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Hell's Kitchen has been written for the I Love Writing Club for the month of August 2015 with the prompt Hell. Why not check out some of the other Writing Club stories?

Hell's Kitchen

Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Explicit
Status: Complete

A Poem By IRmjii

I walked into my own kitchen and saw it all.
The luscious food being prepared,
The sounds of pots and pans banging
And the heat entering my soul.

Yeah right! You must be joking. This is what really happened.

I walked in and saw the devil.
It's eyes wide and red.
It's soul cold and frozen.

The plates represented baskets
And in each basket was little humans
All garnished with a side of fear and anger.

The poor innocent lives of the young
Now trapped inside a small bit of wood
Stuck together with blood.

I saw the water trickle down as the humans
Are thrown in shrieking as the acid
Tears them one by one.

All the eyes stop and stare at me
So evil, so dark and so unforgiving
I was the only survivor.

What can I do?
in fact what can't I do?
I'm stuck in this pigsty full of rotten flesh.

Then comes the worst bit, Dinner time.
I saw the bright red faces piercing away
With bright red forks. 

Their eyes in flames, their hunger in demand
And the cries and screams of the unprotected.
Is this really happening?

Once every bit of organ is devoured by the 2 slobs
They wash up with laughing and joking
Like they have no care in the world.

They place them to dry,
Laugh obnoxiously,
And walk off as I stare into the rest of Hell's Kitchen.