I Love Writing Wiki

Everywhere I go,

Everywhere I look,

I see signs and rules for anything and everything.

Traffic signs,

Driving rules.

Prohibitory signs,

Parking lot rules.

Everyone questions why we have to follow

All these signs and rules.

As I drive down the road,

I see traffic signs passing by.




One Way.

Dead End.

Do Not Enter.



Keep Right.

Keep Left.

I see signs for speed limits

And for traffic lights.

I see signs for school crossing

And deer or bear crossing.

I see signs for camping sites, airports, or hospitals

And signs for traffic lights.

Many people say we have to obey

All the rules of the road.

We all need to be safe

As we drive down the highway.

Don't multitask behind the wheel.

Don't break the speed limit.

Don't text and drive.

Don't drink and drive.

Buckle up to protect your health.

Prevent your car from breaking down.

Watch out for pedestrians.

Use two hands to steer.

It's very clear to me

That these rules help people comply with traffic laws.

There are rules for almost anything,

From schools to pools to spas to campfires.

It seems to me that some people are concerned

About other peoples' safety.

Words and laws don't rule the world,

But signs and symbols help us

Anywhere and everywhere.