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Finding peace

Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete
Series: Album de Luminious
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

When you're gone

I'm waking up at dawn

Missing the days when we started as friends

But we're sticking, lasting to the end

I'm across the globe

15 hours away

Come talk to me

I'm here to stay

We used to argue 24/7

In which it (read: Me) felt like heaven

Now I'm missing your sweet, rhythmatic voice

I'll have to stick with the hope of our future rejoice

I remember in September

We split over, no longer peas in a pod

We came back together in a cold, cold December

But it was too late- I ruled you down like a god

You like running, you're a preppy athlete

I like debating, I'm a nerdy rebel

You came to my cycling party, on a plain ol' April day

Even though it was cliche- I was leaving on my own date

Give me a hand, ol' friend

Send me a postcard by wire

It's a metal rope we can deal with, we can bend

Can you feel my bright flames, my everlasting fire?

You'll be my friend for ages and more

Everyone has their own flaws and flairs

We bore the mark of th 00's

Come on, just say yes, say yes!

Maybe now I'm free from your wrath

Sitting on trees, revieling in the breeze

Walking down a spiral road, a petite path

I'm free from your wrath, yeah, I'm free from your wrath!

Let's dance to our own beats- you're pop, I'm rap!

Turn on my live radio!

Lit me up when I'm feeling low!

Finding peace in your far away halo!