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This is a story about a 16-year-old named Kaylee Barom, who has black (more orange-yellow) magic, and as you can probably tell, she doesn't use it for good things. Moderate for violence (sometimes graphic), "black" magic, and seven deaths.

Chapter One

One day, a youth named Kaylee Barom was wondering around Trucktown when a 16-year-old orange car said, "Come over here. Now!" Kaylee, being dafiant, said, "No, leave me alone." The car threatened her by letting out a little amount of fire. The 16-year-old (Kaylee) said angrily, "You really want to do that?" She snarled, and her vibrant blue eyes turned orange-yellow, which glowed. The male car, Flamer Jasion, said, "Okay... I can still burn you!" Kaylee said, "No, you can't!" A forcefield the current color of her eyes surrounded her. She blasted him with some type of magic the same color as everything else. Flamer fell unconscious, and Kaylee drove away, leaving him on the road. She noticed a cop coming down the road and changed back quickly. She didn't feel guilty about harming Flamer, as he wasn't actually going to harm Kaylee. And she knew it. 

Chapter Two

Two long hours later, Flamer finally woke up. He weakly limped to the Hospital, and Kaylee noticed him, and said slyly, "Oh, you're awake." She blasted him again, and this time, he froze in time. She laughed, but a cop wasn't. A Hospital worker said, "Why isn't he, or even his eyes, moving?" Kaylee answered, "I froze him in time." The worker yelled, "How!?" She said, "With magic." The worker rose her eyebrows, and said, "Okay, unfreeze him if you're actually telling the truth." Kaylee sighed and said, "Fine." She unfroze the teenager. Flamer cast her a hateful glare. He said, "Do that again, and I swear I will burn you!" The worker said, "Okay, you two! Cut it!" Kaylee, again, blasted the teenager with her magic. This time, it caused him to get severely injured. The worker slapped her forehead, and told Kaylee to stop hurting Flamer. Kaylee said, "Not 'til he's dead! HAHAHA!!!!" The worker said, "Wait, what!?" Kaylee commented, "I'd rather kill him!"  

Chapter Three

A 17-year-old Avalanche named Surviver Breaker was driving along the road, and she saw Flamer out like a light. She gasped, "What are you doing, sorcerer!?" A police officer came by, and Kaylee mind-controlled the officer, to Surviver's horror. Kaylee said, "Now he can't arrest me. HAHAHA!!" Surviver yelled, "Stop mind-controlling him!" Kaylee responded, "No, Stranger-I-don't-know! I will hurt or kill you!" Surviver, taken aback by the threat and attitude, said, "Please, no! My family needs me!" Kaylee yelled, "Shut up, I don't care! In fact, I don't even care about my own brother!" Then, she used her magic to force Surviver to be mute. She said angrily, "It could've been a killing spell." Surviver's eyes portrayed fear and sadness, a mix of purple and misty blue, and Kaylee just laughed sadistically. She bragged, "I'm the best, you're the worst. You deserve to suffer and die, for all I care!" A tear slipped out of the teenager's eyes, and Kaylee started physically assaulting her! Surviver hit Kaylee to protect herself, but Kaylee used a spell to fatally injure Surviver, who died five hours later, to the sadistic teenager's delight! She laughed at the dead teenager and mocked her for being sentimental. Clearly, Kaylee did not have a shred of sentimentality.  

Chapter Four

Kaylee went toward her house, not bothering to do something about Surviver's (auto) body. The nurse had watched the scene in shock and horror at what the 16-year-old was willing to do, including murdering a truck only a year older than herself (Kaylee). Then again, she did threaten to kill a 16-year-old. A youth passed her, and he said, "Why do you look so stormy?" Kaylee said, "Shut up, kid!" The 15-year-old glanced down, and two tears slipped from his eyes. Kaylee started bullying the kid, and made fun of him for crying. Those were the exact words his father had said to him after he asked a question about how his mom died. Kaylee said, "Look, I don't care that you're (verbally) abused by your father, nor that your mom died! So you can stop crying and shut up!" The kid, Darrell Smith, stammered, "H-how do you know?" Kaylee smiled sinisterally and said, "'Cause I have black magic, stupid!" Darrell whispered meekly, "I didn't know that." He thought, How come my innocent questions cause so much pain?? Kaylee violently used her magic to cause him to fly over to a tree and be instantly knocked out. She looked at a limp Darrell and briefly snickered. She didn't care about how much people she harmed, or who they were.

