Type: Songfic
Rating: Explicit
Status: In Progress

Hi friends! I'd just like to make it clear that while most of the story revolves around RIP=RELEASE it starts from SPICE! and then to RIP=RELEASE. My main story is BORDERLINE, this is just a side project soooo updates whenever I can/have the motivation to. Enjoy!

Based off of SPICE! & RIP=RELEASE by minato ft. Megurine Luka & Kagamine Len.


It was pouring down raining as I woke up in the middle of the night, cold. Where was he?

I checked around the entire house, no sign of Len. Oh, how I missed him so much. Every night he seemed to be gone or missing, even when I wanted to spend time with him. He said it was just work, but I wasn't too sure about that. I talked to his boss and he said that he only works from 2-10! It's 1 am and no sign of him.

"Maybe, I'm just paranoid.." I thought to myself. I went back to sleep.

Len burst through the doors that morning. Standing up, I tapped my foot, demanding to know where he had been.

"Oh, hi Luka.." he hugged me.

"Len! I want an answer. Right now." I looked in his eyes, stern. "Where were you last night?".

"At-at work.." he stuttered.

"Oh, okay honey." I smirked. I knew it wasn't true. That was okay though. I would find out for myself. Tomorrow, I would follow him and figure out where he's been.


Once again, the water pooled the ground. They say, April showers mean May flowers!! but they really don't. It's May, no signs of flowers, and nothing but rain.

"Mkay, hun!" Len called from the other room. "I'm leaving for work now!"

"Okay," I smile, deceivingly. "Have fun!"

"Oh I will!" Len tilted his head. A blade went through my heart. I suspected what was going on. It was all so clear now.

I shook my head. Luka, don't let him deceive you. You're probably just paranoid. Calm down.

"Bye sweetie!" I waved.

"ByE!" Len said in his goofy voice.

Ah, the water pools the ground... Tranquill, yet this sound.
Is all that I can hear...
It's resonating..
A few minutes after he left, I followed him.

What I saw next broke me and my heart into itty bitty pieces.


Ah, you've broken all of me...
My heart an injury..
That you don't care to mend, and..
Still I'm waiting!

As Len pulled up to the driveway, I pretended to be any car in the neighborhood. Driving by, I parked in a empty house a few blocks down and sprinted behind the houses, until reaching the house Len was at and hiding in a bush. I felt stealthy yet something felt wrong about what I was doing. You could basically call it stalking. Wow, I thought, He's so oblivious to everything I'm doing. Len knocked on the door, and a girl a tad bit younger with than me with flowing green hair answered the door, grinning.

"Hey Gumi~" Len purred, in an obviously romantic way. I felt sick to my stomach.

"Oh Len," Gumi swooned, "Please come in.."



RIP=RELEASE (Short Ver.)

I waited a few minutes after they went in and then proceeded to play with the doorknob. Didn't even bother to lock it. I could hear them on the upper half of the steps, teasing each other.

"Oh Len~" Gumi teased, "I just can't wait a minute longer!"

"Gumi," Len effused, "Be patient, the longer you wait, the better it'll be!"

Gumi giggled. I fought back the tears. I couldn't stand it a minute longer. I ran into their bathroom and cried.

After regaining back my energy and strength, I pounded up the stairs where I could hear them in Gumi's room.

"Len.." Gumi paused, sitting up. "What's that noise?"

"Why are you so worried about the noise?" Len snickered, "Focus on me~"

"No, but Len," Gumi asserted, "It sounds like there's someone else up here!"

"Maybe it's a family member-" Len suggested.

"No, I live alon-"

The door flew open, revealing Luka on the other side.

"LEN!" Luka shouted.

"Luka? What are you doing in here, invading my space! I can and will call the police!"

"Gumi," she said calmly, "I'll have you know that's my boyfriend you're dealing with."

"No," Gumi retorted, "He's my boyfriend!"

"Wait.." Gumi looked over, "Have you been cheating on me, Len?"

"...Yes..." Len choked out.

"Len, we're through!" Luka and Gumi both snarled simultaneously.


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I should've been the one to say that it's goodbye,
And you know why.
When, I called to say hello to know that you're alright,
Where were you last night?

The rain poured down as I ran out of the house, into the car, and back home.

"Baby, wait!!" Len knocked on the car window. I rolled the window down a slight bit.

"Len," I asked him, "Why?"

"I didn't do it! I sw-" I cut him off by slowly rolling the window back up; driving off.

Even if you break my heart a million times it all remains the same,
I wish I could tell myself somewhere inside I was the one to blame!