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Death Rises

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Savior Book 1-Death Rises

This story is for Bloody's and Cinder's writing contest. It is estimated to have about 15-20 chapters, as well as a Prologue and Epilogue

WARNING-This story is rated Teen. There is mild cursing and many scenes of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

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A soft wing blew in a foggy forest clearing. Three cats stood there. One yellow tom. One orange and black she-cat. One small blue-gray she-cat.

"When will she get here?" The orange she-cat asked impatiently.

"She will get here. Be patient, Autumn." The yellow tom warned.

"How do you know, Thunder? Just because she is the next Savior doesn't mean she always shows." The blue-gray she-cat meowed suspiciously.

"Because, River, I told her this was a very important meeting. She would never miss an important meeting." Thunder meowed matter-of-fact-ly.

River sighed. "You'd better hope you're right."

A black she-cat with aqua blue eyes rushed in, panting. "I-I'm sorry I was late... I was being chased by-" She began.

"All that matters is that you are here." Autumn meowed abruptly.

"I understand that, but-" The black she-cat tried to begin again.

"End of discussion!" River snarled.

The black she-cat was silent and hung her head in shame.

"Hey, be a little less harsh. This is her first Savior meeting. You can't tell me you two were early or on time to your first Savior meeting." Thunder questioned.

Autumn snorted. River sniffed.

"So what is this meeting about?" The black she-cat asked.

"There is a new prophecy." River meowed.

"And since you are a new Savior, it is your job to deliver it, Luna." Autumn meowed.

Luna smiled in excitement. "R-Really?"

"Yes. I chose this as your first test as a Savior." Thunder meowed.

"Oh this will be great...." River muttered.

Thunder shot her a warning glared. River only shrugged as if she didn't do anything.

"Anyways," Autumn meowed. "you need to deliver the prophecy to the chosen cats."

"What is this prophecy?" Luna asked.

"Five young cats will save the forest from a perpetual darkness."

Chapter 1

Rain was curled up in her nest. She didn't live with Twolegs but didn't live with the Clans either. The Clan cats called her a 'Loner'. She didn't know what it meant, but guessed it wasn't as bad as being called a 'Kittypet'. She awoke and stretched, then groomed her long, gray fur. She blinked her milky green eyes and looked around at the bright green forest. She stepped out and sniffed the air. She licked her lips as she smelt mouse and looked around. She spotted it, not very far away, and she began to prowl towards it. She unsheathed her claws, and was about to leap, when a flash of orange and white fur shot past, and the mouse was gone. Rain's fur bristled. That would have been her breakfast! She padded forward a few paces, still keeping low to the ground, until she saw the orange bundle of fur eating the mouse. She curled her lip and was about to leap when she saw brown bengal fur pad up beside the orange tom. The bengal sat down beside the tom.

"Great catch, James." She meowed. The orange tom looked up and smiled.

"Thanks, Jayla. Would you like me to catch you something?" He asked.

"No thank you, I'm not hungry right now." The she-cat said.

The tom nodded and went back to eating. Rain decided to not interfere with them. They didn't seem too hostile, but they did take her mouse. She guessed she could just catch something else for her breakfast. She slowly and quietly backed away and padded back to her nest and padded into the forest in that direction to search for prey.

After Rain ate a squirrel that morning, Rain went out to explore the forest. Then she came to a part in the forest she hadn't been to before. She was in the middle of walking when she heard a rustle in the bushes beside her. She froze and slowly turned her head to look. A pair of pale yellow eyes were glowing and glaring at her. She took a few paces backward, and a lean black tom slowly came out of the bush. Rain's pupils shrank in fear of what the tom might do to her.

"Who are you?" The tom asked in a dark voice.

"I-I am Rain." She meowed. The tom sat down and curled his tail around his paws.

"What are you doing in these parts of the forest, Rain?" He asked, his voice a bit less dark.

"I was exploring..." Rain meowed. The tom's eyes darkened a little.

"You should not be exploring in these parts. There is a big revolution going on, and you don't want to get caught up in it. I suggest you get back to where you live." The tom meowed.

Rain nodded and turned around and walked away, not daring to look over her shoulder. That tom was strange... what did he mean? Revolution? Rain thought to herself as she walked.

Chapter 2

Rain was curled up in her nest, dreaming...

Rain was in a foggy forest, alone. Bats flew over head. Rain's milky green eyes glowed as she gazed around. Then a pair of beautiful aqua blue eyes shone from the fog, and a black she-cat stepped into the clearing that Rain was in.

"Who are you?" Rain asked. She felt more at peace meeting this cat, unlike the black tom she had met that day, even though she didn't even learn his name.

"I am Luna. I am here with a message for you." The she-cat meowed.

"A message?" Rain meowed, confused.

Lune nodded, then closed her eyes for a minute, and opened them. They were glowing brighter and she stared off into space as she spoke. "Five young cats will save the forest from a perpetual darkness." She spoke with a voice different than her own, as if another cat's spirit was using her body to talk to Rain. Luna blinked and her eyes turned back to their normal blue glow when she looked at Rain.

"So I am apart of this prophecy?" Rain asked.

Luna nodded. "Yes, you along with four other cats in the forest. You must unite with them to complete the prophecy and destroy the darkness that is threatening to take over the entire forest." Luna meowed.

"But, I don't know any other cat in this forest!" Rain exclaimed.

"Well then you'd better try and meet some new cats. If this prophecy isn't completed, you will either have to join the dark ranks, or you will be killed by them." Luna meowed and began to fade.

"Wait! I need to know more! How do I know which cats are in the prophecy?" Rain called. But Luna was already gone.

Rain woke up panting. Now she was confused. There were so many cats in the forest. How could she tell which cats were actually a part of the prophecy?

Chapter 3

Rain was padding through the forest, searching for the three different cats she had met the day before. She tried looking for the orange tom and bengal she-cat first. She went to the place she had last seen them, at the part of the forest where they caught the mouse. She quickly padded along until she finally founded the spot she was the day before and sniffed the air. The scent of the orange tom was fresh and she followed the trail to a small clearing. She stayed hidden in the undergrowth as she saw the brown bengal she-cat sleeping in a nest and the orange tom nowhere to be seen. Rain padded out into the clearing slowly and quietly, making sure to not awaken the she-cat. She looked around, trying to find the orange tom.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" A voice hissed behind her.

Rain turned around and saw the orange tom with a white chest and paws with goldish-brown eyes. His fur was bristling.

"I mean no harm." Rain meowed.

The bengal she-cat woke up and was quickly on her paws. She unsheathed her claws.

"James, who is this?" The she-cat asked.

"I don't know. I came back here and I just saw her sticking her nose where she shouldn't be." The orange tom snarled.

Rain's fur began to bristle. "I was only coming here to look for you both!" She hissed.

The tom curled his lip. "How do you even know who we are?"

"I saw you both in the forest yesterday. I didn't want to interfere. Then I had a vision in a dream last night. There was a black cat named Luna who told me of a prophecy that I and four other cats are supposed to unite and defeat some dark force. I was wondering if either of you had had that dream." Rain explained.

The she-cat looked at the tom, then at Rain. "I have also had a dream with a black she-cat about a prophecy." She meowed.

"So have I." The tom meowed.

"Then we three are a part of the prophecy." Rain meowed.

"What is your name?" The tom asked.

"I am Rain." Rain meowed.

"I am James, and this is Jayla." The orange tom meowed.

Jayla's fur bristled as she looked at James. "I can introduce myself!" She objected, then looked at Rain. "Glad to meet you." She meowed

Rain nodded and smiled.

"We have two more cats to find who are in the prophecy." James meowed and looked at the two she-cats. "Does anybody know any other place to look?"

"I do." Rain meowed. "I encountered another cat yesterday as well, a pretty far ways away from here. He was a black tom like Luna, but with pale yellow eyes. Have either of you seen him before?" Rain asked.

The two other cats shook their heads.

"I guess I'll lead then. Follow me." Rain meowed and she led James and Jayla through the forest to the place where she had met the black tom. When they got there, there was no sign of the black tom Rain had met before.

"I guess we should go farther into the forest." Rain meowed and they went farther into the forest into a place Rain, James or Jayla had never been to before.

Chapter 4

Rain gaze around. This part of the forest was a lot different than what she was used to. She sniffed around, trying to find the black tom's scent, when she finally recognized the scent. She headed towards it, constantly reminding herself that she still had James and Jayla with her so that she didn't forget they were right behind her. She then halted when she spotted the tom a few fox lengths away. She looked at James and Jayla.

"You guys stay here. If all three of us go, he might be thinking we are trying to kidnap him or something." Rain meowed, giggling a little.

Jayla laughed and James smiled.

Rain padded towards the tom. While she was walking she began to think of James and Jayla. It was obvious they were either mates or related, but it would be strange if they WERE related, since they looked nothing alike. Even their faces and builds were different. James was very strong built with strong shoulders. Jayla had more of a smaller, leaner build, with longer legs and a longer tail, but she still looked strong. Rain finally reached the tom, who must have not heard her or smelt her before because he hasn't turned around to meet her gaze. Rain's fluffy tail poked his shoulder. He flipped around, eye's fiery in alarm. His expression then turned to rage as he recognized her.

"What are you doing here? I thought I told you not to be in this part of the forest!" He growled.

"I know you did, but I need to ask you something." Rain meowed.

The tom's tail lashed. "What is so important that you needed to endanger yourself of getting captured that you needed to speak with me about?" He hissed.

Rain could tell he was more uptight than the day before. "Have you had any strange dreams about a black she-cat telling you of a prophecy?" She asked him.

The tom looked at her strangely. "Y-Yes. How do you know of that dream?" He asked.

"Because I had that dream too, as well as them." Rain meowed and pointed to where James and Jayla were standing.

The tom's eyes flashed and he looked at Rain again. "So you are also destined to destroy the darkness?" He meowed, almost unable to believe what he was hearing.

Rain nodded. "Yes, I am." She meowed. "There is one last cat missing from the prophecy. We can't go on without them." She then beckoned for James and Jayla to come over. When they came over, Rain explained the situation to them.

"Well now how in the name of StarClan are we supposed to find this last cat?" James asked.

"I don't know... I don't know..." Rain meowed quietly. Then she saw James' eyes flash with an idea. He looked at Jayla.

"Jayla, what about your brother?" He asked.

Rain mentally crossed out the possibility of them being siblings.

"I haven't spoken to my brother in years, and I'm not planning on speaking to him either." Jayla snarled, a new tone in her voice Rain had never thought she would hear from Jayla before. She had seemed to be a person that always sees the positives and always speaks in a joyful voice. This was a lot different than Rain had thought Jayla would be before.

"But he may be a part of the prophecy!" James exclaimed.

"I don't care if he is a part of the prophecy or not! I never want to speak to my brother again!" Jayla yowled in anger.

"Guys, please, calm down!" Rain meowed. The black tom stepped forward.

"What is your brother's name?" He asked.

"His name is Jeremy."

"Jeremy?! As in the brown tabby Jeremy?!"

"That's the one..."

The black tom hissed in triumph. "Your brother is responsible for the downfall of my people! He has taken over the land and has become my peoples' leader. He is the reason we are having a revolution, so we can get rid of his ruling! Of course not all of my people think this is the right decision and had decided to stay out of it, but there are plenty of cats who are following me in our rain of triumph!" He growled.

Rain sighed. "Well does anybody else have any ideas on who this fifth cat could be?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"Well I guess we'd better take a break for the day. Maybe we'll get a dream tonight with clues on who this fifth cat is." Rain meowed. The other cats nodded.