Chapter Five

Kaylee went over to a random house, removed the door with her magic, and went inside calmly. She was quickly surprised to hear a "Ouch!" and swearing, but snickered as usual at a innocent civilian getting hurt. Suddenly, she was met by a nature-green car holding a pistol. He said, "Oh!" and aimed the gun at the floor. He couldn't kill a 16-year-old. She sneered, "So you refuse to kill me, eh?" She lifted him into the air with her magic. He had dropped the cocked gun in surprise. She grabbed the gun with her left tire, and said, "I will kill you in front of your family, and I don't care if they die of sorrow." The car pleaded, "No! My children are super-young! You can't kill me in front of them!" By now, two curious small children drove into the room. They said, "Daddy, why're you floating?" Kaylee wickedly said, "Your daddy is going bye-bye." She waved with the gun. The child looked up at her and said, "Daddy going bye-bye? Where's he going?" Kaylee said, "You idiotic child! He's going to diie!" She callously laughed as the 3-year-old car jumped to try to get Daddy to hold him. A look of sorrow resided in his sea-blue eyes. He pleaded for Kaylee to spare his life. Kaylee harshly said, "No, you ****in' ****! I will end your life, no matter how many children you have or how young you are!" He whispered, "24."

Chapter Six

His wife, holding a small baby car, drove into the room, saying, "Put my husband down, you dumb-dumb!" The 3-year-old pointed a tiny tire at Kaylee, and repeated, "Dumb-dumb!" She glared at the toddler and said sadistically, "I can kill you along with daddy." The little car wailed, "Mommy!" and hid behind her. Kaylee looked at the father and said with a sneer, "Would you rather die by getting shot or choked?" She was obviously enjoying the fact she was emotionally and mentally torturing the innocent dad with the threat of death. "Neither," he replied. Kaylee callously smacked him against the roof and said, "Not a option. You MUST die!" The 24-year-old whispered, "Choked." As she started to constrict his breathing, he choked out, "Can.. talk...family please?" Kaylee coldly said, "No." And then he died two minutes later. The 26-year-old widow cried, "No!" Kaylee let the now-dead car fall lifelessly to the ground. The 3-year-old tried to get his daddy to pick him up, but Daddy didn't move! Kaylee said harshly, "He's dead, stupid!" Tears ran down the family's hoods, and she said, "I'll be back. For the wife!" as she left the house. The young widow glanced fearfully down at her baby.

Chapter Seven

She saw Flamer, and said, "We meet again..." Flamer's eyes widened as he noticed a black vine snaking up toward his throat! He said, "Please, I'll leave you alone! Don't kill me!" A cop watched in horror as Kaylee (She would make an excellent assassin. Hmm...) murdered the 16-year-old by choking him to death! The black vine moved toward its next victim: Flamer's 14-year-old brother, Teris Jasion. Luckily, the young car got away from the vine. The cop arrested her for the murder of several and attempted murder of a youth. She escaped jail, somehow, and reported to Mill, a extremely cruel nature-themed small van, "I've killed three cars, a hot pink Avalanche, a dad of three small children, and Flamer." Mill asked, "Who's Flamer?" Kaylee said, "Oh, just a annoying 16-year-old in my school." He replied warily, "Ooo-kay? Did you kill him in school?" The teenager sighed and said, "No, duh. I killed him near his house. Also tried to kill his younger brother, but that failed." Mill asked, "How old is Flamer's brother?" The sadistic 16-year-old replied, "Probably around 14 or 15." He handed her three 15-dollar bills. Kaylee said, "$35? My parents ought to be impressed." Mill said curtly, "Bye." Kaylee replied in a low voice, "Bye." Mill asked in a shout, "Do your parents know about this?" Kaylee said, "No, they would literally kick me out! I need someone to love and care about me." Mill replied, "Well... you do assassinate people, so it makes sense that everyone hates you." Kaylee said, "Shut up." and Mill yelled as she was leaving, "I will fire you, young lady."

Chapter Eight

Kaylee headed home and showed her parents the money. They asked, "Where you'd get that money?" Kaylee responded, "From my job. Duh." Her parents asked, "What is your job?" Kaylee responded, "Grocrecy store." She thought wickedly, More like killing innocents. That night, she read the sloppily-made list of who Mill wanted her to kill. The list looked like this:


hit list

  1. aaron dager
  2. steven harald (check mark)
  3. poison hail
  4. joshua harric
  5. surviver breaker (check mark)
  6. darrell ceason
  7. flyn briger
  8. winnie steven
  9. varen cecil
  10. harris liss


Kaylee sighed and said, "I can barely read this, but I'll deal with it." Her parents came up to her room and said, "Our dear sweet Kaylee, what are you looking at?" Kaylee laughed inwardly, and said, "Just phone numbers so I can contact my bestie." A million thoughts were running through her messed-up mind, and these were the main two: First one: More like a list of who to cold-bloodedly murder. Second one: If I had one friend. Mill doesn't count. Then she looked over the list. She almost said, "I don't know half of these people!" but that would give her dead away. Her parents said, "Okay," and left.

