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This story is about a 17-year-old car named Evan Matchbox, with his dad a Matchbox and his mother a Hot Wheel, and this is a story about Evan being bullied 'cause he's, quite literally, mixed. BY HIS GRANDPARENTS!!!


Hey. I'm a 17-year-old living in Oppositeville named Evan Hotwheel. My parents came together in high school, and though it was against my grandparents' will, they went on dates and eventually married. For that reason, my father's parents don't like me. My mom's side accepted that they're now married, and had a kid. Me. Grandpa Baron and Grandma Jilian are glad they didn't have any more children after me. They once said, "The less Hot Boxes and Matchwheels there are in the world, the better." I was deeply offended by that, as you can probably imagine. So about my relationship status. I have a girlfriend named Harriet Golder. She is very kind and patient, unlike my father's parents. They're just cold toward me. Each holiday, they give me one or two presents, so you can probably imagine I didn't have many toys in my childhood and early teens (13-15 in Oppositeville). As a toddler, they told me they wished I would disappear. Or so my parents say. I believe them. Grandpa Baron told me on my 17th birthday he was going to 'disappear' me, or kidnap me and leave me to die. I'm scared.

Chapter One- Nothing But Pain and Hurt

I hear a knock. I hope it's not Grandpa Baron! I don't want to be 'disappeared'! Yay! It isn't Grandpa Baron! It's Mom's parents. They say, "Hi, Mallory!" Then they look at me and say, "Hi-Mistake." I whisper, "I'm not a mistake." Mom's eyes narrow and say, "Call him by his name." They say, "We forgot it. We just call him Mistake." I go up-ramp and cry. "Nobody forgets their grandson's name! They must hate me!" Dad comes up. He grins and says, "They've got a present for you! Your birthday was merely two days ago, so this is about right." Mom and Dad watch me open my present. I'm so excited! But instead of a wonderful birthday gift, Grandpa Jacob and Grandma Diane had given me a book that punches you in the face upon opening with a giant red boxing glove. The words say, "Jokes on you!" Mom and Dad tear up and look away. I cry. And not out of physical pain. When I turn the book over, they've written, "You're nothing but a MISTAKE!!!" Welp, my self-esteem is dead. What did I do to deserve this abuse!? Mom calls her parents and yells, "Mom! Dad! Why did you give my son a boxing glove book!? It's two days after his birthday, and the poor kid didn't get alot of presents!" Then her voice softens. "He was beyond heartbroken because of that." I hear 'em yell, "We don't care about him! Just throw his body away when he dies!" My emotions spirl out of control. I grab the phone and sob, "Why are you guys so cruel!?" They yell at me, "Shut up and go to ****!" I drop the phone and drive super-fast to my room, tears spilling out all the way. I hear Mom sob, "Why would you say that to him!" Dad comes up with me, also crying. Mom hangs up and angrily slams the phone into the receiver.

Chapter Two- Will I Ever Experience Affection from Them??

Two hours later, they call again. Mom and Dad say, "They want to talk to you alone." I say, "Hmm... okay..."

Grandpa Jacob says, "You better straighten up and get tougher, because we're gonna make life awful for you. Understand!?"

"You already have."

"Then we're gonna make it harder!"

"No! I'm already being bullied in school!"

"No one cares, you ****in' idiot!"

My heart shatters into pieces.

"Stop sobbing, idiot! Your babyish crying isn't gonna help you!"

"It's not my fault you treat me like crap!"

"Shut your trap! Your opinion is not to be voiced!"

So I'm a slave to them. My life really does suck.

Grandpa Jacob starts swearing at me, and I try to talk, but he just swears louder.

Mom and Dad hear the abusive language and say, "Shut up! Stop hurting our son for your enjoyment!" Grandpa yells, "You don't tell me shut up! One day, I'll kidnap and sell your precious child! He will be worth alot of money." Mom starts crying and says, "You can't sell him! That's illegal and cruel!" I squeak, "He's willing to sell me." Grandpa Jacob says harshly, "Who wouldn't want to sell you?? You're just a piece of crap!" Mom and Dad just give me a heartbroken look. I say in a baby-tone, "Mommy, Daddy? Can I go back in time?"

"Shut up, Mistake!"

"Not you too, Grandma!"

"I want my money right now."

"No, you will not sell me!"

Mom and Dad give me a sad smile. I know what that means. I'm never gonna be happy.