They made their own camp a ways away from the place they had recruited the black tom, who's name was Luke, and had caught that day's dinner. They were all curled up in their nests when Rain finally fell asleep.

Chapter 5

Rain was having a dream...

Rain was back in the foggy forest clearing she had been in when she had her first dream. She was now confident she would be seeing Luna again. She then saw the familiar aqua eyes glowing from the fog and Luna stepped into the clearing in front of her.

"Hello again, Rain." Luna meowed.

"Hello." Rain meowed and smiled.

"I can tell you are here for clues on who the fifth cat in the prophecy is." Luna meowed and began pacing Rain. "I can tell you that you are very close to finding the fifth cat. But before you can find the fifth cat, you must get to know each of your new friends and what their life stories are. The more you know about them, the tighter bond you will have with eachother, and the greater chance you have of trusting eachother during the long journey that will be ahead of you very soon." Luna explained.

"Long journey?" Rain asked.

"Yes. You see, the dark forces, who are known as the Vain, do not live around these parts of the forest. Unless you knew already, you are on the end of the West side of the forest. The Vain live all the way at the end of the East side. You will have to trust eachother enough to travel that long with eachother, and you will encounter many dangers along your travel." Luna meowed.

Rain nodded. "So, can you give me any more hints about the fifth cat?" She asked.

Luna nodded. "You will learn about the fifth cat in one of the life stories that your friends tell you. You will have to use your heart to decide which one tells of the final cat of the prophecy. Each cat has their own story of another cat they had spent their lives with. Seeing as you are one of the cats in the prophecy, you will be able to tell which cat is the one you need to complete the uniting." Luna explained.

Rain nodded in acknowledgement. "Thank you, Luna."

Luna stopped pacing and looked at Rain. "It is time for me to leave for the night. I will see you again soon." Luna meowed and faded away.

Rain smiled as her vision began to blur and she was exiting her dream...

Chapter 6

Rain awoke that morning before the others. She decided to go hunting for the four of them.

Jayla woke up shortly after Rain left. She stretched and groomed herself, then paused for a moment to think. Was her brother really the fifth cat in the prophecy, after what he had done? Why him, out of any other cat in the forest? Jayla felt annoyed that she didn't know the answer and only after she stopped thinking to herself did she notice that Rain wasn't there. Jayla guessed she must have gone out hunting so she got to her paws and went to make dirt.

James woke up after Jayla had gone. He groomed his fur and stayed laying down in the nest as he looked around, thinking over all that has happened in the past two days. One moment he was spending a usual day with Jayla, the next he met Rain, then after that he met Luke and now he was on a mission to find the fifth cat in the prophecy he had received days ago. He had no idea who the fifth cat could be. He had started to think it was his sister, Belle, but she had gone missing moons ago never to return to him. James had no idea if she were even alive anymore. But James knew Belle always had something in her, something special. But was it enough to be in a prophecy?

Luke woke with a flash of sadness in his eyes, just like every time he wakes up every morning. Every night he has a dream of Luna, who he has known since he was a small kit, and it always made him hurt when he had to leave her every night. He had feelings for her. Though she only visits his dreams, she still lives somewhere very far from the forest, somewhere in the distant mountains. She has the power of a Savior, a cat who has the abilities to travel into other cats' dreams even though they are still alive. She also recieves messages from StarClan, like a medicine cat in a Clan. Luke missed her very much. She was special to him. He got to his paws and stretched. He then saw James was awake and he nodded in greeting to him. He was still getting used to these new cats that he was supposed to make friends with.

Jayla returned and saw that James and Luke were already awake. She sat beside James and smiled. She loved James, but they weren't mates yet, even though they've basically been living together ever since they were little. She didn't know how to explain her feelings for him, afraid he didn't feel the same about her. She sighed.

Rain returned with two squirrels, a mouse and a rabbit. She gave everyone a piece of prey and began to eat. They ate their breakfast in silence. When they were finished Rain looked around at the cats. "So since we are going to be traveling together for a long time, basically living with eachother since we are all in the prophecy," Rain began. "I thought we could get to know eachother more, by telling our life stories to eachother."

The other cats nodded in agreement, still not saying anything.

Rain smiled and looked at James. "James, would you like to start?"

"Sure." James meowed, and thought back to his young days...


When I was a young kit, I lived with my parents and my sister, Belle, in an abandoned barn. We were happy for many seasons, until one day...

"Come on, James! Let's play hide and seek!" Belle called. James was still in his nest, trying to sleep.

"Belle, it's a Saturday... Why do we have to get up so early?" James grumbled. Regular weekdays they had to work in the fields.

"Because! Hide and seek would be best in the morning when it isn't as hot!" Belle meowed, bouncing excitedly. James sighed and got to his paws. He wouldn't want to make his little sister upset. He stretched and groomed his fur, and saw Belle bouncing beside his nest.

"Alright then, let's get going." James said and let Belle lead the way out of the barn, not having to sneak out since their parents were still asleep. They ran across the open fields all the way to the edge of the woods where they always played hide and seek.

"I'll hide first!" Belle said and bolted off into the forest.

"One, two, three, four...." James counted up to fifty. "Ready or not, here I come!" He called and looked around. He sniffed the air and followed her scent into the depths of the woods. He looked around nervously. He had never been in this part of the woods, and the sun was almost at the peak of the sky, and their parents would be awake soon.

"Belle, I give up! We have to get home before mother and father wake up!" James called. There was no response, only the usual noise of bugs and birds chirping.

"Belle!" James called.

Still no reply.

James just continued to follow the scent trail, and then the trail just stopped. He looked around but Belle was no where to be seen.

"BELLE!" James called again.

Not even a rustle.

James turned the other way and ran back out of the woods and towards the barn. A few tears rolled off of his face in worry for his sister.

When he got to the barn their parents were just awakening.

"Mother! Father! Belle is gone!" He wailed. James' father looked at him sternly.

"How?" He asked.

"We were out playing hide and seek in the woods, and I went out to look for her by following her scent trail, then it just ended and she was no where!" James explained.

"My baby is missing?!" James' mother cried out in panic.

"We have to go out and look for her." His father replied and the three of them ran out to the woods again.

When they got to the treeline the three of them split up to search in different spots around the woods, and they agreed to meet back at the spot they had come in if they couldn't find anything. After a while of searching his part of the woods, James went back to the meeting spot.

His parents weren't there yet.

James decided they might be running a little behind and waited for them there.

Many hours past...

They never showed...

The moon was shining brightly in the sky after the many hours James sat there waiting. He got to his paws in sadness. His parents never came back. They just disappeared, like how his sister had. He ran out into the forest, not caring which direction he was going. He just kept running. And running. And running...

A few mornings later, James met a she-cat about his age roaming in the woods. He hoped she might have seen either his parent or his sister, but when he asked her, she said she hadn't seen anyone else. They then decided to work together to live in the woods. They didn't even know eachother's names until one morning..

"Hey, could I ask you something?" James asked the she-cat while they were walking.

"Yes?" The she-cat meowed.

"Have you ever wondered who I am?" James asked.

The she-cat paused. "I haven't really thought too much about it..."

"I mean, we've been living together for a few moons now and we don't even know eachothers' names." He meowed.

The she-cat laughed. "You're right! So whats your name then?"

He looked at her and smiled. "I'm James." He meowed.

The she-cat smiled back. "Well hello, James. I'm Jayla."


"And that's where I'll stop and let Jayla tell her story." James finished.

Rain smiled. "Great story, James. I mean, not great that you lost your family, I mean, interesting." She said and laughed nervously.

James smiled. "Thanks."

Rain then looked at Jayla. "Jayla, go ahead."

Jayla nodded. "Alright then, let's see... Where should I begin?"


I lived with my parents and my brother in the alley of a city when I was younger. My parents always considered my brother, Jeremy, over me, because he was a lot bigger and stronger than I am, and was, since I was so lean and small. But they never knew what kind of cat I would turn out to be. I spent my whole life, trying to prove myself to my parents, until that one day...

Jayla was padding back to the small alley her and her family lived in with a few mice in her jaws. It was always her job to catch the morning food, since they were afraid she would get kidnapped at night since they thought she was too small and weak to fend for herself. She was padding down the sidewalk that led to the alley and had to turn one more corner and she was there. When she turned the corner, she dropped the mice she was caring and stared down the alley in horror.

She saw Jeremy standing in front of two bodies, her parents, which were covered in blood and lying limp on the ground, and Jeremy's paws were covered as well as his muzzle and claws. His back was turned to her so he didn't notice her standing there.

"You monster!" Jayla wailed.

Jeremy turned his head around slowly and smile evilly at his sister. His eyes shone with insanity.

"Oh, my poor, poor sister. Having to walk in on her precious parents' deaths." Jeremy meowed darkly. "They never loved you. They always gave me the best while giving you the scraps. Why do you still love them?"

"Because they are my parents, mouse-brain! I don't care what they thought of me, I still loved them." Jayla meowed in anger.

Jeremy laughed evilly and began to pad towards her, slowly. "Oh, don't worry, my dear sister. Do you really love them that much?" He asked her.

Jayla began backing away a little and nodded.

Jeremy smiled. "Well then you can join them." He meowed and leaped at her.

Jayla flipped around and ran away. Her lean build gave her the ability to run faster than her brother. She ran down the street, hoping she had lost him, but could still hear his large paws running across the ground behind her.

"There is no way to escape, Jayla! You will turn out like your stupid parents did! DEAD!" Jeremy called and laughed evilly.

Jayla cried as she ran, forcing her long legs to run faster. She began to see the treeline and hoped she could lose him when she got into the forest. When she passed the treeline she couldn't hear pawsteps behind her.

"I will find you, Jayla! I WILL FIND YOU!" He called after her.

Jayla just kept on running, running like she'd never run before.

She then made a home in the forest. She learned to catch prey in the undergrowth and learned how to fight off any kind of threat that came upon her. She was able to live by herself. Then one day she found an orange tom wandering the woods. She came to him, happy that there was another cat in the forest, and they began to work together to live. Then one day, the tom spoke up.

"Hey, could I ask you something?" The tom asked Jayla while they were walking.

"Yes?" Jayla meowed."

"Have you ever wondered who I am?" The tom asked.'

Jayla paused. "I haven't really thought too much about it..."

"I mean, we've been living together for a few moons now and we don't even know eachothers' names." He meowed.

Jayla laughed. "You're right! So whats your name then?"

He looked at her and smiled. "I'm James." He meowed.

Jayla smiled back. "Well hello, James. I'm Jayla."


"And that's pretty much it.." Jayla meowed.

Rain felt pity for her. No wonder why she hated her brother, and never wanted to see him again. Rain smiled. "Thank you, Jayla. Luke, ready?" Rain asked the black tom.

Luke nodded. "Yes."


My parents died when I was four moons old. I was alone for a very long time, living by myself with no siblings. Until I met the love of my life...

Luke was trudging through the tall snow, some drifts larger than he was. He couldn't run, though he really wanted to. An icy wind cut through the used to be grass filled field. Now it just looked like a white desert wasteland, other than the fact it was freezing. Snow sprnkled itself onto Luke's dark fur. He stuck out to the everlasting white snow. Then he saw a dark bundle of fur trudging towards him. The figure had blue eyes.

"H-H-Hello...?" Luke called out in a squeaky voice.

The figure, which turned out to be a black she-kitten, trudged up to him. Her blue eyes sparkled.

"What are you doing out here?" The she-kit asked.

"I-I'm l-lost..." Luke meowed, shivering.

The she-kit looked at him. "Come with me!" She mewed and started trudging back the way she came through the snow with Luke following behind.