(Feb. 17th)

Next Morning

Kaylee went over to the house phone, and called Mill.



"So, do I come over at 3:00?"

"Sure. I don't care either way."

"'Kay, see ya there. and the people that..." Kaylee lowered her voice, "....we don't kill." Her parents yelled, "Why did we hear the word 'kill'?!" Kaylee covered the mouthpiece and said, "Me and my friend plan to kill time!" Her parents yelled back, Okay!"

Mill said, "What was that about?"

"Oh, just my parents. They think I'm sweet!" Then she gulped. "I said that too loud."


Kaylee's parents yelled, "Kaylee dear? What's goin' on...?" She yelled back, "Oh, I'm just snappy with my friends." Her dad replied, "I've tapped into one of your calls, not this one, but a older male said, 'Kill 'em.' Who was he talking about?" Kaylee swore under her breath, earning a even harder glare from her father. The teenager whispered meekly, "A small family." Her dad said, "A-a family!? What could a little family do to him!?" Mill had heard the argument, and yelled, "Kaylee! You can't reveal that much!"

Kaylee watched as her dad ended the call after yelling at Mill. Kaylee said, "You know that's how people end up dead from Mill, right?" Her dad sent her upstairs for the rest of the day. However, Kaylee went out the car-ified fire escape and drove super-fast to the house at 3:36. She knocked on the door, and Mill answered. Mill said angrily, "How could you let your parents know!? Give me the list!" He snatched it from her right tire and went over to a desk and wrote, "11. your parents". She frowned when he handed it back angrily. "There's no way I'm killing my parents. They're the only ones that take care of me!" Mill said, "I don't care! Go to the basement and enjoy starving!" She pleaded, "Not with all those little kids!" He took out a gun, and said, "Go down there, or I will kill you and all the little prisoners!" She gulped. A 6-year-old pulled her in as a bullet landed in the wall two feet away from her! The little car said, "I saved you!" A 3-year-old cried, "Mama!" Kaylee looked at the tiny child in surprise. The toddler tried to sleep next to Kaylee, but she said, "Go away." The child cried, and suddenly Kaylee felt a dash of sympathy for the crying baby. Maybe there was hope...

Chapter Nine

Kaylee's eyes glowed orange-yellow as she shouted, "Get out of here, guys!" All the children left the basement as her power shattered the wall. On top of her. The whole building collapsed, leaving the teenager unconscious and fatally wounded. Mill was caught in the destruction, but not fatally wounded. He woke up quickly, and searched the ruins of the house-turned-Hideout. He grinned callously when he saw the unconscious thought-dead (auto) body of Kaylee.

(Feb. 18th)

Two days later

Kaylee feebly woke up, still in the rubble. Everyone had left her there, 'cause they thought she had died. Kaylee attempted to move the rubble away from her grille with her magic, but it only moved a few large pieces of the former house. Her weakness was really shocking, and eventually a cop investigated the pile, hearing feeble cries. This was 18 hours after she had woken up. The cop looked at who it was, and almost left her there. She moved two more rocks, and she had been crying, because she thought that she was going to die there. The cop said, "I know who you are, psychopath!" Kaylee's eyelids flickered. "Please, officer!" She weakly strained out. The officer turned and left. Kaylee proceeded to weaken.

(Feb. 20th)

