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Death Row has been written for the I Love Writing Club for the month of June with the prompt Pain/Rain. Why not check out some of the other Writing Club stories?

Death Row

Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

A Poem By IRmjii

Suddenly WW2 happened
All the explosives and all the terror has begun
Everyone rushes out to their death.
Bombs are dropping everywhere
From top to bottom and they drop as fierce and as harsh as ever.
It drops rapidly turning people white as clouds.
Everyone is defending themselves of the attack.
No one can turn back

Gunfires are heard in the distant background
It can be heard as loud as your cry
For yours and everyone else cry is distant
From the past. Everything is in tatters.
Ruins beyond ruins of sorrow and sadness.
Even if you cry you may never see yourself again.
The whole world is rushing out in anger and despair
No one can turn back

The world is only a distant memory from your past.
Everything turns dull and grey as the war goes on.
Water is splashing everywhere.
Shots, Shots and more Shots are being fired
In the ruins beyond ruins of life.
No matter what you do,
No matter where you go,
No one, I repeat no one can turn back.