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This suspense story is rated Moderate for attempted murder and violence.


I'm knocked into the water rather aggressively. I'm lucky that I can breathe underwater due to having water powers! Little problem: I have literally no idea where I am. I swim up, and am met by a slightly younger boat. He says, "Why are you so far from mainland? Don't you belong on land?" I say (not rudely), "I don't know where land is! Besides, I can breathe just fine." The teenage boat says, "Okay... there's a island to the north."

Chapter One- Elemental Island

I keep going north until I reach an island with a lot of small buildings and a beat-up road. I drive onto the island and find myself bumper-to-bumper to a green nature-powered car with fern-green eyes. He's holding a machete in his left tire. My pale blue eyes wander down to the tool/weapon, and he growls, "Who are you, and why are you here?" As he's saying this, trees are surrounding me. I say, "I'm Wave Reven, and I ended up here because I was stuck in the middle of the sea." He says, "Icianna! We have another prisoner!" I say sarcastically, "Yay, I'm a prisoner! Joy of my life!" Icianna, a pretty blue car with same pale blue eyes as me, comes over to the green one's makeshift cage. "Forest, you're overreacting. He can't be a danger to us. He's water-powered!" I cringe and say, "Sorry to burst your innocent little bubble, but there's two pure evil water-powered cars in my town who drown people for no reason, so water can be harmful." Icianna gives me a blank stare harboring innocence. "Exactly why would they want to kill innocent people?" Forest sighs to the pure innocence of his younger partner. "You don't remember Firestorm What's-his-name, do you? He acted nice, like this idiot, and then tried to kill us." Icianna says, "Not all people who come on this island is evil." Forest turns to me, eyes narrowed. "Are you a murderer?" I say, "No, I don't blatantly murder innocent people!" He asks again, "Do. You. Kill. People?" I say, "Only when they're trying to kill me! Not the human population, though." Forest decides, "Kill him." I glare at him and say, "So here you are asking if I kill people, but you're gonna blatantly murder me? I hate this kind of ironry."

Chapter Two- Imprisoned

Forest frees me from the tree cage, but locks me in a dirty building! I sigh and say, "Forest, you're a horrible, horrible person!" Forest yells, "Shut up, prisoner!" I murmur, "I wonder what you did with that Flamestorm guy if you're willing to kill me for protecting myself in a violent world!" Forest narrows his eyes and says, "Firestorm, and he's... fine. Enough." Icianna says when Forest leaves, "And this is what he does with a third of the people who comes here. Though, half of them end up dying from malnutrion anyways. Kinda tragic, actually." I gulp and say, "I came here for proper care and hope, not to be imprisoned!" She frees me, and when Forest returns, and sees Icianna with me, he angrily stabs the machete into the dirt and chokes Icianna with vines! She passes out, and Forest throws me into the basement! He takes out a gun and aims it at me, even though I did nothing to the guy! Who I presume is Firestorm says, "I will kill you, all of you!" Why is all the males on the island besides me so vengeful!?

Two days later

Uhh, I feel so weak! Firestorm is constantly bullying me, and Forest is neglectful! What am I going to do!? Then, I overhear Forest talking to Icianna. "Icianna, you know you can't stop me. They will die, and there's nothing you can do about it! Muahahaha!" Icianna pleads, "You can't kill Wave! He did nothing to you!" Forest yells, "Shut up!" and violently knocks her into the basement!

Chapter Three- Why's My Life So Crazy!?

Icianna pleads, "Stop bullying me. Please!" Firestorm says, "It'll be easy to kill you now, Icianna!" Poor car... Why's she being hurt!? She's the innocent one of the bunch! Icianna's eyes tear up, and she clearly feels abandoned. I watch as one of those heartbroken tears run down her hood.

A day later

I wake up to find Icianna missing. To my horror, I hear her scream! I break out of my prison and rush to the ocean. I felt my instincts pull me toward there. I swim into the water, and the older teen is unconscious and drowning! l swim faster to save Icianna from a untimely death. I envelope her into a air-bubble and float her to the surface. Icianna wakes up and gasps, "Why, Forest!?" Forest is standing idle in front of Icianna, but when the sun flashes off of his side, I see a glint hinting toward a knife. I think he's going to kill her! Icianna whispers, "Why'd you try to drown me? I did nothing to you!" I say, "She's right. We did not do anything to you, but you're still trying to end our lives." Forest takes out his knife and says, "Do you two want a quick death? 'Cause if Wave keeps talking, I'll have Firestorm kill you slowly and painfully." I whisper to Icianna, "On the count of three, freeze Forest." Then I start counting. "One... two... three!" Icianna freezes him and we take off into the water, and we swim toward the boat and gasp, "We need help... there's a crazy nature car after us!" The boat looks mildly alarmed, and says, "You want me to alert the Coast Guard?" I say, "Very much so!" Unfortunately, Forest doesn't stay frozen for very long. He blasts a vine at Icianna's throat! The young car starts to drown.

Epilogue- The Coast Guard Arrive!

A Coast officer rescues Icianna from drowning again, and Forest is arrested for attempted murder. I say, "I have to say, my life is pretty crazy, with amnesia, attempted murder, rescuing younger cars from drowning, and other things." The Coast officer says, "Does sound pretty crazy... I've gotta take this loon to prison." He says, "Icianna will die, and I don't care how. You know it, Wave." I look at the teen in worry for what's coming. Icianna catches me staring, and sees the worry in my eyes. Icianna says, "There's nothing to be worried about. He's going to prison." Somehow I know Icianna's life is at risk...

Authors' Notes

Hey! Sisi here! This story wasn't originally gonna be a short, but it made sense with the quickened plot. With the whole "Icianna will die" thing, I'm probably gonna kill her off eventually in this survival series. Let's see how long we can make 'em and how much action we can fit in these tiny chaptered, stories! The sequel, Protecting the Youth.

Love, Sisi <3