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Author: Leopard
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

A Martin/Douglas ficlet. Douglas invites Martin over for dinner.

Douglas turned the stove on with a somewhat cross frown. Martin would be arriving any moment, and he found himself feeling almost nervous. Why on earth was he nervous? He was never nervous, or frightened, or didn't know, or at least that's the way he'd prefer everyone to see him. And anyway, it was true. It was a rare occasion indeed for Douglas Richardson to be nervous. 

The doorbell rang then, breaking through Douglas' thoughts. He went to the door, and opened it to see a semi-formal Martin stood there. The captain was stood, hands clasped in front of him, and looking off into the distance. He smiled upon seeing Douglas, though he seemed tense. 

"Come in." Douglas said with a warm smile, holding the door open. Martin was on edge, and went in without a word. Douglas led him to the kitchen and sat him down at the table that had been earlier prepared with a fancy tablecloth. 

"Cheer up, Martin. This is supposed to be a treat, not a chore." he said, turning his attention to cooking, though keeping a close eye on Martin. 

"Sorry." Martin muttered, breathing a long breath out as if trying to relax. 

"Better. Now tell me, how do you like your steak?" Douglas looked over to see Martin making an uncomfartable face. He felt a sudden, inexplicable rush of doubt. Martin definitely wasn't vegetarian, but perhaps he'd made a serious error in determining Martin's tastes. 

"Um, medium well done, please."  Douglas shook his head slightly, about ready to roll his eyes at himself. Of course he was right, when wasn't he?

"Coming up, captain." 

As Douglas served the meal, Martin adopted an almost startled expression, as if surprised by how good it looked. "Douglas, you really shouldn't have. This looks amazing.

Douglas smirked.