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Rating: Moderate
Status: Coming Soon
Series: Meraki
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Meraki is an original series created by a girl under the alias of WrenTheSunWing, who may also be known as GalaxyTheStarWing on Wattpad, DeviantArt, and Discord. It is a heavy work in progress original story that has not yet been officially released. The idea of the story was first conceived in fifth grade, however the story and it's current characters and plot were not actually decided upon until a few years later.


The main characters of the series, a pair of magical beings called Meraki named Krae and Ticon, get into all sorts of trouble with various magical spells, evil entities, and plenty of side adventures. The main antagonist has not yet been decided, however a possible candidate would be Shon, the "cousin's cousin" of Krae. Shon has the mysterious aura of someone who has secrets, and may be conspiring against the good entities of Meraki.

The World of Meraki

Meraki, the main setting for the series, is a fictional fantasy realm formed and kept together by the dreams of mortal children from the Physical Realm. The term "meraki" is actually Greek in origin, and means to put one's heart and soul into something - quite a fitting name for the Realm of Dreams!

This is a heavy WiP. Please don't edit this page without my permission, and don't criticize my characters or plots because they are unfinished/"bad". I shouldn't really have to say this, but just in case.