star Magician.