Thankfully they were able to just follow the trail the she-kit had already made through the snow and went into the forest, where the snow was a lot shorter and the leaf-less trees lessened the strength of the icy wind. She then led Luke to a large cave with a tiny entrance that only a kit could fit through. Luke sueezed through the entrance.

When they got inside it was toasty warm with a fire burning in the middle of the cave. There was one nest already made, and a large pile of fresh moss that could be used to make many more nests. There was also a large supply of fresh-kill in the other part of the cave.

"You can stay here with me, if you want!" The she-kit meowed, her voice in a normal volume now that the wind wasn't blowing in their faces.

"Thanks.." Luke meowed. He was still freezing, with snow stuck to his fur in many places.

"Come sit by the fire and you can get that snow off of you." The she-kit meowed and led him to the fire. The snow quickly melted off of Luke's fur and he felt warm and comfortable. They ate some fresh-kill and made Luke his own nest. They went to sleep that night warm with full bellies.

They lived together for a long time. Luke's friend was named Splash, after her aqua blue eyes, and they did many things together. When winter was over they went out and collected many herbs, since Splash knew all the different healing herbs and medicines. In the summer they went and played in the fresh green fields while catching plenty of field mice and keeping them fresh for winter. In the fall they would gather many fallen leaves together and make huge piles then jump into them, and store many fallen leaves to keep the fire going in the winter. And in the Winter they cleared as much snow and made a path from the field to the cave and back. This all continued throughout the seasons they lived together for many many moons. Then a mysterious yellow cat came by that Splash knew. His name was Thunder.

"Luke! This is Thunder. He took care of me in the group I used to live with when my parents died." Splash meowed.

"Glad to meet you." Thunder meowed in a deep voice.

Luke nodded and smiled.

"So what do you need, Thunder?" Splash asked.

"I've come with a job to do. You are the next destined cat to be a Savior." Thunder meowed.

"Are you serious?!" Splash meowed excitedly.

Luke was confused. A Savior...?

"Yes. It is my job to turn you into the Savior you are destined to be." Thunder meowed.

He brought Splash to the fire. He took a stick and put one end in the fire, causing it to catch fire. He then took the fired stick and touched the fire end and stuck it on the back of Splash's ear. Splash wailed in pain as the stick burned a hole through her ear. Thunder then put the stick into the fire completely.

"You are now a Savior, and blessed by StarClan with the ability to travel into other cats' minds and dreams while you are still alive. But, this gift comes with a price. You must change your name, and live somewhere very far where no other cat lives. You will live alone in the mountains far away from the forest and you will get a new name." Thunder meowed.

Splash looked as though she would burst with excitement. Luke felt sick to his stomach.

"You will now be known as Luna the Savior." Thunder meowed.

Luna dipped her head to Thunder. "Thank you." She meowed. Her voice seemed more like an adult she-cat. "So when do I move to the mountains?"

"Now. I am also her to escort you there." Thunder meowed.

Luna's ears flattened and she looked at Luke.

Luke's ears were also lowered and he was looking down at his paws.

Luna padded over to him and whispered in his ear. "I am so sorry.. but this is my destiny. I 100% promise you, we will unite again. I will visit your dreams every night and speak with you. I wish I had more time to spend with you-" She was cut off by Thunder's grunt. "Goodbye, Luke." She meowed louder now, then padded to Thunder's side.

Thunder padded out of the cave, but before Luna left, she smiled at Luke, her eyes watery, then exited the cave. That was the last time Luke ever saw her in person...

Luna hadn't lied. She visited Luke's mind and dreams every night to speak with him. But one day she came to him with the message of a prophecy about him and four other cats completeing the prophecy by destroying the Vain. She then said when they defeated the Vain, they would see eachother again...


"Oh my StarClan! So you knew Luna before all of this?" Rain asked as if she couldn't believe it.

Luke nodded and blinked his eyes in sadness.

"I actually thought that she was a cat from StarClan." James meowed.

Rain nodded in agreement.

Jayla shot to her paws. "Well we have to defeat the Vain now!" She meowed in triumph.

Rain nodded.

James looked at Rain. "What about you? What's your life story?"

Rain had completely forgotten she had to tell her own story. She looked at the sky, which was darkening by the second.

"That will be a story for me to tell later. We need to get sleep right now. I'll tell you all first thing tomorrow morning, then we have to find the fifth cat." Rain meowed and curled up in her nest. "Goodnight guys."



"Sleep Tight!"

Rain smiled with her eyes closed and swiftly fell asleep...

Chapter 7

Rain awoke in a dream. This time she was in a bright green meadow. She saw Luna's black fur stick out in the lucsious green grass and colorful flowers. Rain padded up to her and sat beside her.

Luna was staring into the sky, the sky almost the same color as her eyes.

"Do you see something, Luna?" Rain asked.

Luna nodded. "I know who the fifth cat is." She meowed, her voice distant like it was when she had told Rain of the prophecy.

"You do? But I thought you knew of the fifth cat already." Rain meowed, confused.

Luna shook her head. "I only knew of the four of you for some reason... I couldn't see the fifth cat. But now I can see it. I can see them. The fifth destined cat who will be traveling with you. But first, now that I am about to tell you who the fifth cat is, I have a few other things to tell you first. One, you will want to recruite more cats than just the five of you. There are many more cats in the group of the Vain than just the five of you. Recruite every cat you or the others know. Second," Lune continued. "I will tell you where the Vain live. Like I said before, they live on the far East side of the forest. But they don't just live in the forest. They are trained to live in the trees. In the East the trees are taller than any other trees. They made their nests and many bridges to get around at the highest parts of the trees. You will have to train yourselves to climb and fight in trees skillfully, or you will fall to your deaths. The trees are higher than you would think." Luna explained.

Rain blinked in surprise. "Alright. I think training Jayla will be easy, since she is so strong and lean and has the long legs for climbing. I don't know about James and Luke-Oh that reminds me. I didn't know you knew Luke before this." Rain meowed.

Luna nodded and sadness flashed in her aqua blue eyes. "Yes." She meowed quietly.

"I didn't even know you were an alive cat. I thought you were a cat from StarClan." Rain meowed.

Luna nodded again. "Many cats think that, including Jayla and James still. They aren't completely convinced that I am living. And I can tell you aren't, too." Luna meowed.

Rain shrugged. "Well it's kind of hard to believe that there are cats called Saviors that can travel into peoples minds and dreams while they are still alive." Rain meowed and looked over and saw Luna's hole in her ear. She remembered seeing it before but never though about asking. Now she knew what it was from.

"So anyways, who is the fifth cat?" Rain asked.

Luna blinked and paused, then lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"The fifth cat is Jeremy."

Chapter 8

Rain woke up that morning. Jayla was already awake but James and Luke were already asleep. Rain guessed Jayla hadn't been told Jeremy was the fifth cat, because she looked more calm than ever before. Or did that mean she DID know he was the fifth cat?

Jayla saw Rain was awake. "Good morning." She meowed sleepily.

"Good morning." Rain meowed and stretched and quickly groomed her long fur.

"Toms these days sleep until the sun is at the top of the sky..." Jayla meowed and laughed.

Rain laughed with her. Yeah. She didn't know Jeremy was the fifth cat.

"Hey, did you have a dream last night?" Rain asked.

Jayla asked and her expression got serious. "Did you? Did Luna tell you who the fifth cat was?"

Rain nodded.

Jayla hesitated. "Who is it?"

Rain closed her eyes then spoke, "Jeremy..."

There was dead silence. Rain was afraid that would have happened. And at the perfect time, James woke up.

James looked at the two she-cats and could tell there was tension in the air.

"What happened? Did you guys have a dream?" He asked.

"Rain did.." Jayla meowed with no espression in her voice anymore. "Jeremy is the fifth cat."

James froze then rested his tail tip on Jayla's shoulder. "I'm sorry..."

Rain felt uncomfortable. She was afraid Jayla blammed her for Jeremy being the fifth cat.

And then Luke woke up.


Luke could feel tension death hugging the clearing. "What happened?" He asked.

"JEREMY IS THE FIFTH CAT, OKAY?!" Jayla shouted and stormed off into the woods.

Luke's eyes shone with shock at her sudden outburst.

"I'm sorry about that... She's just upset. I'll try and calm her down.." James meowed and began to pad after her.

"No," Rain meowed and padded past him. "I'll do it."

James nodded to her then sat back down.

Luke blinked, still a bit shocked...


Jayla stormed off into the forest. She was feeling so many emotions; Rage, anger, sadness, memory, hatred..... Fear. His words echoed in her mind...

"I will find you, Jayla! I WILL FIND YOU!"

"You will turn out like your stupid parents did! DEAD!"

She stopped running and began to sob.

Rain caught up with Jayla and sat beside her. "Is everything alright?" She asked, then cursed herself realizing that was a dumb question to ask.

"NO EVERYTHING ISN'T ALRIGHT!" Jayla wailed. "I thought I was done with dealing with that a**hole.... But now I have to live with him again..." She began to sob again. "He said that he would kill me...!"

Rain put her tail-tip on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Jayla. We'll protect you." Rain meowed.

Jayla looked at her, tears streaming down her face. "We?"

"James, Luke and I. We are family now, now that we've learned so much about each other. That reminds me. I still have to tell you all my life story." Rain laughed.

Jayla laughed and only a few tears fell from her face now. "Thank you..." She meowed.

"For what?"

"For comforting me, for cheering me up. I feel safe with you guys now." Jayla meowed and smiled.

Rain smiled back. "Good. I feel safe with you guys too. Now let's get back to the guys."

Jayla nodded and they padded back to the camp.


James and Luke were playing Tic Tac Toe in the dirt. Luke put down his last X, making him win. He drew the line.

"Good StarClan, you are really good at Tic Tac Toe, or I just really suck." James laughed.

Luke laughed. He rarely ever laughs.

There were many used up Tic Tac Toe boards all around the camp, all where Luke has won as either an X or an O.

James heard rustling and looked to see Jayla and Rain returning. "Are you okay?" He asked Jayla.

Jayla nodded to him then looked at Luke. "I'm sorry for snapping at you, Luke." She meowed.

Luke smiled. "It's alright."

"IS IT STORY TIME NOW?" James asked Rain.

Rain nodded and laughed. "Yup. I'll tell you guys my life story..."


I lived the young kit life as lots of cats do. I lived with my parents and my sister, Saphira. We were one of the greatest families you could ever meet. We always got along. Then something snapped in our family bond that change us forever...

Rain tackled Saphira and they tustled in the grass. They laughed. The sun was shining and a cool breeze blew. They were having fun. Until they heard a crashing sound. Rain and Saphira quickly got to their feet and ran into the abandoned Twoleg house they were living in. They hid at the entrance and watched what was going on.

Their parents were fighting. This was the first time they had ever saw or heard them fighting before. They couldn't understand exactly what they were saying, but they could tell by their expression and how they were speaking that they were angry with eachother. Then all of a sudden they watched their father's claws unsheath and he slashed their mother's face. Rain and Saphira gasped and ran to the side of the abandoned nest.

"You saw that right?" Saphira gasped.

"Uh Huh!" Rain meowed.

"We've got to get out of here! What if father does that to us?" Saphira meowed.

"But we can't just leave mamma with him! What if he beats her more?" Rain paused. "What if he kills her?" She whispered.

"Father would never do that, no matter how angry he is!" Saphira snarled.

"You're right. I shouldn't have brought it up..." Rain meowed.

Saphira put her tailtip on Rain's shoulder. "It's alright." She mewed. "But we need to leave."

Rain hesitated. "Oh FINE!" She meowed.