Chapter Three- My Life is an Utter Mess

I hear another knock on the door. Mom and Dad open to Grandpa. "We told the mayor that you committed murder, theft, and kidnapping. Of small children. So if you don't leave, you and your family will be arrested." Mom breaks down in tears. "Why, Dad? We're innocent!" She looks up angrily. "I don't even want to call you 'Dad' anymore. You harassed my innocent son, and now you're framing us!" Grandpa says, "Well, technically we didn't frame you-" Mom yells while sobbing, "I don't care! You got my family in trouble with the law!" Then she turns to us. "I don't even know where we're going to live now..." Grandpa sighs and says, "Fine. You can stay at my house. As for him..." he looks over at me, "he'll either be sold or abandoned." I burst into tears. "No!" Mom smiles slyly. "Thank you for your very generous offer, but I'll think we'll pass." Then she says in all seriousness, "We will not accept until you include our son! We can't just leave our 17-year-old out in a hostile world!" Grandpa's look angers, and he says, "Fine, I will take Mistake in." Mom narrows her eyes and says, "His name is Evan. Say it. Ev-an." Grandpa yells, "Enough, Mallory!! You want shelter or not?!" Mom looks down. "Yes, Father," she mutters. My mom has been reduced to murmurs and "Fathers". What did Grandpa do to my mother!? When we reach his home, my parents are treated reasonably good, and I'm treated like I don't exist. For example, at dinnertime, they put plates filled with food on Mom, Dad's, and their own spots. I didn't get a bite of food before my mother noticed no plate (I was behind some gigantic flowers) on my spot 15 minutes after. She looked at me with concern and sadness, and gave me her dinner. I happily dug in. However, Mom started crying. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't because she had to sacrifice her meal in order to get me fed.

Chapter Four- Horrid Discovery

That night, I hear Grandma and Grandpa arguing about what to do outside of the basement, which is kinda turned into a bedroom (for me), per se. They merely put a thin blanket on the floor and put a severely-stained pillow where I will lay down. They're talking about what to do with me. Either to sell or... kill me. None are options to keep me around. Then, a piece of the wall breaks! A robber says, "Give me all your money, or everyone in this house gets shot!" He catches sight of me. "Including the young one." He should have guessed from my conditions that I'm not loved here. They pick up me and plead, "If anyone gets shot, make it him! Please, sir, spare everyone else's lives!" Notice he added, "...Everyone else's"? They must really hate me. The robber's eyes slightly widen in mild shock at their abandonment of me. The youngest one in here. He aims the gun at me. "Give me all your money, or you'll be shot!" I say, "I don't have any on me, though." Grandpa says, "He's lying! He has money!" A look of horror takes over my front when the robber's expression changes to anger. Intense anger. I stammer, "S-search me. There's no mon-ey on me!" He searches me, and finds nothing on me, save for a single penny that's been there since I was 15. He looks at the penny and says, "This doesn't count." He holds it up. I say softly, "Can I keep it? I've had it since 15." He tosses it back to me. The robber actually looks guilty that he was about to kill me. He looks up at Grandpa, a pained look in his eyes. "Why did you allow me to kill him? He's just a kid! And a traumatized one for sure."  

Chapter Five- A Haunting Backstory

Grandpa yells, "'Cause he's mixed! And mixed kids are rejected in this family!" The robber looks at me, sadness in his eyes. Then a haunted one. He notices the look of concern in my eyes. He says, his voice trembling, "Me and my family did not have much money growing up. As an elementary kid, I was bullied a lot. I got even more bullied as I advanced through the grades. It got physical in 7th grade. In 9th grade, one was them... stabbed me with a pocketknife. I was fatally wounded. When I healed, I... may or not have robbed his house... and killed him out of anger. At the time, I thought it was fair. I mean, he stabbed me, so in my young and stupid mind, I thought that killing him was justified. Well, at 16, I felt horrible that I killed a 15-year-old at 14. I wasn't much older than you when the kid's mother... tried to... shoot me. I got trapped in an alleyway and the only way to live past 18... was to kill her. I didn't want to, but there was no way out of it. I shot her." I say, "That's... horrible." The robber leaves, although haunted by his past. I watch him leave, thinking that he probably wasn't much past 18. So the wounds would have been fresh. Grandpa goes up-ramp, not bothering to fix the hole, and for the next two days, I'm cold and starving.  

