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Type: unknown
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete


As I stepped out of the Biology classroom, I felt all the air that left my lungs suddenly returning to me. I rushed forward, not noticing that I took the wrong route again. And ran into my friend-nemesis- Oscar Jameson. The very guy that made me angry and flustered at the same time.

Mr. Walker beckoned to me, and I fought back a rude retort. I stalked to him and asked him as innocently as I could muster, “Did I do anything wrong, Sir?"

Oscar gasped. Timeon raised his eyebrows at me, and I gave him a stoic expression. Mr. Walker simply spat out a simple order and pointed at me, "One more word, missy, and you'll get a detention. Understood?"

Surprisingly, it was the brown-eyed beauty who gave out an un-manly giggle and snort. Apple nudged Diane and they both burst into laughter. Oscar gave me a smirk that clearly said, "Nice work, Jingo. You look just like the class clown. Literally."

I glowered at Oscar and turned back to the teacher. Who did he think he was, anyways?

Mr Walker turned to Oscar and Timeon, obviously they were getting a taste of their medicine. I stared at Jameson with a sinking feeling as his face contorted into an unreadable expression. Was the teacher talking about calling his (dead) mother? God, that gotta hurt...

A tint of pink entered his cheeks as I stared at him. He looked down, suddenly finding the floor very interesting. That made me snap out of my dreamy (kind of...) gaze. How could I not notice Timeon snickering by his side? I looked at the teacher and sighed. I was crazy to think that he had any interest for me. You stupid, stupid girl. Who would like a bitch like you…

The teacher who was supposedly lecturing us, didn't say a word as he waved us away.Throughout the journey up to my classroom, all I could think about was his coffee-brown eyes. 

He reminded me of Ray.