I Love Writing Wiki

At the break of dawn,

I look at the sky

For I have a story to tell

About a journey that I had taken

Not too long ago.

Sometimes I think that

We all want to reach out for something

And not be left drifting on air.

I just let my world open up

And let it take my hand.

I get lead through a valley of life

The valley's a maze

Leading to something big

The journey of happiness

Can be reached within the blink of an eye

Every time I try,

I get lead by something bigger.

Something magnificent would be in this maze

That I would never guess

Sometimes I feel lost in my own mind

Like a flower flowing in the wind.

The sparkling images in my mind

Are like the flowing currents of a lake.

They flicker and spark

Like the red of the sun.

My journey is a dream that I'm moving towards

I am always astounded by the path I take

And the surroundings that I see.

And through all the paths that I've been taken,

There's always one thing true:

Wherever you go, you can always find joy

In every journey you take.