Chapter Six- Cold and Hungry

It starts to snow, not softly, but a flippin' blizzard! I shiver violently on the stone floor. Snow gets in the huge basement. It never reaches me, because as I mentioned before, it's huge. And musty. And disgusting. A little female car comes in through the hole, collapsing as soon as she reaches the non-snowy part. "So... cold." The little car says. She's probably merely five years old. Then she catches sight of me. "Are you their prisoner?" I say sadly, "No. I'm the owners' grandson." She tries to open the locked door, and the top of the steps, and nearly falls! She bursts into tears. "It's cold down here!" Grandma hears the cries of a small child, and opens the door, seeing the little kid, completely ignoring the fact that I'm shivering violently. She takes the child in her springs, and carries her to a bed. And I'm still worth nothing. Grandma comes down here carefully, and says, "C'mon, Mistake." She takes me to a black car. She says, "$10 and 25 credits." I'm taken aback and say, "Grandma- Are you... selling me!?" Mom comes down quickly and saves me from being sold. She says, "Take me to where you sleep." I lead her to the basement. She sees my "bed", and her eyes fly open in horror. How many times a week are you fed?" I say sadly, "One. Usually it's half-rotten fruit."  

Chapter Seven- Mom's a Rights Activist

Mom says angrily, "You deserve to have a place to sleep and food to eat! I'll talk to my parents about this!" And by talk, she means yell until I get proper care. I love my mom. After 30 minutes, Grandpa comes down and throws me out of the hole! He boards it up, and he yells, "Bye-bye, sucka!" I say, "Now there's no chance of me living to see 20." Mom looks like she wants to kill Grandpa, and he pushes her aside to leave. A 16-year-old female car says, "What are you doing out here!? It's freezing!" I reply sadly, "I was thrown out by my grandfather." A look of horror fills her young eyes. "I was thrown out of the house by my mother. She hates me because I was merely standing up for myself after she physically abused me. Then she tossed my 5-year-old sister out as well." I say, "Is the little one fuchsia?" She says, "Yes, Abbigail is fuchsia. Why?" I say, "'Cause my grandmother took a fuchsia 5 to 6-year-old in today." She adds, "The only reason she kept Jason was to put him to work. She didn't accept me and Abbigail because we were both born with a rare genetic disorder where we're injured and damaged a lot easier than the average person. We got it from our dad. Jason was lucky enough not to be born with it. But now Mom's using that to her advantage by putting my innocent 8-year-old brother to work." I sense tragedy in her past. "Is your father- still alive?" She says sadly, "No. He was killed when I was 14 in an accident." I lead her to my grandparents' house. She knocks on the door, and Grandma takes her in. I feel a pane of sadness that my own grandmother won't accept me. I head to the house that the girl came from. I knock on the door, and say, 'Why'd you abandon your daughters? Plus, you can't use your own child as your slave!" She replies, "How'd you know?" I say, "Your oldest told me everything. Besides her name." She pulls me in! "This info stays here. If any evidence gets outside, McKayla gets it." She freakin' pulls out a pistol! "Or you get killed." I glance worriedly in the general direction of McKayla. "No! You can't kill your own daughter for trying to protect herself!"

Chapter Eight- The Mother's Slave

The cruel mother smiles evilly as her weak 8-year-old pleads, "Can I please go outside and play with my friend?" She says, "No! You know what'll happen if information gets out." Jason says quietly, "Yes, Mother." I go over to the child and ask quietly, "When was the last time you went outside?" He says, "A month ago. Mommy never lets me go outside." My expression changes from soft to angry. The child's eyes widen. "Are you mad at me?" I say softly, "No. I'm mad at your mommy." I think sadly, He's so young, but yet he's experienced so much! The mom yells, "Get to work, you stupid child! You too, **** teenager!" I say, "Don't call me that." Then Jason looks down. "Mother, I'm hungry." She dagger-glares her child, and says, "Enjoy starving, then!" I sigh sadly. I look at my tires and wish that I could feed Jason. When she leaves the room, I go to the snack cabinant. It only has one thing. Sauage. I take it out and give it to the child. He nibbles at it as I watch for his mother. I notice her coming through the door and tell the 8-year-old to hide it. I had put everything back in place. She goes in the kitchen and takes out the sauage. She glares at me and throws me and her innocent son out! The little guy begins to cry. "Mama..." He whimpers. I shiver in the cold. Jason shivers even more violently. I call out into the cold Winter air, "Help!" I look down at the huddled kid. Near-frozen tears run down his hood as he slowly freezes.  Please don't die... I think. A water-powered car gasps and sees the dying child. He melts the ice and stops the blizzard. He picks up Jason off the ground and cradles him in his hold. He looks at me, tears filling his green eyes. "We have to get him to the Hospital." I nod and help him. We bring him to the warm Hospital and they're shocked to see the huddling child in the car's hold. A female gently takes Jason and holds him close as she carries him to a chair and gets a blanket. He gets closer to the female, trying to get warm. "Can you be my mommy?"