They ran off through the grass across the large field. They ran into the woods and across rivers and through lakes and over thunderpaths. They lived very far away from the forest Rain lives in now.

But during their journey they had to pass over a field that had very short grass, and eagles and hawks swarmed the sky. They had to bolt across the field so that they wouldn't get captured by the birds' sharp talons. While they were running, Saphira was being lifted into the air.

"Saphira, no!" Rain yelled.

"Keep going, Rain! You need to escape! I will escape myself! I'll find you!" Saphira promised.

Rain wasn't completely convinced.

"GO!" Saphira yelled as she was lifted higher into the air.

Rain turned and continued running. She never saw her sister again....


"I am still guessing she is still alive, just somewhere else in the forest. We might find her on our journey." Rain meowed.

"Okay, you keep talking about a 'journey'. What journey?" James asked.

"Well, once all five of us are united, we need to travel all the way to the East side of the forest. That's where the Vain live. They live in the highest trees in the world and we all need to train to climb and fight in trees skillfully or we'll just end up falling to our deaths." Rain tried to copy what Luna had told her the most accurately as she could.

James moaned.

Rain looked at Jayla, confused at his reaction.

"He doesn't like long trips." Jayla explained.

James shook his head.

Rain sighed. "Well we have to get to Jeremy first anyways. Could you show us where he lives?" She asked Luke.

Luke nodded and led the way to the place they were when they had met up with Luke.

They walked a while until they began to see a large group of cats spread out in a very large clearing. At the end of the clearing was a large den.

"That's where he lives." Luke meowed and pointed to the den.

"Let's go." Rain meowed and led them across the clearing to the den.

Luke then entered first.

A brown tabby tom with yellow eyes. "Luke?" The tom asked in a dark voice.

Luke dipped his head. "Yes, Master, it is me. Some cats wish to speak with you." Luke meowed and Rain, James and Jayla padded in.

The tom got to his feet when he saw Jayla and he smiled evilly. "Well hello, Jayla." He meowed.

Jayla's chin rose and she snorted. "Jeremy." She mewed abruptly.

"What do you cats need?" Jeremy asked Rain.

"We wanted to ask you if you have had any kinds of strange dreams with a black cat talking about a prophecy with four other cats plus yourself?" Rain asked.

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. "Yes, I have. How do you know of my dreams?" He asked.

Rain blinked. "We are the four other cats and have come to unite with you." she meowed.

Jeremy smiled and his eyes darkened. "Well I would be delighted to travel with you." He meowed and glanced at Jayla, who looked like she would launch herself, claws unsheathed, at him at any moment.

Rain nodded. "Great, because the sooner we start our journey, the better."

Jeremy nodded and led them out of the camp, telling one cat they were in charge while he was gone, then they all went to the camp Rain, James, Jayla and Luke had made.

The five were finally united. Now it was time for their journey to begin.

Chapter 9

The five destined cats had decided to start their journey the next morning and they all went to bed. They all had different dreams as well.....

~Rain's Dream~

Rain was in the foggy forest clearing again. But this time instead of Luna she found three other cats. A yellow tom. An orange and black she-cat. A blue-gray she-cat. The yellow tom looked at her.

"Rain, we've been expecting you." He meowed.

Rain looked confused. She had no idea who these cats were.

"You know me. I am Thunder." The yellow tom meowed.

"OH, the tom Luke told us about..." Rain meowed, then looked at the two she-cats.

"This is Autumn and River." Thunder meowed.

"We can introduce ourselves!" Autumn snarled, then looked back at Rain.

River stepped towards Rain. "It is obvious that you are the leader of the group, but we have come to give you a warning. Jeremy will try and take over the group and lead, but you need to keep your ground and keep you leadership with the group. Though it is obvious they would pick you to be the leader over him, Jeremy has excellent intimidation skills. He will threaten all four of them into believing he would be a better leader until you are outnumbered. You must keep their minds clear." River explained.

Rain nodded. "Okay."

"Well that was easier than we thought... She is pretty smart after all!" Autumn exclaimed.

"Well of course she is! Why else would she be leading the group, let alone be a destined cat?" Thunder asked.

River nodded, then looked back at Rain. "Now, return to your friends."

Rain nodded and they began to fade, her vision blurring as she was exiting the dream...

~Jayla's/Jeremy's Dream~

Jayla was running through an open field. No matter how fast or how hard she ran, it seemed she wasn't moving. Jeremy was chasing her, his paws and face bloody. He caught up with her and dug his claws into her back. Jayla yowled in pain and tried to fight back but she was stuck running. That's all she could do. Then Jeremy clawed her ears and slashed his claws across her eyes. Jayla yowled in terror and pain, then was silenced as Jeremy slit her throat and the dream was over...

~Luke's Dream~

Luke was in a bright green meadow. He spotted the familiar black pelt and blue eyes of Luna. He ran to her, overjoyed that he could see her again for another night. They brushed muzzles.

"I'm so happy to see you." Luke purred.

"As am I to see you." Luna purred back. She smiled at Luke. "I'm sorry I couldn't visit you last night. I had to give the message to Rain. She is basically the leader of the group."

Luke nodded. "She is great as a leader." He meowed.

Luna nodded. "We are so close to seeing eachother again." She purred.

"But we do see eachother! Every night!" Luke exclaimed.

"No, I mean in person. I am still alive, you know." Luna meowed and laughed.

Luke laughed with her.

"And I can't wait, Luke. It is my time to leave for the night. I will speak with you soon." Luna purred. "Good bye, Luke."

"Good bye........ Splash..." Luke purred as Luna faded and his vision began to blur...

~James' Dream~

James was in a clearing. Jayla was there. And so was Rain. They both had their backs turned to him, then they turned around to face him. They both stepped forward.

"Love me, James! We've known each other for all of out lives!" Jayla meowed.

"Love me, James! I have nobody!" Rain meowed.

James stepped back a few steps and bumped into another cat. He flipped around and saw a cat he knew.

"Belle!" He shouted.

Belle's eyes were distant. "You must choose one of them, James. You can't be without a mate forever..." Belle meowed and began to fade.

"No! Don't leave me..." James meowed in sadness, then looked back at Jayla and Rain.

"Love me!" Jayla meowed.

"No, Love Me!" Rain meowed.

James shouted, "MAKE IT STOP!"

Then his vision blurred as the dream was ending.....

Every cat woke up with a jolt, all at the same time. Every cats expressions were filled with emotion. Jeremy's expression was the only one filled with pure happiness and joy.

Chapter 10

The cats set out that morning.

"So do we really know where we're going?" Jeremy asked.

Rain only nodded.

James was silent as his dream flashed in his mind and his gaze glanced nervously from Jayla to Rain.

Jayla stayed quiet as the fear and pain of her dream flashed back into her mind.

Luke was just always quiet in the first place.

Jeremy sighed. "I don't know why you guys are just traveling in silence. We are all family, aren't we?" He meowed, grinning at Jayla. She flipped around and whispered harshly in his ear.

"We will never be family."

"I think StarClan would disagree." Jeremy meowed.

"Well you know what-" Jayla was about to shout.

"Guys, guys, please don't start a fight already. We have a very long journey ahead of us." Luke meowed.

Rain nodded in thanks to Luke, who nodded back in acknowledgement.

They traveled the whole day, stopping once to eat fresh kill. It was sunset by the time they found another clearing to make a camp in. They gathered moss and feathers to make their nests. They said goodnight to one another and fell asleep.

That was not a comfortable day for the group of cats...

Chapter 11

Their life of traveling was miserable...

The temperature was getting colder as winter was coming close, and they weren't even halfway through their journey after three days. Finally, James just halted in the middle of walking.

"We can't keep walking like this! Soon it's going to snow and we're going to freeze!" He yowled.

Jeremy turned at him and snarled. "Well then the more we walk, the faster we'll get there!"

"Well the more we walk, the more sick and tired of walking we'll get and eventually just lay out in the snow to die!" James hissed.

"Enough!" Jayla shouted and got in the middle of them. "What has gotten into you two?"

Jeremy had tried to reunite his brother-sister relationship with Jayla, explaining that no matter what they did they would always be siblings, and that they had to leave the past and only think of the future. Jayla then decided to trust her brother again as well as the rest of the cats in the group after witnessing Jeremy's true personality. They all got along perfectly with eachother and rarely fought.

James curled his lip. Jeremy snorted.

"I think this traveling is just getting to everyone." Rain meowed.

Luke nodded. "Yes, I am definitely feeling different than if I were at home."

Jeremy snarled at Luke. "You're just agreeing with her because she is the group leader!"

Luke's fur bristled. "You really don't want to get me angry.."

"What are you gonna do? Kill us?" James snickered.

Jeremy laughed at his comment.

Luke's eyes darkened.

"Everybody just calm down and take a chill pill! Why don't we stop for the night and get some food in our bellies? Maybe it will make us feel better." Jayla suggested.

Rain nodded. "Good idea."

It was usually Luke's and James' job to hunt, so while they were out, Rain gathered wood for the fire and Jeremy and Jayla made the nests.

"You know, Rain is a really good leader for the group." Jayla commented as she lined a nest with feathers.

"Yeah, but I've seen better." Jeremy replied while he made another nest.

Jayla looked at him with a confused look.

Jeremy looked at her as if she was clueless, which she pretty much was. "I've been a leader longer than she has." He meowed.

Jayla rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. I've heard the stories about your ruling from Luke."

"I know how to run a group better than any cat here!" Jeremy retorted. "I should be leading you guys. It's obvious she has no idea where she is going and leading us to."

"And you know where the East side is?" Jayla questioned.

Jeremy smirked. "I've been called to the East plenty of times when I lived a bit closer to the middle of the forest. I know the perfect way there that won't take as long as it will if we keep going Rain's way."

Jayla hesitated. "So you really know where the East side is?"

Jeremy nodded.

Jayla sighed. "Alright, I'll ask the guys when they get back. They usually return before Rain does."

When James and Luke returned, Jayla told them exactly what Jeremy had told her. Now they were deciding between Rain and Jeremy...

"Jeremy, could you go and find Rain for us? I think we've made our decision." Jayla meowed.

Jeremy nodded and went out into the forest.


Rain was collecting the last of the fire wood when she heard rustling in the bushes behind her. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Jeremy walking towards her. She nodded to him.

Jeremy smirked and padded to her side and sat down. "Need any help?" He asked.

Rain nodded. "Yes, please." She meowed and picked up some firewood.

Then all of a sudden, Jeremy slashed her side. Rain dropped the wood as she flew across the clearing into a tree. Her side was bleeding heavily onto the forest floor as Jeremy walked slowly up to her.

"Your so called 'friends' are deciding whether they think you should lead or not. I'm sure your little spirit friend Luna told you about it already." He snarled evilly.

Rain wanted to speak but she couldn't speak. The pain was almost unbearable.

Jeremy slashed across her eye, making her shriek loudly. "Don't worry. I'll make sure to lead you all to the pits of DEATH!" Jeremy snarled and laughed evilly. But then.... he began to laugh like a normal cat.

"I'm just KIDDING!" Jeremy meowed and laughed so much he fell over.

Rain was confused, still not being able to speak from the pain.

"I had to get your attention some how. You should have seen the look on your face!" Jeremy laughed.

He sounded like a normal cat!

"I'm trying to get back on Jayla's good side, but it seems she isn't as comfortable around me as I hoped she would be. I need your help." He meowed.

Rain could speak again. "Fine, but could you at least help my wounds...?"

"OH yeah! I almost forgot. Sorry!" He meowed. "I'll be right back." He then ran into the woods and came back shortly with herbs and cobwebs. He then made the poultices and applied them to the wounds, then wrapped them in cobweb.

