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"One in the Morning Series" relates to poems that I have written at one in the morning when my mind is off and I am a stir of emotion. These poems give you a deeper look into my heart and mind, but also do not give much of an explanation. They are all very poetic, rather than explanatory (which is something I focus on the majority of the time). I hope this is enjoyed among everyone, as it is something that I am proud of.

Part One - Remembrance

Natural Disasters

I shook last time you touched me

And the day I heard your voice last

Was the day I became a hurricane.

The hostility came with the title.


You're just a dream within a dream

A tale told by passerbys

To drivers who never said


It Won't Be

Vertigo is the rain on asphalt

The tears I drank rather than water

The lies you spat in my cup. 

Vertigo is the nonsense feeling

That everything will go along fine

Smooth sailing from here on out. 


I am the crayon on the sidewalk

And you are the sun.


I'm dizzy. There's a storm inside

My head more violent than the one

inside my house.


I was the closest thing to lying

When you're still barely telling the truth

Like a word hanging off the tip of your

Tongue, and every breath could make 

It collapse out but instead it crept

Back in, hiding itself under my tongue.

You were the closest thing to being honest

That I had ever come across because you

Lied more than I did and this spoke

To me, despite every time you told me

It shouldn't. I understood your hanging

Words, more than I understood my own.


I feel as if I swallowed the universe.

When I open my mouth to speak

Bits of stars come out, remains of words

I once read. And outside the light

Shines down on an overcast world

And my lips show this, the line between

Me and this that I have consumed 

Is growing thinner.

Be Rational

If all this is cosmic

Then you are just but a spec of dust

On the tongue of the greatest creature.

If that is the case, why did you hurt me

So much?


Linen was never quite as soft

As the lips that'd crash into mine

Like they were the ocean

And I was the shore.


You once had an application

Locked away on your phone

Filled with pictures of me.

Little things to make your day

Like my nose and the way it

Wrinkled up when you irritated me

But didn't anger me.

You kept them locked away so

No one would ever be able

To take me from you.


You tell me I don't know

What love is like

I tell you that you'll never

know the love I felt.


Bones are brittle.

Filled with nothing but

Narrow marrow

And the things I forget to feel.

Love & Hate

Love is liberation, full

Separation of church and state.

Hate is arrogance, where

The church believes it runs the people of said state.

So is Better

You asked me to

Write you a book

So I wrote you a series.

You asked me to

Kiss you goodnight

So I made out with you.


No one said it wasn't love

They just said it wouldn't last.

We could have proven them wrong.

Instead we proved them right.

Bigger Scheme

Muscles are tense

Clenching slowly 

But what they are holding

Is unclear even to them.


I miss kissing you

Every morning right after

You would have breakfast.

And your lips would taste like

Potato chips, and I'd call you gross

Right before locking lips once again.

Hidden Message

Honey, I'm no open book.

All is not so simple.

To understand you must read between

Every line, and accept these things.

More than ever I am searching for you

Eclipsed by the moon, I am the sun.

Oh Say

I taste your tongue

Against my own

Feel you breathing

Into my neck.

My body's trembling,

Your chest is rising,

My lungs have collapsed, and

Through the storm you're still standing.

Part Two - Recollections


You'll still be around

Even when the Earth isn't.

Have Faith in Me

Take me to a place where you know 

I'll never be far, and tell me that I taste

Like the sun, on a summer day.


Honey, you're my morphine induced dream.

The Bible

I sit at the spot where we left off

I walk by the streets we used to run

And I remember, in the back of my 

Melancholy brain where much has been lost

That you once seized me by my wrist

And kissed the stars into my lips

Until I was the universe, until you

Were my painted God.


I get it now

I get why you left

But I don't why I did.


This how it feels to be in love with a 

Woman that will never love you back.


Pig tails, white jackets,

Rushing canoes, high falls,

Splashed skinny jeans,

Closed eyes, picture gimmicks.

That was us, that was you,

This was me, you were a bit blue,

I tasted iron, you said I was red, 

Cherry lips, runny noses.

Late springtime madness.


Bright phone screens

Yellow background

Old note pad on your iPod.

I wrote to you

You wrote to me

We passed it back and forth.

We commented on breasts

Spoke about the day we had seen

And mostly about my pig tails.

Christmas Time

Christmas is that promise on New Years

When you told me we had outlasted this

And we could out last any other thing.

I Have Nothing, I am Nothing

You have nothing? Well

You seem to have her curved

Around your finger as if you are the pole

And she is the dancer.

I'd rather be what you want, that way I know you have a choice

I write to you with bleeding hands,

A broken core, and soft sobs playing

Like piano keys on my tongue.

You remind me of rain falling,

Of soft grasps, and the time you told

Me I was necessary for life.

The essential components of life

Do not involve me so when I am gone

I want you to sing me praises.

But don't make me a necessity.