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Who says that penguins can't fly?

For sure, we can, if we have our large cannon with us.

You might think it sounds crazy,

But that doesn't mean we're insane birds of the South Pole.

We have our own system of flying

And I'll explain how it works.

As we jump off of the rope,

We get shot out of a catapult or a cannon,

As we do a triple backflip and blast off

And as we are flying, we flap our wings for a little boost of speed.

To go faster, we strap rockets to our backs

And our speed accelerates as we flap more.

As we plummet to the ground,

We fall into the snowbanks,

And sometimes we crash through the ice!

But if we're lucky, there are trampolines nearby

That shoot us back into the air.

We all know we have the courage to fly,

And if we're lucky, we might fly into space!

Who told you that penguins can't fly?

We know that we can, if we just try.