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First Oneshot.  

Murder At Midnight

Author: Silver
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete


I stretched, putting the book to the side and getting up, before glancing at the clock, which read 11:53 p.m. I walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of water, staring out the window. Hearing a slight creak, I glanced back at the room. Nothing. Shrugging, I turned to back to the window, then jerked my head in surprise.

A rather pretty girl was standing in front of it, smiling slightly. I felt my cheeks flushing, and she raised an eyebrow, amused. Noticing her eyes for the first time, I felt a jolt of fear. They were pure black. I started to lift the window to talk to her. Immediately, she ran out of my view. "Hey! Wait!" I call, opening the door. I felt a slight breeze, but she was gone.

Frowning, I closed the door and walked back to the couch, picking up my book again. I heard another creak, and looked up. Nothing. I looked back down at my book, but I couldn't focus. Those eyes... they haunted my mind. Then I mentally shook myself. Of course they looked black. It was nearly midnight.

Smiling to myself, I started reading. The lights turned off. I was plunged into darkness. I felt my heart quicken, and I felt my way over to the light switch. It was turned on. The lightbulb had gone out. Sighing, I walked to the kitchen, carrying my glass. I flicked the light switch, but nothing happened.

I searched around blindly, and found a flashlight. I clicked it on, turned around, and dropped the glass. It shattered on the floor, scattering around two pairs of feet. My eyes were glues to the girl. She smiled again, but it had lost it's amusement; it looked cold. Her eyes were black, and I felt my own widen with terror.

"What... are you.... doing here?" "I'm here for you, John Green." She smirked, her voice like ice. I reached behind me and grabbed a knife from the block and held it out in front of my protectively. "Leave now. Get out of my house." I ordered.

"You think that little knife will stop me?" Her smile got bigger, and quick as lightning, she had the knife in her hand, spinning the blade on top of her finger like a basketball. Then the knife was quivering in the wall to my left, sunk to the hilt. I was too scared to say anything.

"Much better." She smiled again, and her teeth were extended into fangs. Now I started screaming, but I was cut off immediately, when I felt a pinch, at my throat. I collapsed onto the floor, cutting my arms on the glass that covered the floor. I tried to move, and realized I was paralyzed.

I watched helplessly as she knelt down next to me, and bared her teeth. "Now, let's have some fun." She hissed, her eyes glittering.