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Some people think peace is a destination,

In the same way they imagine success or happiness.

It seems like something they need to chase or find,

But it's something they can experience

Without dramatically changing their lives.

They need to work less,

Relax more,

And revamp their circumstances

In order to become more peaceful.

Despite seeing peace as an endpoint,

Some people see it as passive.

After all, that's why so many people

Tend to stress out a lot.

Peace is always available,

In any desirable state of mind.

It requires effort,

Even if it chooses to be still.

Our circumstances don't have to

Control our state of mind

But we can control them by

Making small choices

For our well being.

It's not easy to choose peace

When we're going through tough times,

But there are countless things that we can do

To create a peaceful state of mind.

The different situations that your mind leads you to

Are reminders for you

To always stay calm.

Ignore the rules and regulations

To find your inner peace.

What you surround yourself with

Should bring you peace of mind and spirit.

We all deserve a greater peace of mind,

Knowing that we'll always appreciate

Wherever we go and whatever we do.

If you just listen to your heart,

You'll find your peaceful state of mind.