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Fire and Ice is about a young car, 22 years old, and she finds out that she has two opposite powers, hence the title. Icianna Flame is shocked.

Chapter One- Discovery

One day, Icianna was driving around when she spotted her boyfriend, Zach Dylan. She kissed him on the side of his hood. Then, Zach's sister, Lula Adan, married to Derek Adan, said, "Don't kiss my younger brother, idiot!" Zach complained, "C'mon, Lula, I'm not 15 anymore! I'm 24!" Icianna's left eye turned orange, and her right eye turned pale blue. Lula said, "What the H***!?" Zach glared at his sister, and said, "You know Mom and Dad told us not to swear!" He glanced at Icianna, and muttered, "What the heck?" She shot ice out of her right tire, and quickly melted it with fire from her left. She was shocked at her ability.

Chapter Two- Surrounded!

All the sudden, Lula spotted someone. She said, "Zach... there's someone coming toward us..." Then, their visitor turned toward Icianna. He growled, "Hey, power-girl!" Icianna held up her right tire, and a slight amount of ice came out. She froze the ground in front of the brown-eyed black car. Then she melted it. He gulped and said, "I'm going to have to take care of you a different way." Icianna said, "No! Don't hurt me!" Lula frowned and said, "Before this gets violent, let's talk this out, not kill an innocent adult."