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Point of View

Point of view (also known as perspective) describes the position of the narrator (the character of the storyteller) in relation to the story being told. There are three major perspectives, and they are: First Person, Second Person, and Third Person. To read more about this topic, please click this sections title, which will take you to the main help page for Point of View.

Voice & Tone

There are two concepts that go by the name of Voice where writing is concerned. There is a writing voice, which is the individual voice of an author, and grammatical voice, which relates to subjects are verbs.

Tone can be loosely defined as the general character or attitude of a character/person, place, piece of writing, situation, etc. Tone may be formal, informal, intimate, solemn, somber, playful, serious, ironic, condescending, or many other possible attitudes (basically, if it's an adjective, it can be used to describe the tone of something).


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Imagery & Symbolism

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