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Wiki Projects and Events


Here on ILWW we run various projects and monthly events to try and promote creativity and celebrate our users! Why not check them out?

  • ILWW Projects - A great starting place for new users, and useful for older users alike! Our projects are a way for users to gain a mentor or beta reader for their stories, and where older users can offer their reading expertise.
  • I Love Writing Club - Our writing club runs once every two months and is a great way to get the creativity flowing! The aim of this project is just to write, and to build confidence. More information can be found on the forum.
  • Community Reviews - A place where any user can ask the wiki to leave a review on their story. This is a great project for getting your works read and getting some useful insight into them!
  • Discussion Week - An event that takes place usually in the first week of each month where any user can invite their readers to discuss their works and offer some insight into their writing process - a fun event for both writers and readers!

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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
— Benjamin Franklin


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