I Love Writing Wiki

My best friend is a kind-hearted person,

Full of honesty and compassion.

She makes me smile with her funny jokes,

And she is very brave and sweet.

Ever since they day we've met,

We've been very glad to know each other.

We're together through it all,

And we've never had a single fight.

We've been pals for a long time.

Not only it's because we like each other,

But we respect each other

And admire each other's company.

A friend is one of the nicest things to have,

And one of the nicest things to be.

My friends are the perfect friends for me,

Because they give me great advice,

Listen to me on a moment's notice,

Lend me a helping hand,

Love to share a smile,

And stand by my side.

My friends know that they don't need to change the way they are,

Because even though they're different,

I love them the way they are.

Friendship always brightens my day,

No matter what the weather is like.

My friends and I know that

Friendship isn't about who we've known the longest,

But it's about friends who come

And stand by your side in rough times.

A friend is is someone I can lean on,

And my friends are people I really like to be with.

Nobody knows me better than my friends

We'll always be friends for a long, long time.