This is a warriors fanfiction writen by Cinderstar.



Stonepaw: pale gray tom with very soft fur. Has been in a near-death situation and is traumatised, but nobody knows what it was except from his brother. Does not speak, and although he is old enough to be made a warrior, he shies away at any mention of fighting or hunting.

Longthorn: White tom with black patches, green eyes and unusually long claws. Stonepaw's brother.

Reedfang: Creamy white tom with blue eyes. Deputy.


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Smokeheart: big, smoky gray tom with striking blue eyes. Is hopelessley in love with someone who does not love him back.

Scarletwind: soft gray furred she-cat with blue eyes.


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Chapter 1- Stonepaw

Stonepaw hid in the corner of the camp. He watched as his brother, Longthorn flexed his claws eagerly. ShadowClan was preparing for battle. He cringed at the thought. Battleing, hunting, nothing appealed to him anymore. He hoped Reedfang wouldn't choose him for a battle patrol.

To Stonepaw's luck, he wasn't chosen for a patrol. He let out a sigh of relief and relaxed. Suddenly he noticed Longthorn walking towards him. He stiffened again, and clouds of confusion and fear flooded his mind.

Longthorn was his littermate. However, when they both were apprentices, Stonepaw was in a near-death expirience, and it had traumatized him. Ever since the accident, he had lost interest in Hunting and fighting, and became merely a shell of his former self. Although he was well over the age to become a warrior, he failed to pass his assenssment due to his reluctance. Only Longthorn knew the reason behind his sudden fear of everything.

"Come on Stonepaw, you can't hide away in your shell forever." Longthorn meowed brightly. "Find you old courage!"

Stonepaw opened his mouth to respond, but Reedfang called Longthorn away before he could do so. Stonepaw sighed. He tried to remember his old confidence. He could remember it clearly, up until that fateful day. Then his memory clouded. Stonepaw guessed he was too scared to remember it, he began shaking uncontrolably everytime his thoughts came close to that day. The closest thing to his near death expirience he could remember was waking up in the medicine cat den. Mossdawn the medicine cat had told him he was lucky to be alive.