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For Max's whole life, he had always been taking the easy way out. He avoided confrontation, and found another beach.

But on this day, fear would fade and courage would rise. It was time to stand up and defend the beach from the fearsome creatures known as the Cranky Crabs.

For most of his life, Max was awfully afraid of crabs. The way they walked sideways made him confused, but it was their sharp pincers that made him nervous. He always kept out of the way when he saw a crab walk by, as he was afraid that one of those crabs might come along and pinch him. The only thing that kept him calm around the grouchy shellfish was his favorite toy, a yellow yo-yo.

Max always told others that crabs made him apprehensive, and he didn't want to get pinched by one. But most people told him that he was being silly, and that crabs were usually harmless. They always told Max, "If you don't bother them, they won't bother you."

Being a young boy, Max never believed that his fear was ridiculous. But now, he had understood that his anxiety around crabs was ridiculous, and now he was ready to defend himself, and other beachgoers, from the cranky crabs.

As he dug some holes in the sand, attempting to make a good tide pool, he saw a crab walk by. It sidestepped past him, clicking its claws. Luckily, it was looking away from him. Max, a pre-cautious boy, knew that he had to do something to stop these loathsome creatures from attacking him with their sharp pincers, because he knew how fast and grouchy some crabs could be. The only thing that he had to defend himself was his yo-yo, but he was a clever boy, as he knew different yo-yo tricks that he thought might keep crabs away.

Armed only with his beloved yo-yo, Max was ready to defend himself from the crabby crustaceans.

As a few crabs came by, he performed a loop-the-loop on one of them. He made crabs hop with a hop-the-fence, made them run with a run-the-dog, pulled them away with a gravity pull, and sent crabs rolling with a barrel roll.

After he was done, he saw the crabs fleeing back to their holes. That's when Max saw what the crabs really were.

He realized that those silly crabs weren't cranky at all. They were quite shy and very fast. Every time they saw a human coming their way, they immediately ran back to their shelters in the sand. When they saw Max hurl his yo-yo at them, they took off running, and not a single crab pinched him.

Feeling confident and proud, Max knew that he had conquered his fear and won his battle against the Cranky Crabs.