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(Partly based off of a true story)

Chapter One

It was the day before my 12th birthday. My eyes followed the countryside as the thundering truck zoomed along the old cracked and worn down road. My father was yelling at my eight-year-old brother again, and the only way to block out the noise is to escape into my imagination.

Looking out of the window, my mind conjured up a small ship- a starship. It was gliding along beside me, and the Captain looked over at me in the window. I was surprised to find that the commanding officer was myself, except older. She smiled brightly and me and lifted her hand. She parted her fingers and made the Vulcan symbol to me. "Live long and prosper." I thought. "Live long and prosper." I whispered back, and held up my hand to the window, mirroring her. I smiled- something I hadn't done in a long time.

"MARIE!" A harsh and demanding voice snapped me out of my paradise. It was my father. I was sitting next to him in the passenger's seat, and I jerked my head around, fear alight in my shimmering brown gaze. My smile immediately dwindled away. "Yes, sir?" I asked, and straightened my posture. "Marie Jay Josephine. How is it that I called for you several times and you didn't answer, hmm?!" His expression was boiling with anger, and I was surprised it didn't spill over.

"I'm sorry. I didn't hear you call me." I replied honestly. "That's-!" I blocked out the word that he said next, and held back my cringe. There was a long pause before he said anything more, and when I looked back to the road in front of me, I heard a soft sigh. "I was going to say that when we get out of the car, we're going straight to work- the kittens will come later." He said, his anger fading slightly. I could still see it on his face. "Yes, sir." I was grateful he didn't say anything more after that as we pulled into the long driveway to the farm.

The only good thing about coming here today was the kittens. We only have one cat left on our farm, and now we're going to my grandparent's farm to work and to possibly get some more kittens that we can bring home. We recently got a painted horse named Tobi, and a new barn is being built. So, our father wants us to take care of them until their old enough to be set free into the barn so that they can hunt mice and other rodents. He also wants us to tame them. That absolutely won't be a problem.

"Hey, Marie! Look!" My brother exclaimed from the backseat behind me. I turned behind me to see James pointing at something out of his window.

(More coming soon)