Rain got to her paws. "Thanks..." She meowed.

Jeremy smiled. "No problem. So do you have any ideas?" He asked her.

Rain thought for a minute. "Well there has to be some dramatic thing that happens and she might end up dying or something, then you end up saving her. But I don't know when any chance like that will come along." She meowed.

Jeremy nodded. "Alright. We'd better get back to the camp. We'll just tell them you were ambushed by foxes."

Rain nodded and they carried the wood back to the camp.


"Well there you guys-WOAH! Rain, what happened?!" James asked and quickly got to his paws as Jeremy and Rain returned with the wood.

"Foxes." Rain meowed after she set the firewood in a pile.

Jeremy set the last of it on the top. He then grabbed two rocks and clashed them together, causing a spark and making the wood catch on fire.

"So we've made our decision." Jayla meowed.

Rain and Jeremy looked over.

"Jeremy will lead us now." She meowed.

Jeremy hesitated, then sighed. "I don't need to lead. Rain is doing a good enough job already." He meowed.

Jayla looked at him like he was crazy. "You just said she didn't know where she was going and that you knew the perfect way there!"

"We ARE going the right way. I just made up a lie to try and get you guys to pick me as the leader. But now I don't want to be a leader anymore.." Jeremy meowed.

Jayla padded up to him and whispered in his ear, "What has gotten into you? You don't act like this!"

Jeremy looked at her. "I'm trying to change, Jayla. I'm trying to erase my past and make a better future." Jeremy meowed.

Jayla sighed, then nodded.

Luke looked down at his paws in shame. "Now I feel like we've betrayed Rain..." He mewed.

James looked at Rain. "We're sorry.."

Rain only laughed.

The others looked at her like she was going insane.

"It's alright, guys. I was expecting for you to question my leadership eventually. That always happens." Rain meowed.

They all sighed in relief.

"Okay, so Jeremy is trying to be nice, Rain doesn't get mad at anything, Luke is trying to find his lost lover, and I'm stuck trying to pick between.... Never mind.." James meowed.

They all looked at him.

"I said NEVER MIND!" James muttered.

"Okay, okay. Sorry..." Luke meowed. They all laughed.

They all ate their dinner and curled up in their nests and slept peacefully...

Chapter 12

The journeying cats all dreamed that night, some of happiness, some of disturbance, and one cat had the most horrible dream of all...

~Rain's Dream~

Rain appeared in the foggy forest clearing where River, Thunder and Autumn awaited her again.

"Congratulations." Thunder meowed.

"For what?" Rain asked.

"For being able to stay the leader." River meowed.

"That's something I wanted to ask about. Was Jeremy really just kidding when he attacked me? Is he really trying to change?" Rain asked.

The three cats hesitated, then Autumn spoke up, "Yes, he is."

"But you'd think that'd be impossible for a cat who murdered his parents..." River muttered.

"But since Jayla left, Jeremy had had a miserable life in the streets. He had nobody. I honestly expected him to try and change good so he wouldn't be living his life alone anymore." Thunder pointed out.

"But even if he is trying to change, the scratches he gave to Rain were real. She is definitely going to have scars." River meowed.

"Alright, alright. This isn't what we're here to talk about." Autumn meowed.

The other two spirit cats were silenced.

Autumn looked at Rain. "There has been a switch."

"A switch?" Rain asked, confused.

"The prophecy has changed." River meowed.

"Four cats will travel through the harshest days and harshest nights to rid the forest of the living darkness..." Thunder spoke, his voice different like Luna's had been when she had first told Rain of the prophecy.

"Wait, four?! So one of us isn't a chosen cat?" Rain asked shockingly.

"Yes. And the cat who isn't chosen isn't one you would expect to not be a chosen cat." River warned.

"So you must learn for yourself wisely who this cat is." Autumn meowed and the three cats began to disappear. Rain sighed as her vision began to blur...

~Jayla's/Jeremy's Dream~

Jayla was yet again running through a meadow. But this time she could move. And Jeremy was running happily beside her. They chased each other, played games, and had fun. They were finally happy again. Them when they were taking a break, Jayla just had to ask Jeremy something.

"Jeremy, why did you kill our parents?" Jayla asked.

Jeremy sighed. "I had to..."

"You didn't have to do anything!" Jayla objected.

"Yes I did." Jeremy meowed. "They were losing faith in me, of us. They told me themselves..."

"What exactly did they say?"

"They told me, while you were out hunting, that they didn't believe they could take care of us anymore. They wanted me to take care of you and they were going to move to a different city, a richer city, where cats couldn't have kits. That's why they had to leave us in that poor town. I was enraged. I couldn't believe they were abandoning us just to go and live better lives by themselves. So I killed them. Then when you came along, I was so enraged that I wanted to be alone, and I threatened you that I would find and kill you... I'm so sorry for leaving you out alone.." Jeremy sighed.

Jayla touched noses with him. "You couldn't control yourself. I understand. All that matters is that we can take care of each other again, and we'll have the whole journey to be with our friends too."

Jeremy smiled and nodded.

They lay there, curled up next to eachother peacefully as the clouds in the sky went by and their visions blurred...

~Luke's Dream~

Luke appeared in the same meadow he had been in the last few nights meeting with Luna. they had done many things together and Luke was excited to do something else. Then he could tell something was unsettling to Luna.

"What is the matter, Luna?" He asked her.

Luna's eyes were blue marbles. "I don't know..." She replied. "Something just doesn't feel right..."

Luke brushed muzzles with her. "Don't worry! Just think, we'll be united before you know it!" He meowed happily.

Luna smiled. "Yes... But something isn't going on right in StarClan. I'm afraid something is happening there without me knowing.." She meowed.

Luke sighed. He wished he could help, but he had no idea how.

Luna looked at Luke. "There has been a change in the prophecy. Now there are only four chosen cats." She meowed suddenly.

"WHAT?!" Luke asked, shocked.

Luna nodded. "The fifth cat who shouldn't be with you is not someone you would expect to not be chosen." She meowed.

Luke sighed. "Is it me?"

Luna hesitated. "I do not know the answer yet, but I will know soon. And when I find it out I will let you know." She meowed. "You and Rain are my two right hand cats to speak with."

Luke laughed.

"Until next time..." Luna meowed and touched noses with Luke and she faded away.

Then Luke's vision blurred...

~James' Dream~

James' woke in a very hot place that he couldn't tell exactly where it was. He was already sweating even though he just got there. The silhouettes of Rain and Jayla stood before him again, their eyes entrancing.

"Who is it going to be, James?" A voice spoke behing him.

"Belle! Please don't leave me!" James called.

But Belle was already gone.

"Who will it be? Who will it be?" Her voice echoed around.

"I don't know!" James wailed.

Then Belle's figure reappeared. "Woah, what a bumpy ride.." She muttered. She had her normal voice.

"Belle!" James meowed and brushed muzzles with the she-cat. "Wait, so you are dead?"

"No, James. I'm like Luna. I was chosen to help StarClan, though I am not a Savior." She explained. "I had to move away, but not as far as you'd think. You are very close to finding me, my brother. Please come find me. Take me with you on your journey!" Belle meowed and faded, then her voice rang out again.

"Who will it be, James? Who will it be? You must choose now."

James glanced nervously from Jayla, to Rain, and back again. He hesitated for he didn't know his answer.

"I-I pick......" He meowed as he looked from Rain to Jayla. "God damn it why does it have to be so hard?!"

There was a long silence...

"I pick Jayla!"

Chapter 13

The next morning, no cat spoke of the dreams they had, but their moods have definitley went to the good side of things.

Jayla and Jeremy were hanging out more, talking, being kind.

James had also told Jayla of his feelings for her, and she had told James of her feelings too. They then became mates.

Luke thought about how close he was to seeing Luna again, which made him able to speak up more and be happy.

Rain, on the other hand, was still wondering who the cat who shouldn't be there was. What if it was herself? She didn't expect herself to not be in the prophecy. She also had started to have feelings for someone in the group, but she really didn't want to say anything. She wanted to hang around and get to know him more than she already does.

They continued on their journey traveling through the forest. The first snow came and they went the sleep that night freezing. But thankfully by the will of StarClan they woke the next morning to the snow melted and an odd warmth in the forest.

Now here is the current day.

They had just exited a forest line and before them stood a tall mountain that they had to climb to get to the other side. Once they reached the other side it was only two more days until they reached the Eastern Forest.

The five cats stood with jaws to the ground at the snow peaked mountain.

"How in the Hell are we supposed to climb this?" James exclaimed.

"I have no idea..." Rain meowed, shaking her head.

"Well, we go to the top then we come back down the other side. DUH!" Jayla meowed and laughed.

Jeremy laughed with her.

Luke only chuckled a bit.

"Well let's get moving then..." Rain meowed.

The group trudged up the mountain. The wind blew furiously at them as they tried to walk along the narrow paths the mountain gave them to walk on. It was way more tiring to walk up the mountain than to just trudge through the thick snow in the forest.

Then they heard a low growl.

The cats looked around.

They saw nothing.

Then the growl came again, louder this time.

Then stood in front of them an adult mountain lion, it's teeth sharp and showing as it snarled.

They all unsheathed their claws and faced the big cat.

The mountain lion grabbed Rain's scruff and threw her a couple of feet.

She was about to fall off the mountain!

"Rain!" Jayla shrieked and bolted towards her and was able to grab her before she fell.

"Thanks!" Rain gasped in relief, then her eyes widened in terror as the mountain lion was right behing Jayla.

Them James and Luke tag teamed and tackled the mountain lion a few more feet away. They battered it, but were quickly thrown off int the path.

Then Jeremy ran as fast as his legs could take him and pinned the mountain lion to the ground.

"Jayla...." Jeremy began to say.

"YES?" Jayla asked, the wind high enough to make her have to speak louder.

"I-I'm sorry.... please forgive me.." Jeremy meowed.

Then it happened.

Jeremy jumped off the edge of the cliff, taking the mountain lio with him. It was a fall long enough to kill anything that fell over since they had almost made it to the top.

"NO!" Jayla screamed as she watched her brother fall to his death.

James and Luke came over and helped Jayla and Rain into the safety of a cave.

Jayla sobbed and James pressed against her to comfort her. Luke stayed in the dark part of the cave, the shock of Jeremy's death taking a toll of his happiness.

Rain sat at the entrance to the cave and looked out into the night sky. She had had feelings for Jeremy, and he had gone before she even had time to tell him.

James had gotten Jayla to fall asleep and padded to Rain's side and looked out with her.

"I wouldn't think I would feel this way if he died... He really tried to change." James meowed.

Rain nodded.

Luke padded out of the darkness and over to them. "Looks like he wasn't a chosen cat after all." He meowed.

Rain looked at him. "You were told too?"

"Luna told me."

James looked at them in confusion. "What are you guys talking about?"

Rain looked at James. "The prophecy has changed. There are only four cats in the prophecy and StarClan didn't know which one of us wasn't a chosen. This just decided it. Jeremy must have known or he wouldn't have just thrown his life away." Rain explained and looked down at her paws in sadness.

James stayed silent, as well as Luke.

After a while of silence, Luke said, "I'll get some stuff for nests..." and walked out of the cave.

"I'll come with you." James meowed and followed him out.

Rain sighed as she was alone at the entrance to the cave. She looked at the stars and hoped that Jeremy was among them...

Chapter 14

None of the cats had any dream that night.

But the cats in StarClan had a meeting...

Thunder sat with River and Autumn.

"You called her here, right?" River asked.

Autumn nodded.

Luna came in shortly after.

"So Jeremy was the one..." Luna whispered.