When Kaylee's parents find her

By now, it was somewhere around 5:35. They hadn't seen their daughter for three days, despite not forgiving Kaylee yet. They looked desperately for their daughter, and when they did find her, she was closer to death than life. Kaylee lay helpless and dying, her blue eyes fading. Kaylee's dad lifted her almost lifeless (auto) body from the rubble, and he knew that reviving her would be a nearly impossible task. He stayed at his daughter's side, and hoped Caraline came back soon. A nurse with Caraline whined, "Do I have to?" The family looked at a dying Kaylee and tears welled up in their eyes and fell. "Please, she's dying!" The nurse yelled, "Do you realize how much people she killed and hospitalized?? I DON'T WANT TO SAVE HER!" She drove away as well. Caraline wept, "What are we going to do? We can't leave her here to die!" Kaylee finally woke up, and her parents were so happy! But her feeble question broke their hearts: "Am I going to die?" They sadly looked at each other, and mentally said, Yes. But what they said aloud was, "We don't know, honey." Keven carried Kaylee to the Hospital with Caraline's help, and they gently laid their suffering daughter on the ground next to them. They said, "We found our daughter partially covered with pieces of a house. She was unconscious, and even worse, dying." The person replied, "Show me her. I want to see the damage." They picked up a sub-conscious Kaylee. The woman said, "No... it isn't her!" She saw their eyes fill up again, and glanced up at them. They pleaded, "Please save her." The woman said, "Fine, but if she starts murdering every man, woman and child in this Hospital, that's on you!" A nurse reluctantly took her to a room. But to Kevin and Caraline's horror, the room Kaylee got was much further away than all the other occupied rooms! Than, they saw her food rations compared to an average youth's food amount. It had much less food than the others. Kaylee wasn't getting alot stronger like she should've had. One time, when Kaylee wasn't getting adequate care, she told the worker to give her proper care with curse word flavoring. Kaylee reported she didn't get her evening meal, leaving her hungry and starving. Hunger pained her 'til breakfast.

(Feb. 23rd)

A week later

Caraline and Kevin visited Kaylee, and found her sick! They picked up a piece of paper that read, "This patient has been abandoned." They looked at their daughter and cried. Kaylee said, "Mom, Dad? They fed me *cough cough* ...poisonous food as my last meal." Her parents yelled, "THEY DID WHAT!?" They reported to the boss about the horrid treatment that Kaylee got. Sadly the manager did not do anything about it, and not only that, he stole a civilian's gun! He went over to Kaylee's room and aimed the pistol at the young car! Her parents yelled, "Please don't kill our daughter!" The manager laughed callously as Kaylee shivered with fear. The manager cocked the gun, and Caraline knew that he would not hesitate to kill Kaylee. As he pulled the trigger, Kevin put himself in front of the gun. And instead, he was killed instead of Kaylee, who stared down in horror at her father's (auto) body. The manager, seeing that he'd killed her innocent father, left. Kaylee shakily said, "The manager tried to kill me... The manager tried to flippin' kill me!"

(March 1st)

One month later

Kaylee finally got to leave the Hospital, after several days of illegal neglect from the Hospital. The 1855 Act of Humane Rights apperantly didn't matter in Kaylee's case. Soon after entering her house, she watched with horror as the neighbor's house collapsed, a tiny car wandering out. Kaylee rushed outside, and checked up on the little car. He was yelling, "Mommy!" over and over, but after a few other yells, Ethan stopped and cried. Kaylee searched the ruins of the house, eventually finding his mommy. Sadly, she was deceased. She put the child's mother in the backyard. The next one she uncovered was Ethan's 14-year-old brother, but to her horror, Phillip was deceased as well. Kaylee unearthed Ethan's daddy, and he was still alive, but fatally wounded. She dragged him over to the front yard. Ethan's older sister, Gaby, around 12, was struggling in between life and death. Ethan's 8-year-old brother, Flinn, had been killed by the collapsed house. Hannah, Ethan's 13-year-old sister, was in the same condition as Gaby. The only sibling still conscious, but just barely, was Ethan's 6-year-old sister, Ashley. Kaylee measured the results on a piece of paper.


Status of Johners family from house crash

  1. Goerge, 38- fatally wounded
  2. Silvia, 35- dead
  3. Phillip, 14- dead
  4. Hannah, 13- hovering
  5. Gaby, 12- hovering
  6. Flinn, 8- dead
  7. Ashley, 6- barely conscious
  8. Ethan, 4- totally fine


Kaylee knew that the young child would be affected deeply by the loss of most of his family. She called a ambulance and he quickly arrived. His human female driver said, "How many are- lost?" Kaylee said, "Three out of seven, but another three are at the risk of dying." Mill said, "I murdered half of the family." Kaylee knew he had, but still lifted him up in the air and mildly choked him. He said, kinda tightly due to slight choking, "I will kidnap that tiny child." Kaylee yelled angrily, "No, you won't!" She choked him a little tighter. Mill choked out, "Stop choking... me!" Kaylee threw him, and watched happily as he was arrested.

Authors' Notes

Aren't you glad Kaylee's personality changed? Sure, it was because a building nearly crushed her, but no matter! JK, I wasn't about to kill off a young protagonist like that. Anyways, how'd you think of the story overall? Write in the comments how you like it, and if you have any constructive critism, feel free to list it! Did you like the level of suspense? Or not? Include that in your comment! If there's anything you don't like in the overall plot, feel free to also include that! I'll make a sequel and maybe even a prequel of how Kaylee got infulirated with him. I already have a idea for that. It's pretty violent, though.

Love, Sisi <3