One Pound Coin

Author: Leopardclaw
Genre(s): unknown
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Three Pennies

Louise and Emily, normal teenage girls, friends over the internet coming from two sides of the world. A simple conversation over currency, pounds and pence and dollars. Little do they know the consquences of a simple wish, and what will come from a single pound coin.

With thanks to Bird

Chapter One

Emily: Louise! Hey

Louise smiled to herself, or to her computer, as her friend greeted her. Her and Emily had been friends for ages, even though they were on opposite sides of the screen, on differeent sides of the world.

Louise: Hi! How're you?
Emily: Not bad thanks. You?
Louise: Lol I'm okay. What you doing?
Emily: lol not a lot really. Just on the internet, y'know x3
Emily: Actually thinking about buying this book. You heard of it?

Louise thought for a moment; she had read it and enjoyed it. Their conversation went back and forth about this for some time. This was exactly what Louise enjoyed doing, talking all day about books and other mostly meaningless things, but things that she and Emily liked. She had her eye on a book too, and mentioned it to her friend.

Louise: Hey, have you ever heard of this? I'm thinking about buying it but it costs $10.
Emily: Yeah, apparantely it's really good. How much is $10 in pounds? lol

Louise looked at the screen puzzled before realising pounds were English currency, and not dollars like her in Canada. She'd seen pictures of pounds before, but they were not really given much thought as they were unimportant in her life. She did use dollars, after all.

Louise: lol pounds, they're what you English use for money, right?
Emily: lol yeah, and you're dollars, Canadian style or something. We use pounds and pence x3
Louise: Yeah, I've heard that before. Aren't pence like orange or something?
Emily: lol no, 1p and 2p are coppery but 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p are silver.

That's right, Louise thought, remembering something she had heard once. What was it she was thinking about? As they continued to talk about books and money and countries she wracked her brains, trying to remember what she associated with pounds. She asked Emily to describe a pound, and she talked about a gold one pound coin and a silver and gold two pound coin. Aha! she thought.

Louise: Oh!
Emily: What?
Louise: I remember! I have a pound coin, hang on, let me go find it

Getting up, she went to her piggy bank where she kept all her foreign and unusual coins. Tipping it out on the floor, the coins spilled out with a rattle, spreading out over the carpet. Dropping to the floor she raked through the pile, past Euros and American dollars and other strange and different coins. Seeing the dull glint of gold, she grinned and picked the single pound out of the pile.

It all came flooding back to her, before he had died her uncle had given her the coin, telling her that it was a pound, and one day it would need to be used before it was too late. The pound had power, he had said, a strong energy. He had been a fan of foreign coins and supernatural things; anything to do with mythology or anything similar he had been interested in. She had never thought anything of the coin and as she flipped it over in her hand it seemed to shimmer and glow for a second. "Hm." she said, thinking it was probably just the light.


Emily sat at her computer waiting for Louise to return. It was interesting, she supposed, that her friend had a coin of her country's currency. Then again, she didn't think much of it as pounds were everywhere. '£7' said the conversion website after she had googled how much $10 was for her. £7 was sbout normal for a book, she didn't see why Louise was worried about it being a lot. Maybe books were cheaper in Canada.

Louise: Got it!

The screen flashed, snapping Emily out of her thoughts. Suddenly, a thought struck her; what was the date on the coin? She always looked at the date on the back, it just interested her.

Emily: What's the date on it? Look on the back, around the queen's head there's some words and then it'll have a year on, like 2005 or 1987.
Louise: Oh yes, I see it! It says '1996'
Emily: lol that's the year I was born. I love looking at the dates on the coins

The conversation lulled again into a bit of this and that. Emily's mind wandered, wondering about what it would be like to have a pound and not be British. A sharp pain jolted through her hand making her drop the book she was reading.

Emily: ow! That hurt ._.
Louise: What happened?
Emily: Nothing, I think I just got a papercut on my hand or something
Louise: That's strange, I was just wondering what it'd be like to break your hand or something. Coincidence eh?

That was a bit odd. Then again, it was probably just a coincidence. Louise started talking about how her uncle had always told her about superstition and myths, and that the coin was supposed to be powerful and magical. Emily had never believed in any of that stuff, she found it all ridiculous. Then again, she did enjoy hearing things about it.

They talked for a little while more about the coin and superstition. Emily told Louise that she didn't believe that the coin had any affect on anything, it was just some creepy coincidences. Louise wasn't quite so sure. So when it was time that Louise had to go, Emily was left sitting there, a shadow of doubt creeping over her about the strange coin and coincidences.

Chapter Two

Louise had kept the pound coin in her pocket throughout the day. She and Emily had been talking about it yesterday, but she felt compelled to keep it with her.