Thunder nodded. "Well of course! He had too evil of a past to be in a prophecy." He muttered.

River snarled. "He tried to change!"

Thunder shrugged. "That's the thing. He only tried. But he didn't change.."

River got to her paws and lashed her tail in anger.

"Oh please don't get her started..." Autumn moaned.

"I had a worse past than he did and look at where I am now! I was a Savior, and I changed the forest forever! And I'm even in StarClan! So his past has nothing to do with whether he was in a prophecy or not!" River hissed.

"Were you in a prophecy?" Thunder asked her calmly.

River hesitated, then shook her head.

"Then you can't say it affects whether he was in the prophecy or not." Thunder meowed.

"Neither can you!" River shot back

"Please, please, keep your fur on. We have a big situation to discuss tonight." Autumn meowed.

"What kind of duscussion?" Luna asked.

The three other cats looked at her like she were stupid.

"What?" Luna asked, confused.

"Dumb ass..." Autumn muttered.

"Hey! There is no swearing in StarClan!" River snarled.

Autumn just shrugged in apology.

"There is no way that they can make it down the mountain. It already took them forever to make it to the top. That's why we need Luna to guide them." Thunder meowed.

"What?! Me? Why me?" Luna asked.

"Because you were the one that sent them the prophecy message." River meowed.

"But you guys have been meeting with Rain the past few days. Why don't you guys tell her, and she can lead the others?" Luna asked.

"Things are already horrible as it is." Autumn meowed.

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"We are basically only sharing dreams with Luke and Rain, telling only them of any news and of the prophecy change. Jayla still doesn't even know about it yet. That's why we need to get them together in one dream and tell them all there." River explained.

"Well then why don't we just do that every night so the others aren't left out?" Luna asked.

"Because there are some things that should only be discussed with the leader of the group." Autumn meowed.

Luna sighed. "Alright. Well when are we going to do it?"

The three other cats hesitated.

Then Thunder spoke.

"Tomorrow night."

Chapter 15

Rain woke up that morning first and went out to catch the day's breakfast. She had heard that there were large birds that lived in the mountains, so she wanted to try and find some. She didn't think it would be much harder that catching normal birds. They were only bigger. And had sharp talons...

James woke up after her to see Rain had left, and guessed she went to get breakfast. He woke up Luke then prodded Jayla gently.

One of Jayla's eyes opened to look at him.

"Rain went out to get breakfast." James meowed.

Jayla nodded and closed her eye, but stayed in the nest.

James side and padded over to Luke. "I'm really worried about her. She is taken this very badly.." He meowed.

Luke sighed. "Don't worry, it will just be a fact of life to her eventually." He mewed.

Rain returned with many scratch marks and two large eagles. The scar on her eye had been re-cut.

James ran up to her. "Are you alright?" He asked.

Rain nodded. "Never better..." She meowed. "I guessed since these were pretty big that one would feed two cats."

James nodded then got Jayla up. They shared a bird and Rain and Luke shared the other one. When they finished eating they set out to reach the top of the mountain.

They made sure to look out for any other kind of mountain lion, or bear, or wolf after what had happened the day before, but so far hadn't run into any other wild animal. When they finally reached the mountain, James slumped into a sitting position.

"Thank StarClan we finally made it up here..." He mumbled.

Rain nodded, then she blinked in surprise when she saw the figure of Luna appear.

"Luna!" Luke ran towards her.

"I am only an illusion, but I have come here with a message." Luna meowed.

Luke sniffed and hung his head.

"The travel down the mountain is way harder than going up. That is why it is my next duty to guide you to the Eastern Forest, where you will meet with some other cats to help you in your mission and find the Vain and destroy them." Luna explained. "There are more dangers on this side of the mountain, so place your paws carefully. If you ever need help, just call." She then faded away.

"Well that's great to know..." James meowed.

"We'd better get going." Rain meowed and led the others to the path that would lead them down the mountain.

Chapter 16

Luna hadn't lied about the trip down the mountain being tougher than coming up. The winds blew strong enough to knock them off their paws. There were large boulders they had to climb over and almost fall on their faces landing on the ground. And now they heard the snarling of another animal.

"Oh great, now what?" James snarled.

Two pairs of gleaming eyes appeared and two gray wolves stepped out in front of them, snarling.

Rain unsheathed her claws and leaped at one of the wolves, digging her claws into it's back and ripping through it's skin.

James leaped at the other fox and slashed it's face while Luke hopped onto it's back and raked it's ears.

Jayla looked around for something for her to do to help, but it seemed as though the three of them were taking care of it. She sighed. She never felt like talking anymore after Jeremy had died. It had completely changed her mood. But she didn't know why it affected her so much when she used to absolutely hate her brother. she unsheathed her claws and braced herself incase one of the wolves attacked her.

Rain then went to rake the wolf's ears when she was thrown into a boulder and knocked unconcious.

Jayla leaped at the wolf and stabbed her claws into it's eyes, making it shriek and stumble around until it finally fell off the cliff. Blood had squirted from it's eyes onto the rock floor of the mountain as Jayla watched the wolf fall, then ran to Rain's side.

Luke jumped off of the other wolf. "It's all yours." He meowed.

James grinned and snapped his jaws onto the wolf's neck and ripped it's throat out. The wolf fell to the ground, then James shoved it off the side of the cliff, then Luke and him ran to Rain.

"Will she be alright?" James asked Jayla.

Jayla nodded. "She is only unconcious. I can't feel any kind of concussion of coma setting in, so we should probably pick a place to rest for the night so she can sleep in a nest." She meowed.

James nodded in acknowledgement and then found another cave a few feet away from where they had fought the wolves. Luke had made the nests while James collected firewood and Jayla hunted. James and Jayla returned at the same time. Luke, James and Jayla all ate and set aside half of the bird for Rain to eat in the morning, then they all curled up in their nests and fell asleep...

Rain awoke in the usual foggy forest clearing, but this time she saw Thunder, River, Autumn and Luna all together, and beside her were James, Luke and Jayla. "You guys are here too?"

Her friends looked as confused as she did, so Rain guessed they were all having the same dream at the same time.

"We saw you hit a pretty big rock down there." River meowed to Rain, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

"It was not funny!" Rain growled.

"Who are they?" Jayla asked.

"I am Thunder, and this is River and Autumn. You all already know Luna." Thunder meowed.

Luke gave Thunder a death glare. "Oh yes, I remember you Thunder. You were the one who took Luna away from me." He growled.

"Luke, calm down." James meowed.

Luke stayed silent.

"We have brought you all into the same dream to tell you of an important matter. First off, Jayla, the prophecy has been changed so that there are only the four of you in it. Jeremy was not a chosen cat." Autumn meowed.

Jayla sniffed and nodded.

"This part is for all of you. You are very close to encountering the Vain, but as you know, you need to recruit more cats to help you fight. That is why we have located a few cats you all would love to work with." River meowed.

Then, three cats appeared. One was a gray tabby she-cat with yellowish eyes. The second was a brown point tom with light blue eyes. Then the third was a gray bengal she-cat with green eyes.

James ran up to the gray tabby she-cat and brushed muzzles with her. "Belle..."

Rain ran to the gray bengal she-cat. "Saphira!"

Jayla and Luke looked confusedly at the tom. "Who is this?"

"This is Rhodey. He was a friend of Rain's a while back." River explained.

"Rhodey? That's really you?" Rain exclaimed.

Rhodey smiled and nodded. "Same as ever." He meowed.

"Wait.... so does this mean they are dead?" Luke asked.

Thunder shook his head. "No, we have only took them from their original dreams and brought them here. These cats are still alive, and will be waiting for you in the Eastern Forest when you finish traveling through the mountain." He explained.

Then the three new cats disappeared and Rain and her friends' visions started to blur...

Chapter 17

Rain awoke that morning with a killer headache. The others were already up and Rain smelt the fresh scent of fresh kill in front of her. She saw half of a bird laying in front of her and she gobbled it down hungrily. She tried to get to her paws, but her head hurt too much, so she just stayed laying down.

The others were circled around the fire, looking into it, talking to one another. Luke looked up from where he was to see Rain was awake and padded over to her with the others following.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Never... better.." Rain mumbled.

"Do you think you'd be able to travel?" James asked and sat on one side of the nest.

Rain shrugged. "Most likely, yes." She then felt a paw press against her head.

"Oh, no, you aren't going anywhere for a while. You're head feels like it's on fire!" Jayla exclaimed and took her paw off of Rain's head.

Rain sighed. "I'm fine! I can travel! We don't have that much farther to go." She meowed.

Jayla hesitated and looked at the two guys for help.

"I would let her do what she wants." James meowed.

Luke nodded in agreement and Jayla sighed. "Alright, alright. We can go now."

"HUZZAH!" James cheered.

"Not so loud, though...." Rain muttered and winced as his loud voice hurt her head.

"Sorry.." James said quieter.

Rain got to her paws and they set out onto the mountain trail.

"You know, I'm not going to miss the mountains. I prefer soft grass under my paws and leafy trees above my head." James meowed.

Then Rain remembered. "Oh no..." She whispered.

"What?" Luke asked.

"We still have to learn to fight in the trees!" Rain meowed.

The others moaned in annoyance that they had forgotten.

"Don't worry. We will recruit our family members first, then learn tree fighting." Rain meowed and the others nodded in acknowledgement.

The cats finally made it into the Eastern Forest and lay down on the soft grass. "It feels good to be back..." Rain purred in relief.

The other meowed in agreement.

Then there was rustling.

Then a twig snapping.

Then a cat cursing themself.

Then a cat appeared.

It was a fluffy, chocolate point tom with light blue eyes. Rain shot to her paws and greeted him.

"Rhodey!" Rain purred in joy at the sight of her friend.

"Rain! So glad to finally see you in person again." Rhodey meowed.

"Have you seen Belle or Saphira?" Rain asked.

Rhodey paused, then shook his head. "No, I haven't seen them anywhere."

"Well we've got to find them." Rain meowed and the cats set out farther into the forest.

The cats continued searching through the woods for the other cats they needed to help them. They were close to giving up for the day when they heard two pairs of pawsteps running towards them. It was dark outside so they couldn't see who was running toward them, but the two cat sskidded in front of them. The moon showed Belle's yellow eyes and Saphira's green ones. Then their gray fur shined in the moonlight. The cats were trying to decipher whether this were real or a dream.

"Yes we are really here." Saphira meowed.

Rain brushed muzzles with her. "I'm so happy to see you again." She whispered.

"Same." Saphira purred and smiled.

James met up with Belle and purred. "So you really are alive after all."

Bele smiled and nodded. "Why of course I am!" She laughed.

"We'd better just stay here for the night, then tomorrow we'll have to train to fight in the trees, then the day after that we'll head to the Vain's camp." Rain meowed.

The other cats nodded in acknowledgement. They got their nests ready and caught some prey to eat, then they went to sleep for the night.

Chapter 18

That night Rain had a dream...

Rain was with the four cats in the foggy clearing again. "Is something the matter?" Rain asked.

River stepped forward. "Yes... You need to go to the Vain camp tomorrow, not the day after."

"W-Why? We still haven't gotten to train ourselves to fight in the trees yet!" Rain objected.

"You don't have enough time to wait for the day after. The Vain have already started to roaam the forest to reak havok. That's why you need to kill their leader so that their hope dies." Thunder meowed.

"You need to eat, then you set out for the tree camp. You should have trained yourselves while you were still in the Western Forest." River snorted.

Rain sighed. "Well what is the big difference of fighting on ground and in the trees?"

"The fact that the tree branches are skinnier than the ground and that you could easily slip off and maybe catch on another branch and get stuck or fall to your death by breaking you neck on the ground. Other than that, same concept." Autumn meowed.

