Main Characters

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is the main character/protagonist of the series/story. He is known to behave somewhat immaturely and is always looking to have his way. He is an excellent fighter and has a unique gift which he sometimes refers to as a curse; that allows him to see everything about his surroundings, meaning that his eyes can detect things others cannot. He also is able to sense how a battle will go and can see how the battle will happen before it does. He is extremly brave, and loyal to his friends, while being humerous and charming and a deadly fighter. He is villians #1 threat and many would do anything to see him dead.


Dr.Watson is Holmes right hand man. He is as obvious a doctor, with a adventurous streak. Watson is cautious, and very smart, while also being very good with guns, and other weapons. He is always at Holmes side, and follows him through all the dangerous situations and messes he gets himself into. Watson, is more responsible and recently married to a girl named Mary. Watson has somewhat of a short temper but he never backs down and is feared by countless villians.


A 12 year old girl who is Beckeums number 1 target. She has the power to read minds, see into the future and even control ones body. Beckeum has declared that he will stop at nothing to kidnap her and use her power. Emily is fearcily brave, and clever beyond her years. She is very mischevious, and often her words have both truth and lies intermixed. She has a large competitive streak and is loyal to the point that its dangerous. Emily is a deadly fighter, reading peoples minds to see what they will do next, and looking into the future to see the outcome. Beckeum will turn to find that she is harder to tame then to catch.

Supporting Role Characters


Mary is a governess, and Watson wife. She is very brave, charming, and despite all of Holmes crude remarks even he respects her feirce detirmination.


John is Emilys father and very protective of her. He is known to be narrow minded and increasingly stubborn as he thinks he knows best even when he's wrong. He's not much of a fighter, nor will you be seeing him in the thick of a battle but he is brave in his own way. Trying to protect his daughter.


Simza is a gypsy, of whom helped Sherlock Holmes and Dr.John Watson on their last case to defeat Moriarty and stop a war between France and Germany, She is very brave, quick witted and good with blades.

Other Characters/Minor Characters


Simza's Husband

Mentioned/Diseased Characters


Moriarty was a devious master mind, of whom was known to be nothing less then a genious. An evil, twisted, muderous genious but a genious all the same. He tried to start a war between France and Germany, and would have suceeded if it hadn't been for Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson and Simza. Moriarty was finally killed during a one on one with Holmes. After Moriarty threatened to kill Watson and his wife, Holmes latched on to Moriarty and threw himself off the building such killing them both. Or so it was thought but Holmes somehow managed to survive.


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