The Name Reservation page is a place for you to "save" names for pages that you plan on making later.

To use this page, create a section with Heading 2 with a link to your user page. Beneath this heading, make a link to the page you want to save (it will be a red link, as the page as not yet been made). Then publish your edit, and you're done! Once you use a name, please remove it from this page.

If you have already made a page, there is no need to reserve that title, as nobody can make a page with the same name. If you don't use a title within a year of reserving it, consider giving up the name for a while so other people can have the chance to use it.

If a user is inactive for over three months, they will lose their claims on any reserved name. In the event that someone unknowing takes a title you have already reserved, an admin will ask you if they can keep it, if you say:

  • Yes: They will keep it and you forfeit the rights to the name.
  • No: They will have one day to copy what they've written and/or rename the page. The page will then be deleted and return to your ownership.


When It Calls:


Life - A Poetry Anthology:



  1. Doorways (not to confused with Darky's title)





Rip & Release the Pain (RIP=RELEASE Songfic)