"You want to keep you claws dug into the branches as much as possible, other than the paw/paws you are using to fight with. You could easily only sink your back claws into the branch so that you can use both fore paws to fight." River meowed.

"But you have to remember, the Vain have been living in the tallest trees far before you were born. They are a lot more skilled, so you want to watch your surroundings at all times." Thunder meowed.

"What I would do is-" Luna began but River silenced her with her tail.

"Should I tell the others?" Rain asked.

"Well of course!" Autumn meowed as if she were stupid.

"Okay then... goodbye." Rain meowed and she faded from the dream.

"Why wouldn't you let me help?!" Luna snarled.

"They are chosen cats. They can find out battle strategies on their own. And if we catch you sneaking into one of their minds and telling them what to do, you will be exiled for a moon, got it?" River hissed.

Luna sniffed and nodded, hanging her head.

"Good." River snorted.

Chapter 19

Rain awoke the next morning with the dream locked on her mind. She swiftly told everyone the situation when they were all awake, and told them the basics that the StarClan cats had told her in the dream about tree fighting.

"Well that doesn't seem to hard." James meowed.

"It'll probably be harder than you think." Jayla pointed out harshly.

James gave her a stern look. The couple had been arguing for a while now and Jayla had even told Rain she was thinking of not being with him anymore. She felt they were better off as just friends.

"Okay let's get going then, shall we?" Belle spoke up, obviously trying to stall the argument.

Rain nodded to her with both agreeance and thanks and they headed off into the forest.

The farther they went, the sharper the grass got under paw. Eventualyl the cats had to walk uncomfortabley so that their paws wouldn't bleed. Then Rain halted as she looked up at the sky. James padded to her side.

"What is it?" He asked, then silenced as he looked up.

The rest of the cats followed their gaze.

They had found the Vain's trees.

They were the tallest trees Rain had ever seen. She couldn't even see the tops of them from the ground. She gulped.

"Afraid of heights?" Saphira teased.

"No, just nervous about the fight..." Rain lied.

"Alright then." Saphira meowed, obviously unconvinced.

"So let's make a battle strategy." Rhodey meowed and the cats huddled in a circle.

"Luke and I will be a pair and fight off as many warriors as we can down here. There will obviously be some cats coming down here." Rhodey began. Him and Luke had become good friends in the little time they've spent together.

"Then James and Jayla can be a pair who fights in the trees." The two cats nodded.

"Saphira and Belle can also be a pair, and they can help fight in the trees, and Rain will fight the leader of the Vain, Do we all agree?" Everyone nodded.

"Well okay then, let's get fighting." Rhodey meowed and smiled mischeviously.

Rhodey and Luke got into their positions on the ground as the others shot up the trunk of the tree, being as silent as possible. The branches were only moving by the wind and you would think the trees were deserted. But the strong scent of cats wafted in the air through the leaves, a kind of smell Rain or the others hadn't ever smelt before. It smelt bad, but also smelt good. It was strange. They made sure that with every move of going up the tree they sank their claws in deep enough so that they wouldn't fall.

Rain halted and whispered to the cats behind her, "I'll go to the top of the tree. I think thats where the leader is. You guys take the branches." The others nodded and went off onto the branches while Rain climbed higher. There was still dead silence as Rain climbed, until a battle cry rose out from one of the branches as Belle and Saphira snuck into a tree den and swiftly killed the four cats who were living in it. Then the leaves began to rustle and cats came out, fur bristling. Rain climbed faster, but two cats spotted her and shot up the branch behind her. They were obviously faster than her so Rain broke off to a branch and awaited them to attack her. They headed towards her, their teeth glinting. Rain smirked, and when one was close enough, she slammed one of her paws across their face, making them lose their balance and the first cat fell. The second cat watched the first fall in horror then turned their gaze back to Rain. They leaped and dug their claws into her shoulder. Rain yowled in pain and smashed her teeth onto the cats ear. She tasted blood as the cat tried to back away and ended up ripping it's ear off in the process. The Vain cat shrieked and shot back down the trunk, a blood trail following behind. Rain spit out the ear and began climbing up the trunk again.

Belle and Saphira were having great progress. They had already taken out three branches of dens. They were heading to their fourth by shooting up the trunk when jaws clamped onto Belle's tail. She shrieked and tried to pull up to the nearest branch to face the enemy. But he was dragging her down the trunk, making deep scratch marks from Belle's claws. Saphira looked over her shoulder. She twisted a little, then leaped down at the cat. She slammed her paws down onto his head, making him let go, and they began to fall.

"Saphira!" Belle called in terror.

"I'll be fine! He'll break my fall!" Saphira called up to her.

Belle hesitated and heard the dead thump of them falling onto the ground and the faint smashing of bones. Belle shivered at the sound and sighed in relief as she saw Saphira comign up the trunk again. Belle swished her tail to make sure it was still intact, then they got onto their fourth branch and began to attack the Vain cats.

James and Jayla were still fighting off their first branch, which had five dens filled with four cats each. They were at the end of the branch, and if they backed away and further they would fall off. Then Jayla got any idea.

She whispered in James' ear. "I've got a plan. I'm going to get onto your back, then you wil lfling me toward them and I'll smash my claws into them. Then we can take over from there."

James nodded. Jayla leaped onto his back and James shot her at the 20 cats in front of them, making five fall off and ten move back to the trunk, but not leave the branch. The five stil on the same spot on the branch headed towards James, who smirked in evilness and launched himself at the cats, slicing their throats and making their bodies fall to the ground. The one cat who hadn't been attacked yet just fleed to the trunk as well as the ten cats who had ran to the trunk in the first place.

Rhodey and Luke were fighting many cats who had come to the ground. Luke was in the middle of fighting a cat when he felt another cat's presence.

"Luna?" Luke called while he fought the cat.

"I'm here." Luna's voice spoke. There was a starry figure that was Luna visiting him using her Savior powers, though she technically wasn't really there. Only her voice was.

"What are you doing here?!" Luke asked as he finally slashed the cat's throat and made them fall to the ground and bleed to death.

"I've come to give you a few tips about the Vain." Luna meowed.

"Like what?" Luke asked as he looked for another cat to fight.

"First off, they aren't very good fighters. They are mainly very skilled tree climbers. But they have recently made a new rule where they have to get vigorous fighting training. That's why a lot of these cats have many scars." Lune explained.

Luke nodded as a cat headed towards him. He jabbed his claws into the cat's eyes until they touched the cat's brain and the cat fell to the ground.

Luna blinked. "And there is also one more thing I have to tell you." She meowed.

"Yeah?" Luke meowed as he killed a Vain cat as they were running by.

"There is a cat here who wishes to keep peace and not fight. I have a seen the future and he will wish to join your group. You must accept him or the future will bring horrible things... I have seen them for myself." Luna explained.

Luke nodded. "Okay, but how do we know who this cat is? Who knows if someone hasn't killed him already?"

"Because he will come down here and not have his claws unsheathed. He will seem peaceful and have a calm aura energy pulsing from him. That's how you know. Now I must leave before the StarClan cats find me. They didn't want me to interfere. I'll see you soon, Luke." Luna purred and the starry figure disappeared. Luke smiled and continued fighting the cats.

Rhodey jabbed his claws into a cat's neck and through the cat into a tree. He panted and watched as many more cats came down the trunk. "Good StarClan how many are there?" Rhodey asked as he killed another cat.

"I have no idea. There must be tons..." Luke meowed and slashed a cat's eye.

Rain continued climbing up the trunk of the tree. It seemed like it was taking forever to get to the top and she was already getting tired out. She knew she couldn't be tired when she fought the leader of the Vain so she broke off to an abandoned tree branch and rested there for a moment.

Belle clawed out a cat's eye, and the cat ended up tripping off the branch and falling. Belle curled her lip in dusgust and flicked the eye off of her claw and fought another cat. Saphira fought beside her. they were back to back so that Saphira got the cats from the dens and Belle got the cats who were coming to the branch from the trunk. Saphira yowled as she was slashed in the eye and swiftly killed the cat with a hard blow to the neck and they fell.

"Are you alright?" Belle asked as she fought a cat.

"Never better!" Saphira replied and slammed her claws onto a cat's head.

Jayla lashed her tail as cats were closing in on her. James leaped in and made them stand back to back. James slammed his claws down on a cats nose, making blood cover the part of the branch in front of the cat. The cat went to slash James but slipped and fell off the branch. Jayla uppercut a cat in the jaw, making the cat flip in the air and fall from the tree.

Luke felt claws raking down his back and he yowled in triumph as he flipped around to face his attacker and leaped at them and tackled them by smashing his claws into their throat. Rhodey paused and waited for cats to encircle him, then he only sat on his hind paws as he stuck out his forepaws near the ground and spun in a circle, knocking all the cats off their paws and slamming their heads on the rocks around them.

Rain finally made it to the top of the tree. A large den was in the middle of the leaves and Rain slowly entered it. A white cat sat with their back turned to Rain.

"Why must you bring this to us?" The cat spoke. It was the weirdest voice Rain had ever heard. Must be Wain voice.

"Bring what?" Rain asked as she kept padding forward slowly.

"This war...." The cat meowed.

"We only brought ourselves to stop you from destroying the forest." Rain hissed.

"Oh really? The Vain have been a peaceful group of cats for centuries. Who told you this? Your pathetic StarClan? They only want to get rid of us so that the Sky Cats will leave the stars." The cat growled.

"Who are the 'Sky Cats'?" Rain asked.

"The Sky Cats are our ancestors like StarClan are yours. They have been sharing the skies for centuries, ever since the first Vain cats came as well as the normal cats StarClan brought. StarClan wanted the Vain to be ridden of because they were afraid the Vain would take over the normal forest cats. The Sky Cats refused and a heavenly war raged on in the skies. The Vain and forest cats were living in fear for th efew days the war went on, until the fighting finally ended and StarClan agreed to leave the Vain on the Earth. But the Sky Cats and StarClan haven't been allies since." The cat explained. She still kept her back turned to Rain.

"And how am I supposed to believe you over my ancestors?" Rain asked suspiciously.

"Because," The she-cat meowed and slowly turned around. She had a long scar across her face and one red eyes and one yellow eye. "the Sky Cats have blessed me like StarClan would make Saviors. I am the right hand cat to hear what goes on in the skies, and this blessing also gives me immortality." She sneered.

Rain took a few paces back, frightened at the sight. The she-cat began padding towards her now.

"What's wrong? Are you afraid? Am I too scary for you?" She asked in a dark but amused voice.

Rain curled her lip. "I'd never be afraid of the Devil!"

"Oh I am not the Devil." The she-cat meowed.

"Well we can all tell you came from Hell, obviously." Rain hissed.

The she-cat laughed evily. "Oh Rain, I thought you'd be smarter than that for being a chosen."

Rain froze. "How do you know my name?"

"Like I said, I know everything that goes on in the skies. I knew of the prophecy you and your friends are included in, and that you found your long lost sister. But don't worry, once I finish killing you here, I'll make sure to slaughter her myself!" The she-cat yowled and laughed evily.

Rain grew outraged. She launched herself at the she-cat and dug her claws into her neck. The she-cat grinned as nothing happen, thought she was bleeding she didn't die. The she-cat threw her across the floor of the den, ripping Rain's claws from her neck and the wound swiftly closed up and the bleeding stopped. Rain got to her paws but was quickly knocked back off of them again as the she-cat pinned her down and re-opened her shoulder gash. Rain yowled in pain as blood began to ooze on the floor.

