I Love Writing Wiki

(Poem written by Captain Nightjay)

In spite of that you are an Android, your smile still warms my heart

I feel tears come to my eyes every time we part

The stars call me when they twinkle from above, but I’ve always known my true home is with you.

Always dutiful, always rational, altruistic;

You will forever be the one I strive to find in this vast universe.

This massive space above and around,

How spectacular it is that I have found you through it all.

You, the one I most desire. 

The one that makes my heart go ablaze with a raging fire.

No matter how far or how near, not ever will I have fear,

Because I know you will be there, my dear sweet Data.

You stay unassailable to who you are,

Not timorous to fight, to give up your life.

No matter the prospect, 

You care for those around you.

I find the love in you the most remarkable thing, for an android is what you are.

You strive and yearn to become more human, O Data.

But look, can’t you see? You are human to me.

Though you may not be sentient to others,

I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

Day in and day out, you will forever have a place in my heart.