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When I first realised I loved you, I looked at you

And when I looked deep into your eyes, there were two people staring back

There was you, and there was Her:

After every meal, every snack, every time I tried to give you sweets

I realised that you felt Her, and I started to see Her

Her reaching up and grabbing your hand, making you cry, making you blame yourself

When you ate something, Her:

“Was that really necessary? The only thing you gained was pounds!”

“Haven’t you heard of self control?”

And you knew the answer. But She told you She was honest

That She was the truth, and not you

When you felt insecure, looking in the mirror, She whispered reassurances:

“This will all be gone soon… you can be beautiful.”

But you were too strong. You were (forename surname), and you started to fight

For a moment, She was gone

But then when you were free, when everyone thought you were “healthy”

She came back. And She spoke. “I saved you.”

And you had to fight. You fought with your hands, but you couldn’t live like that

Nobody could live like that, constantly being strong

But something changed. Because I’m going to fight Her too, and I’ll never let Her get you

When I look into your eyes, I see the person I love

And I love (forename surname). I love you so much that I’ll make you a promise:

One day, I won’t see Her, and you won’t feel her

You don’t have to fight on your own any more, because I’m going to stop Her

I’m not going to let Her hurt you

I’m going to fight by your side until you don’t have to fear Her

Together, we’ll kill Her.