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In the gritty Sahara desert,

The waterless scorching winds are pushed through the golden sand,

Across the numerous dunes.

The cerulean sky stretches over

The boiling land of golden sand.

Fabricating an eternal dance that carved into the hostile terrain

Dusty red rocks breathe porous skins of the mountains

As blackbirds buoy their wings in a hot uplift.

Everywhere, there are mountainous landscapes and dry riverbeds

Cracks and rifts form along the earth's crust.

Tides of sand sweep the shore on moist life-bearing soil.

The air is dense and humid

The sand gently shimmers like an afternoon snowfall

The terrain is bone-dry and cracked.

The enchanting sand dunes quake apprehensively

And the sun rises high in the clear blue sky.

The coyotes play in the cold, bitter nights

And the stars are sprinkled in the sky like diamonds.

Jackrabbits run past the dusty path

The sunset is the colors of Persia's silks,

Crimson red and bright orange.

Mosquitoes hunt and worship the water from the cacti

And antelope tracks are concealed in the sand.

The sand is shaped and blown by the wind

Moving forward and backward.

Lizards, beetles, and scorpions crawl in all directions,

Getting lost in the desert sun.

The waves of the sand

Stretch out into forever.

The desert, though dry and humid, hold such beauty and tranquility.

The desert holds such perfection

For nature wills it to be smooth and holds love.