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Every night, I look up at the sky

And see the twinkling bed of stars.

I see them all under the light

Of the bright, silver moon.

They are all so beautiful to me

As they give me happiness and hope.

And sometimes, when I look very closely

I can see something soar across the sky.

Some say it might be a comet

But to me, it's a shooting star.

Every now and then, I see a shooting star

Soar by in the beautiful night sky.

I watch as it makes its way across the night

Looking more beautiful than all the other stars.

I know that a million wishes lay upon that star

And they all wait to come true.

I know that the best star to wish on is the shooting star.

I hope it grants my wishes

Like a genie in a bottle would.

A shooting star, in my own eyes,

Is an incandescent ball of glowing dreams

That I want to make all my wishes on.

Even though some people find it odd,

I still wish and hope and dream

On every shooting star I see.

Those meteors in all of their fiery glory

Give me hope that everything in my life will change.

They give me hope that all my wishes will come true someday.

When I see a shooting star, with its blazing tail afire,

I quickly make a wish on it before it goes away.

Whenever I see a shooting star,

I hope that my wishes will come true.

Out of all the thousands of stars in the sky,

I love shooting stars the most.

They give me hope that my wishes

Will come true someday.

If you adore the stars as much as I do,

We will look up at the sky

And see if any fiery meteors fly past.

And if you want to have your wishes come true,

We shall wish on shootings stars together.