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I want you to know this,  

If ever there is a time you come to

Find this; I'm a bit hot tempered,

I'm a flare, a spark, an unsteady

Hot breath in a winter landscape.

You can't cling to me for reassurance

Just as much as I can't cling to

You in desperation.

Your memories are gone,

Mine stay intact, I could cross rivers,

Map continents and kiss that birthmark

On your skin, all with the memories

We created.

But you don't even recall my name

Let alone the way I taste against

Your lips, or the fallen words

Spoken aloud at one.

Who would 

Have guessed that that time

Would stick with me in every

Metaphorical, melodic, sense

That could ever exist?

But who would have guessed that

You could forget everything

And maybe I blame you, or perhaps I blame the amnesia.

But I'd like

To think that if ever you love a person

They, a like with their memories,

Never fade.

Yet, you, allowed me to fade.

For what?

So I could become a faux

A make believe reality, transcribed

And recited, spoken over, oral

Tradition, no real rendition.

I let you slip, and at times I blame

Myself, but most nights I linger too

Long on the devestating knowledge

That your lips aren't as soft as 

They used to be.

And your hands

Don't remember my fragile bones

Or the land they treaded on to

Find me.

If I could give to you memories

I'd give to you a shining star

A lonely whisper, and the millions

Of breaths that you destroyed.

If I could give to you wishes

I'd give you more genies than lamps

More mirrors and photographs than

Masks and make up.

And if one day you ask for fulfilled promises I

'll bring to you the roads we could've driven on

To get to the places we never visited

Where we'd plan our life out with Hailey and Alex holding our pinkies.