This is a warriors fanfiction by Cinderstar.



Berrypaw: black she-cat with green eyes, secretly has a crush on the deputy of the Clan

Swiftwhisker: Black tom with blue eyes. Deputy.

Spiderstar: Gray tabby tom with long legs and amber eyes. Leader.

Darkshine: glossy furred smokey gray tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Berrypaw's father.

Petalpaw: Tortiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes. Berrypaw's sister.

Brackenpaw: Golden brown tabby tom with white paws and a ginger tailtip and amber eyes. Berrypaw's brother.

Birdsky: Blue gray she-cat with blue eyes. Medicine cat.

Watersplash: Blue gray tabby she-cat with white patechs and blue eyes. Formerly of RiverClan.


Owlpaw: tawny brown tom with huge amber eyes, very observant, is very quick and silent


Sunflare: golden tabby she-cat with ginger stripes and amber eyes.

Chapter 1 - Berrypaw

Berrypaw padded beside her mentor, Swiftwhisker. The black tom was a young cat, but was made a warrior early due to how quickly he had learned. Not long after that, Spiderstar had decided to give him an apprentice. Berrypaw was that apprentice. Swiftwhisker had been made deputy when the previous deputy, Sunflare, had died of greencough two sunrises ago. Swiftwhisker was only four seasons old.

Berrypaw's mouth was watering due to the plump rabbit that was in her jaws. She glowed with happiness when she remembered just how her mentor had praised her for catching it. She found Swiftwhisker the most handsome and kindest cat in the whole clan, and praise meant for from him to her then from any other cat.

"You'll be a warrior before you know it!" Swiftwhisker meowed. "The clan is lucky to have you. You're the best hunter in the clan since Sunflare died."

Barrypaw felt a prick of grief at the thought of the gentle warrior, but it was overpowered by the joy she felt at Swiftwhisker's words. It soon melted away when she entered the camp. Every warrior looked distraught. Sunflare hadn't been the only cat with greencough, over half the clan was still ill with it. A wave of dispair seemed to be washing over the camp. They had lost four cats in the last moon.

Berrypaw added her catch onto the small fresh-kill pile. Although her belly growled with hunger, she wanted to make sure all the sick cats could eat first.

Berrypaw's sister, Petalpaw, raced up to her. "Two more cat fell ill while you were out hunting." Petalpaw announced sadly. "Darkshine and Spiderstar."

Berrypaw's mouth opened in shock. Not only was their leader sick, but her father was as well. That made two family memebers ill, Darkshine, and their brother, Brackenpaw.

"Haw's Brackenpaw?" She asked.

"Worse." Petalpaw meowed sadly.

"Has Birdsky had any luck finding camint?" Berrypaw asked.

Petalpaw shook her head. "Not even a root. We'll have to wait for leaf-bare to end before we find anything growing."

"Why is the leaf-bare so long?" Berrypaw hissed. "According to Birdsky, it should already be newleaf!"

Petalpaw shook her head. "I don't know. I'm just as frustrated as you."

"Can't Birdsky ask the other medicine cats for catmint? Sagestar wasted no time at the last gathering boasting how much herbs RiverClan had managed to find during this harsh season." Berrypaw asked, but she already knew the answer.

"Tension is high between all the clans. WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan are upset with us already. If they knew we were as weak as we are, they'd waste no time in attacking." Petalpaw meowed. Berrypaw knew she was right. The clans had been unhappy at ThunderClan for sheltering a cat they considered to be a traitor. Watersplash had been driven out of RiverClan, accused of killing a clanmate. Watersplash, knowing how sympithetic ThunderClan was had come to plead for their help. She had not done what RiverClan had accused her of, and shared her explination, and ThunderClan took her in and made her a warrior.

Unfortunately, WindClan and ShadowClan had also found cats dead, and Sagestar had wasted no time in telling them it was Watersplash's fault. It wasn't long before a WindClan patrol had discovered Watersplash's new home. Soon all the other clans found out, and they considered ThunderClan a traitor for sheltering a "murderer".

"All we can do is pray to StarClan." Berrypaw sighed.

Chapter 2 - Owlpaw