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Grains Of Salt

Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete
Series: Don't Rain On My Parade
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

A Poem By IRmjii

When you was young
I used to rub my delicate fingers
Across your soft white cheek.
Soft as the day I gave birth to you.

I remember the times we had
You laughing and giggling
While walking like the almighty Godzilla
Holding up your playthings letting out a yell.

I remember when you was 3
And you was walking on the
Thing grains of watery sand
Crying over the scorching heat

I remember you jumping up and down
Watching the water wrap around
Your tender feet wishing to whisk you away
Into the sea of life and death.

I remember your almighty 
Construction skills holding up
Your life-sized human JCB
Whizzing at work making dreams come true.

I remember the sun shining to wish you
All the best of luck no matter what it may be
Or the things in life that people seem to
End in failure after failure

I remember the wind blowing into your face
The whistling sounds of the clouds above
Moving along fast spying down and
Blessing it with a smile.

Now I look up to you 20 years later
The smile has erased and it now only becomes
A pale grin lifted by the air.
Nothing will fit the jigsaw of life back together.

Everything I saw
Was my long lost past
Everything I see now
Is a bland and bleak future.

I live on my own
Where no one is here for me
Where the only smile I see everyday is mine.
Where everything I once saw is now only a grain of salt.