Belle and Saphira began to grow outnumbered as they continued fighting the cats. Many of the Vain fell with no eyes, ears, a nose even, or a tail. Belle's ear was torn and now Saphira was blind in one eyes from how many times it was clawed. They started to get clawed again.

James and Jayla continued fighting off as many cats as they could as the sky began to darken a little bit. Their eyes glowed as they fought off the cats, then about five more came and James and Jayla began to have to fall back again. Jayla was slashed in the stomach while half of James' tail was ripped off.

Rhodey's long fur was caked in blood as he continued fighting the cats on the ground. Luke had a long three-claw-mark scratch down his face that was trickling blood onto the ground as he fought. They were starting to get outnumbered.

Rain pushed up with her paws and shoved the she-cat off of her. Rain leaped at her again, this time sinking her claws into the she-cat's back and tearing her ears. The she-cat hissed and slammed Rain into a wall. Rain fell off and got to her paws. Then her scar was cut in the same spot yet again and it was bleeding worse this time. Rain panted as she began to batter the she-cat's face, but the she-cat only laughed as she slammed her paw on Rain's chest which made her fly backward into a wall. Rain stumbled to her paws, panting. The she-cat walked up to her, bleeding harshly but not in any pain.

"I hope you remember this day when you reach StarClan, and you remember who you were killed by." The she-cat meowed darkly. "Iceuss."

Rain yowled in triumph as she recieved a random burst of energy and raked her claws deeply down Iceuss' chest. Iceuss only laughed again and slammed her paw against Rain's face.

"Oh, little Rain. The only time I can ever experience pain and death is right at moonhigh. There is no way you can keep fighting me until then." Iceuss snarled.

Rain panted, her wounds bleeding onto the floor. Maybe I can... She thought hopefully. Then she felt another presence among them. She could tell Iceuss could feel it too.

"Oh, your little StarClan friends come to save you?" Iceuss snickered as she looked around. The starry figure of Luna appeared beside Rain.

"What are you doing here?! Aren't you able to be killed?" Rain whispered to the starry figure as Iceuss looked around.

"No, only injured. I can only be killed if I were here personally." Luna whispered back and unsheathed her starry paws. "I'll help you hold her off until moonhigh."

"Thanks." Rain meowed. They both bunched their haunches and leaped at the same time, knocking Iceuss off of her paws. Iceuss got back to her feet.

"So you do have a friend here. Interesting." Iceuss snorted as she saw the starry figure.

Rain slammed her paw against Iceuss' face, then was payed back with an upercut. She flipped in the air and slammed back down on the ground. Luna saw this and hissed in triumph as she battered Iceuss' flank. Iceuss giggled insanely and slashed across the starry figure's face. Blood fell to the ground as if out of no where when it was from Luna's wound she had just recieved.

"Don't you see? You cannot defeat me!" Iceuss laughed.

Rain tried to get to her paws, but the pain from getting slammed and from her wounds began to kick in. Luna ran to her side.

"You can do this, Rain. It isn't too long until moonhigh. We've been able to pass the time this long, we can do it for a little while more!" She whispered.

"Not by yourselves, you can't." A voice hissed.

Luna and Rain looked over to see the starry outline of Thunder standing before them.

"What did you think you were doing, Luna?! This is their prophecy, not yours." Thunder snarled.

"I was only trying to help!" Luna objected.

"They shouldn't need help if they were chosen cats!" Thunder shot back.

Rain felt angry and got to her feet. "You really expect me to kill an immortal, old ass cat who can only die at moonhigh by myself while the others fight off the enture rest of the Vain population?" She snarled. She could tell time was frozen for a moment because Iceuss didn't move. Not even blink or breathe. And there wasn't the sound of cats fighting outside.

"That's why you should have waited until it was closer to moonhigh to intercept her." Thunder hissed.

"Would we all just stop fighting? There is no way to change the past, and I will keep fighting with Rain until I'm about to die!" Luna snarled at Thunder.

Thunder's eyes narrowed. "Fine. Then you are exiled from StarClan and your Savior powers for one moon, and that is final." He retorted and his figure disappeared.

"No!" Luna screeched in sadness. "There would be no way for me to talk to you in your dreams.." She sniffed. Then time went back at normal as Iceuss began to run towards them. Luna made time slow for a second and looked at Rain as she began to fade.

"Tell Luke what happened as well as the rest of them, so that they don't freak when I can't speak with them. Tell Luke I will see him soon, and I'm sorry for having to leave like this, but without my Savior powers I can't be here right now. It is about to be moonhigh. I know you can do it. Good luck!" Luna meowed and her figure completely disappeared and time went back to normal. Rain felt Iceuss slam into Rain's side and they tumbled across the den floor. Iceuss was about to slam her claws down on Rain's neck when she paused.

"Oh no... Moonhigh..." She whispered.

Rain heard this and, taking her chance, shot upward and jabbed her claws into Iceuss' neck and slowly pulled them back out. Iceuss' eyes widened in terror and she fell over on her side, blood oozing onto the floor. Rain got to her paws shakily and checked her pulse.


Chapter 20

Rain had sliced Iceuss' head off of her body and shot down the tree trunk with it to the highest branch that all the cats could see. She yowled loudly and every cat in the tree and on the ground looked up at her and saw the head of their leader. Their pupils shrank and the rest of the Vain cats, which wasn't many, shot down the trunk and ran off into the forest, bleeding and terrorized. Rain shot down the rest of the trunk with Belle, Saphira, James and Jayla following after her. Rain threw the head into the forest and all of the cats in the group got into a circle again.

They were all battered; Rain had her eye injury as well as her shoulder gash and a few claw marks on her face, as well as a scratch on her flank. Saphira was officially blind in one eye and had torn ears, her tail tip was gone and a large flank gash. Belle had her tail injury as well as many gashed on her shoulders, flank, and a few on her face. James had only half of his tail left, a large gash on his shoulder, half of an ear gone and a slash down both eyes though he wasn't blind. Jayla had a long gash down her stomach, which was still bleeding lightly, a scratch on her cheek and a slash on her chest. Luke had the long three-claw-mark gash down his face as well as deep rake marks on his back and he had a sprained foot. Finally Rhodey had many scratches on his flank, a torn ear and a scratch on his chest. They were all panting as the moon hung high in the sky.

"We'd better get our wounds treated before we do anything else so they don't get infected..." Belle meowed and the others nodded.

Belle, Saphira and Rhodey collected herbs while Rain, James, Jayla and Luke made a square.

"It's finally over..." James meowed.

"What?" Rain asked.

"The battle, the prophecy..... all over.." He meowed. There was a twinge of sadness in his voice.

"What's wrong?" Luke asked.

"Well, since the prophecy is done, we go back to our normal lives. We won't see each other as much." He meowed.

"Well we'll still see eachother, just....... not as mcuh like you said..." Jayla meowed in sadness.

Rain sighed. She had grown attatched to these cats. They were like her family.

"Well it's obivous Jayla, Belle and I are going to be staying in the same place as before in the Western Forest. What about you guys?" James asked.

"I'll stay in the same place too, but Saphira and Rhodey will probably live with me." Rain meowed.

"And I'll be living with Luna in....... the mountains..." Luke meowed.

"WHAT?!" The three others exclaimed.

"But we'll never be able to see you!" Rain objected.

"Well I still have to meet up with her and I'll try and get her to move back into the forest with me." Luke meowed. "That reminds me, when are we supposed to meet up with her?"

The Rain remembered what Luna had asked for her to do, and she told them of what happened with Luna.

"So she can't talk with us through our dreams our minds for a moon, but I still don't know how we're supposed to-" Rain was cut off by rustling in the bushes. A pair of aqua blue eyes and emerald green ones glowed in the distance. The four cats in the clearing braced themselves, then gasped when they saw the familiar black fur of Luna padding with a gray tom with emerald green eyes.

"Hi guys." Luna purred.

"Luna!" Luke purred and ran to her and brushed muzzles with her, overjoyed.

"And she is actually there?" James asked, warrily stepping towards her.

Luna laughed. "Yes, I am acutally here and I am a fresh and alive cat like you guys."

"Well I don't know about fresh. About half of our blood amount is somewhere in that tree..." James muttered. Everybody laughed.

"Oh yes, guys, this is Will. He is the Vain cat I told Luke about who does not wish to fight with anyone and wants peace. He wishes to join your group." Luna meowed and winked at Luke.

Luke nodded and turned to the three other chosen cats and whispered to them what Luna had told him.

"Sure, you can join us." Rain meowed.

"Thank you very much." Will meowed in his weird Vain voice.

"So Luna.... Will you move back into the forest with me?" Luke asked.

Luna smiled and nodded. "Of course." She spurred.

James cheered and every cat laughed.

Then Rhodey, Saphira and Belle returned with the herbs and Jayla recapped them on everything that happened while they were gone. They all got their wounds treated and made their nests for the night. The next day they would be traveling back to their homes in the Western Forest and live in peace once and for all.

Or will they?


A yellow tom was in a foggy forest clearing with an orange and black she-cat and a blue-gray she-cat.

"Did you do it?" The gray-blue cat asked.

"Yes, River, I did. It was for her own good. She disobeyed us." The yellow tom meowed.

"But you can't blame her. If she hadn't interefered, Rain might be dead right now and the Vain might have finally gotten rid of the rest of them, and their dark forces could have taken over the forest." The orange and black she-cat meowed.

"You're right..." The yellow tom sighed.

"But that isn't the matter right now. Autumn has had a vision." River meowed.

"A vision?" The yellow tom asked.

Autumn nodded. "Of a new prophecy."

The yellow tom's eyebrows rose.

River nodded and looked at Autumn.

"And it contains our usual chosens, as well as a few newcommers. But I've also seen death...... Misery, and death, of many cats that we know." Autumn explained.

The yellow tom nodded. "So what is the new prophecy?"

Autumn closed her eyes, then opened them again and they were glowing brighter as she looked off into the sky as the prophecy came to her. "'An insidius(insidious) enemy will rise in someone who is the most unexpected, and will gain revenge on the Rain who quenched the flames'..." Autumn spoke in an ancient voice, then blinked and her eyes and voice were back to normal.

"But who could-" The yellow cat began but was cut off by River's and Autumn's gasps. They were looking a little ways away. The yellow tom followed their gaze and his eyes widened.

A white she-cat padded from the shadows, her fur battered, and she padded towards them.

"Ah hello River, Autumn and Thunder." The she-cat meowed in an evil voice. She blinked her red and yellow eyes.

"Iceuss..." Thunder hissed.

"Yes it is I." Iceuss meowed in annoyance and sat down.

"What are you doing here? How did you even get in?" River asked in astonishment.

"Oh I have my ways, being the Sky Cats' greatest acomplishment after all." Iceuss meowed and inspected her claws.

"Well I don't see how you could be their greatest acomplishment when you were just killed." Thunder meowed.

Iceuss looked up from her claws. "Oh, but we all know Rain is not an ordinary cat. The Sky Cats still believe in me." Iceuss hissed.

"It's not like you can do anything. You're dead!" River snarled.

"Oh, you don't know that, now do you?" Iceuss growled with an evil grin on her face.

Thunder's, Autumn's, and River's eyes sparked in fear.

"I'll get a cat to get revenge on her for me. And if that doesn't work, I'll just do the job myself." She sneered, then she turned around and prowled out of the foggy forest clearing. And before she completely left, she hissed over her shoulder, "Dumb ass StarClan cats.." Then disappeared.

An insidius(insidious) enemy will rise in someone who is most unexpected, and will gain revenge on the Rain who quenched the flames...


-Tawnypeltlover TawnypeltloverTHE Loki Fangirl