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This story follows the troubled thoughts of a nameless character, as they descent further and further into madness. It focuses on the feelings being conveyed rather then the details of the context, leaving the reader to decide whether they believe every word, or if it's a poetic comment on society.

My Name isn't Mine

Author: Lance the Simp
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Series: My Name isn't Mine
Preceding: N/A
Succeeding: NYW (Not Yet Written)


A lone figure stands in the ruins of what was once a prosperous town. As they pick through the smoking remains of what where once buildings, something catches their eye. Lying beneath the smashed and charred remains was a book. It was in relatively good condition. When the figure opened the book and examined the first few pages, they only said this;

"A Tale of Forgotten Things"

By ᴺ̷̴̦̞̦̝̒̈́̒͜ᵒ̷̵̠̙̠̺͖̪͑͘̕ ᵒ̷̵͕͉̫͓͒̀̚͜ⁿ̷̴͙̘͓̦͎̺͋̕͠ᵉ̷̸͚̼͙̺͑͒͜͠

Laughing, the figure pockets the book.

"How fitting," they muttered, walking away. "A keeper of forgotten things who's name the world will forget."