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Everything was perfect, then it fell apart.

The world held on

and I did too.

I knew we were failing


but I ignored the lies.

You only had eyes for her

and she let you continue at it.

Never knowing I was breaking inside.

So I'll put it together again, piece by piece.


She met you in the park

and let me watch her.

You had only eyes for her

and never told me where we were heading.

But we were bound for a crash from the start

So I'll make it better again, piece by piece.


We danced upon broken glass

Like we knew we could break.

Fragile like the glass,

and you took me for granted.

But I held on.

Then she came along and ruined us,

but I'll keep my word until the end.

I promise I'll put it together again. I'll make this right again.

Piece by piece.