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You can't live in the past.

You can't dwell on the future.

You always need to learn to live in the now.

You should live in the present day

And look no further.

What fun would it be

To dwell in the past or the future

If there's nothing to do

In the time behind or ahead of us?

The only thing important is right now,

Being here, alive and present at this moment.

Yesterday has passed.

Tomorrow isn't here yet.

All you have is today.

So make the most of what you have today.

There is no need to rush,

For you will always have time to do what you want to achieve.

Never allow waiting to become a habit.

Live your dreams and take risks.

Life is happening here and now,

So make the most of it.

Happiness is not a choice,

But it's actually a result.

Nothing will make you happy

Unless you choose to be happy.

It's not so complicated

To live in the now

And be somewhere else later.

If you're always racing to the next moment,

You won't be able to live in the moment you're in.

Now is the time to start living the life

That you have always imagined.

Just live in the now

And you will see that what happens will happen eventually.

Launch yourself on every wave of the present,

Find limitless possibilities in every moment,

And see where the wind of the present will take you.

If you live in the now,

You'll be more in touch with life.

The key to success is living in the moment

And if you live in the moment, you'll be able to keep moving.

If you try to control everything,

You won't be able to enjoy anything.

Sometimes you just need to relax, let go, and live in the moment.

You are not what happened to you,

But you are what you choose to become.

In this world, we must live in the present.

We do not dwell in the past or the future,

And you shouldn't, either.

Be the person you already are

And don't let anything dim your light.

All power is in the present moment

So stay present to what is happening to you now.

You can learn from yesterday

And look to tomorrow,

But you can succeed more

If you just live in the now.