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I've always been dreaming

About catching a falling star.

Every night, I go out

And see them shining bright.

They're like small, glowing orbs

Giving light to the dark night sky.

I've always wanted to catch a falling star

And put it in my pocket.

On a clear night, I go out

And look up at the sky.

I always try to catch a glimpse

Of shooting stars or comets.

When I see a star fall from the sky

I wonder how many wishes I can make

Before it disappears out of sight.

If I could catch some falling stars

I wonder how many I can collect.

The moon crosses silently

Over the milky paved path.

The moon and the stars are the guiding lights I need

To find my way on a dark night.

I know that if I was able to catch falling stars

I would put them in my pocket

Or give them to everyone around the world.

When the timing is just right,

I decide to catch some stars.

I close my eyes

And jump as high as I can

And grab as many stars I can find.

I may not be able to catch stars in reality

But I can do it in my imagination,

For my imagination sets me free.

If I could catch the stars,

I would keep millions of them.

I have a pocketful of stars.