Lost in Candy Land

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There's a place

Where everything is sweet.

The place to be for anyone

Who loves candy.

Everyone would love to be in Candy Land.

Imagine, you can eat as much candies as you wish, all day long.

Candy Land is the place to be

For anyone with a sweet tooth

And I tend to wander through Candy Land

Although I sometimes get lost.

Candy Land is like a scene

From a child's fairy tale.

I'm always running through the land

To satisfy my sweet tooth.

On the graham cracker streets

There are gingerbread houses

With gingerbread men walking by.

And forests of candy cane trees.

The clouds are made of cotton candy

The mountains are made of chocolate

And bubblegum swirls decorate the rainbow sky.

I look into a kaleidoscope

And I smile as I see planets made of lollipops.

But every now and then,

I decide that I've had enough candy,

So I find my map and retrace my steps

To find my way back home.

Candy Land, of course, isn't real

But it could just be paradise to live there

It lies in your imagination

And it lies in mine, too.

Every now and then,

I just daydream of Candy Land,

For my dreams are places

Where I am set free.

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